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Sunday 12 March:
10.00 - 17.00

Solara An-Ra live in Tokyo!


The islands of Japan and the Japanese people hold deep memories of ancient  Lemuria within their very DNA. The islands were once a part of the original Lemurian lands ~ which were a development of MU, where human civilization was seeded in the ocean for the very first time. The Time Is Now for those memories - both good and bad - to be embraced and healed.


It is WE - the Awakeners on Gaia - who have called forth this co-creation between the Star Nations & Earth People ~ so that we can consciously remember, heal and integrate our Lemurian-Atlantean past - in order to co-create the New Earth that is birthing! Deep in your heart, you remember your soul contract to be on Earth at this exact moment where your assistance is needed.

Solara and the Star Councils of Light will teach about the history of Lemuria and Atlantis and how this relates to what we are experiencing on Earth right now. You will learn: -

  • how we can heal and improve our relationships - with partners, children, family, friends and work colleagues - through cultivating 5th dimensional consciousness in our every-day life.

  • how to work consciously with our Soul-Star Family from the higher dimensions in order to follow our Paths of Light.

  • how to assist humans, plants and animals on Earth with their permission on a Higher Self level.


They will also answer your questions in a Q&A session at the end of  the workshop.

The Time Is Now!

10.00 - 17.00 Tokyo time
Sunday 12th March 2023

Live or Online (ZOOM)


Video Recordings of the workshop




I am honoured beyond words to be of service as a channel for the Star Councils of Light. Through their transmissions I am assisted as much as every one of you with whom I share their wisdom, love and frequency. 

I have to giggle at how often the Pleiadians say that 'The Time Is Now' for this, that and the other journey :). Apparently it is now time to remember and heal our Lemurian past ... my response is: 'I'm ready! Bring it on!' As I have learned very well from these guides that embracing change is THE only way forward, I embrace each new journey with them - and you - with joy and excitement!

Nothing is more important for me than experiencing that my work in the world assists the Light Tribe of Gaia. Experiencing myself as part of the grand unfolding that ripples out from our planet into the universe at large  constantly fills my heart with indescribable joy. My intention is that you receive the same wonderful inspiration and help as I have done for so many years from my Star Brothers and Sisters.


TheTime Is Now!

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Abundance Exchange: US$300 ~ Book through El-Aura

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