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2016 Retreats, Workshops with Solara

15, 16 March 2016

Reconnecting the Codes in Teotihuacan

A Sacred Journey with Solara An-Ra & Guides 
near Mexico City

May 5, 6, 7:  Samhadi Bliss Retreat ~ with Solara An-Ra


3-day immersion in the sacred kriya, yoga, meditation
& pranayama practises of the ancient rishis


Sept 1, 2, 3: Opening to Channel 

Sept 6, 7, 8: Multi-Dimensional Healing Intensive

See the special offer for both both workshops plus 8 nights accommodation:
31st August - 8th September inclusive

October 15, 16, 17: Samadhi-Bliss Retreat ~ with Solara An-Ra

3-day immersion in the sacred kriya, yoga, meditation
& pranayama practises of the ancient rishis


Entering 2016 ~
The Star Councils of Light

Dear Light tribe of Terra, we send you greetings of love in this new dawn. We come to reassure you that you are progressing in your evolution. More are conscious now in your dense dimension than have ever been through the anals of time as your historians would portray it. Do not take our word for it – reflect rather on the questions we pose now. Answer these questions quickly, without second-guessing yourself, and we will make our point lucid.

What are your primary concerns, in this moment right here, right now - into which of these 2 categories do you more comfortably fit?

  • Are you mostly concerned with the accumulation of wealth, with doing better than your neighbours/work colleagues or with winning a battle against another person, group, clan or country?
  • Or are you more preoccupied with how to improve your relationships, how to feel more confident, peaceful and happy and working out what your true path is?
The percentage of Earth people who fit into the latter category has soared over the past year, and this indicates to all in the higher dimensions how much you are progressing in consciousness terms. It is not about having your life all neatly sorted out – it’s about your priorities and the effort you are putting into manifesting a life more meaningful and loving. This is what differentiates a seeker from a slumberer. All of you reading this are now aware that you are in charge of your own boat, and that the more you let go of the oars and allow the all-knowing stream of life to guide you forward, the more joyful is your ride.
As we look into your DNA evolution, there is progress here also. For some of you there is a quantum leap as 2 additional strands coalesce simultaneously. When this happens you may experience hyperactive periods, difficulty sleeping and discomfort in social situations - although all of these symptoms may occur for another reason, related to the process of integrating code downloads – both occurrences being part of your energetic evolution at this time.
The remedy in both cases is to rest your body through pranayama - conscious breath - more powerful in terms of rejuvenation than sleep - and secondly to connect with nature more deeply and more frequently. We speak often of the healing available to you through nature and we observe that only a few of you truly pay attention to our words in this respect. Connecting with nature is not about taking photos of the sunset, dear ones - it is about sitting or walking quietly - so still that the birds and insects no longer perceive you as a disturbance - and truly drinking in the nectar of the life-force in all aspects of nature through all of your senses. Only in this state of quietude are the restorative and healing qualities of the natural world truly accessible to you.
The year that has just dawned is one that holds opportunities beyond your expectations. Your potential abilities to manifest at will, to experience out-of-body states, and to overcome evil in your world are all taking a great leap forward. Opportunities for your expansion will present themselves in all manner of means and you must grab them by the horns. You must be on the alert for delightful game-changing opportunities, ever-watchful for surprises and gifts. If you EXPECT gifts you are more likely to recognise them when they show up, is this not so? And if you expect disaster and hardship are you not, by corollary, more likely to find these littering your path also?
Stay connected dear ones, as you usher in this new year – connected in your hearts, connected to your breath, connected to your gifts and connected to your Light tribe. Maintain your connection with all-that-is-above; your guides and angels, Mother-Father-God - and all-that-is-below; the world of beauty that you inhabit. When you are vertically connected, you are able to replenish your prana at will in any moment.
This will assist you in being a witness to the occurrences in your lives so that you can maintain a bigger perspective on all things – those that you judge as bad and those that you judge favourably. And so you stay grounded, feet firmly rooted into the soil of your glorious planet – and your relationships improve, your health improves, you feel more balanced and happy – and the path that you choose is manifest naturally, out of your enlightened perspective of Earth life.

And so it is. Namaste.

Recorded live at a Ibiza Meditation class in December 2015 ~ a reminder of the
power of love ~ experiencing our winged Angelic Higher Self aspect


Letters of Appreciation

My partner and I have been doing your meditations for about a 2 weeks now and we are so incredibly grateful for this experience.  We are finding ourselves even more connected through these journeys and are so grateful for the gifts you are sharing. We would love to purchase your story can you send us parts 1 to 5? Thank you again, this is truly amazing. Cheers, Kim
Hi Solara! I have to say, your channelings/meditations are beyond phenomenal! I've been avidly doing the healing chambers 1/2 and 3! Oh my word they've changed everything! I'm currently doing a channeling course with my usual teacher in Florida and since starting the course it's come through that I am doing some specific work for the galactics and this all kicked off since I started doing your meditations. So you are a HUGE factor. I then saw that you did your own channeling course and just knew that's where I really need to go next for me to get greater clarity on the rather explosive journey. Anyway, in a rather large nutshell I just wanted to express my gratitude and thanks for all the wonderful channeling that you put on YouTube. You're amazing !!! Much love, Marie X
Dearest Solara, thank you for sharing your spiritual insights and exercises with us. We enjoyed very much staying at Casa Solara, the work here and taking part in the ceremonies here and at Es Vedra. Ibiza we have enjoyed very much. The inspiration and exercises will become part of our toolkit to be used often...
Love and blessings to you and for your work, from Mette and Peter
Dear Solara, greetings from New York City! An astrologer from Denver referred me to you a few months ago and I’ve been loving your morning practice as well as the Arcturian Healing Chamber of Light. My cats do too! Your voice is remarkable. I’ve experienced so much healing in such a short period of time. Thank you so so so much! I’ll continue to keep my eye on your upcoming retreats as I would love to meet you in person. Thank you again! With love, Kelly
Dearest Solara, It is very important for me to be visiting and attending your workshops.  It is soothing for my soul, and heart.  It helps me to remember who I am and my purpose on beautiful Mother Earth. I have no words to describe how grateful and blessed i feel to have met you and be able to come & spend time over at your magical space.  Your presence is so inspiring to me.  Your energy brought back so many memories.  I have never met another human who's essence reminds me so much of 'home'. Coming back to Casa Solara is a visit to the Stars, which is a blessing for my whole being.  Hope to see you soon… Sending you lots of love from my heart, Anna
Hello Solara, this is an honor to email you. I have been listening to your meditations for 5 years now  - thank you. I have been listening to the chamber of light video  recently, several times. I have seen my healing ability increase as a massage therapist and registered Nurse . Thank you! I am having an open mind to the galaxy. Loving kindness ,Namaste, Louise Doyle

Hi Solara, Thank you for all your hard work that you constantly share with all. I myself take classes of meditation every week and I learn a lot from you. Blessing to you. Eternal Love, Marilou

Dear Solara An-Ra,
I am so honored to be a part of the Frequency Keeper with the Activating the Prana Tube meditation. Tears of joy are falling as I am embraced by the meditation. Thank you so much for sharing this blessing for our Light Tribe of Gaia.  It feels so natural for me to be a part of.  My heart is overflowing with love and light. Thank you Star Councils of Light. Namaste, Pamela

I love your meditations so much and have been using them for the past few months. I want to thank you for all the amazing work you do on behalf of this Terran tribe of ours. It is exceptional. Keep up the great work - you are wonderful light! Cheers! Lots of love, Maria -  Los Angeles

Hi  Solara  An-Ra  Warrior of the light, I've just done your gaia  grid connection meditation - its  BEAUTIFUL! I saw the golden  grid the rainbow lines spreading out to the grid, and felt the love energy of the Christ Conciousness grid and felt like i was meditating  with hundreds of others If there's proof of the pudding,  it's certainly in this one!  Mike Jay, love  love love

I have shared many tears with you during your meditations.  These were never tears of sadness but always tears of pure joy knowing I had finally found my way home. Namaste, Love Mary
The 'Connection with Gaia's ascension Grids' meditation is simply OUTSTANDING!!  Very VERY powerful.  I love all your meditations and am grateful to you for posting them. I send much Love to you now!  Marlo Page - Canada

Dear Solara, Your voice has an incredible magic in it, and I rejoice each and every day to listen to your Daily Practice, which often is delivering to me inner images and insights. Thank you so much for your work and also thank you very much for making it available for free! With love, Verena - Germany

I am writing to thank you for many of your gifts, but most especially the Daily Practices meditation. I have meditated for years, and have felt very good about my experiences -- but after a week of daily meditation with your recording, I can tell you that I can feel a significant change occurring. Thank you, thank you, for making your work available to all. I wish you all great blessings - and I hope one day our paths will cross in person. Pam Younghans (Astrologer) - Seattle, Washington

Dear Solara, your free meditations have affected me immensely today. I have had much trouble grounding in the past, making it not difficult for me to recieve many energies, but difficult to make them of conscious use. However, today while listening to the essential practices, i felt your intense light and energy come through the beautiful strength of vibration that is your voice, and when i aligned my DNA into a beautiful indigo chord i felt the strongest connection to my existence on Gaia that i have yet experienced. Namaste, peace, love, light, wisdom and many many blessed thanks. Eva Louise Williams - Melbourne Australia

Solara, thank you with all my heart for sharing your meditations. I've been using your Daily Practice and Sacred Heart since the autumn when I saw your ad in Cygnus and I've recently come across your Higher Self meditation too on your website. This has been wonderfully important to me in integrating some of the extensive past life and initiatory meditative work I've been doing over the last couple of years.  Sometimes you just need something to come in from the outside to give you a nudge to tie up certain aspects – and it was you with your beautiful voice! Bless you! With lots of love and blessings, Maggie Salter - Devon

Dear Solara, I have been using your Essential Daily Practices Meditation for the last few weeks and the energy and light it radiates within me is phenomenal.  You are bringing such important messages and love into the hearts of so many, and into our beloved Mother Earth.  You truly are a Warrior of the Light. My love and gratitude are radiating back to you.  I will look for you in the States next year. Lynn Curtin - Florida

When doing the Pleiadian Essential daily Practices meditation for the first time I felt electric energy tingling in my hands, thank you so much for your sharing and wisdom, much blessings to you sister of light! Namaste, Joanna :)

I have been drawn to the Pleiadians teachings for at least 10 months now - 2 weeks ago I was looking for a meditation to help me and I was drawn to your website.  I would like to thank you so much for your free mediations - since I have been practicing them I have found them most helpful, very moving and powerful. Helen Ricketts - Perth

Wow, awesome, fabulous. These are some of the words that can I describe what the Chakra Dance has done for me. The first time I did this dance this morning, tears were flowing down my cheeks and I felt great joy and excitement. Then I did this dance with my husband and felt very peaceful & focused. My husband really enjoyed this dance as well. Thank you Solara for all the meditations and channeling's that you have on your website. We greatly enjoy all of them and we love this new web page. We are very appreciative of all that you have helped us understand and feel and have opened up to. We are really looking forward to meeting you one day. May Love be in your Heart, Light in your Life & be Filled with Great Gratitude, Ben & Lorraine - Red Deer, Alberta, Canada