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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


Rejuvenation-Nature Immersion Retreat

A spiritual holiday with your Light Tribe that you will never forget

with Solara An-Ra in Ibiza

6 - 12 May 2017

777 euros including 6 nights accommodation (2 per room), food & all teachings







The Island of Ibiza has a special energy - particularly in the unspoilt north, where the farmlands have remained unchanged for centuries and the peaceful 'campo' lifestyle is maintained. Springtime sees the island still verdantly green from the winter rains and covered with wild flowers. Casa Solara is a perfect place to reconnect inside and out ~ with the five elements that constitute the natural world and that are also inside of us.

This retreat offers:

  • pure, light, healthy organic vegetarian foods to boost your vitality (Gluten and sugar-free)
  • daily pranayama and meditation with Solara
  • sungazing at sunrise and sunset, activating the Shiva energy within us from Father Sun
  • nature walks (2 - 5 km) through farmlands, pine forests and along cliffs over-looking the spectacular Ibiza coastline
  • sunrise swim-and-meditate sessions at the beach

The Time Is Now!


To utilise the accelerated energy portal in the first 6 weeks of 2017, please practise this as often as possible (until February 14th)




May 6 - 12: Rejuvenation-Nature Immersion Retreat

June 17 - 23: Solstice Samadhi-Bliss Retreat

Aug 31, Sept 1, 2: Opening to Channel ~ Solara An-Ra

Sept 5, 6, 7: Multi-Dimensional Healing ~ Solara An-Ra



A Journey Between Worlds

Solara An-Ra's new book, available NOW on Amazon!

In this book Solara An-Ra narrates her fascinating life story in which, aged four, she makes a contract to be a “Pleiadian Emissary to Gaia.” This soul agreement brings great challenges in her early years as she, like so many humans, struggles to remember and fulfil her mission in this incarnation.
Solara’s breakthrough comes when she receives an energy activation in her country of birth, which allows her to channel the Pleiadian Councils directly. Initiated by these enlightened star beings as a Warrior of the Light, she fearlessly embraces this path. It is her greatest joy to step forward as a leader and guide tothe people of planet Earth; the Light Tribe of Gaia.
This frank, unabashed, and at times hilarious account of the highs and lows of Solara’s “journey between worlds” makes for a joyful and compelling read. The fact that there is immense spiritual power woven throughout her chronicle can almost be forgotten in the pleasure of the ride. We are invited to voyage alongside her as she yoyo’s between her everyday existence and the captivating world that opens as she becomes a channel for the star people.
The Time Is Now!


Pleiadian Message & Protection Technique


Message from the Pleiadian Councils of Light

People of Terra, we, the Pleiadian Councils of Light, come with an energy update for your planet. You seek these reports, do you not, in order to be assured that there is indeed positive progress on your planet? We wish, as always, to be of energetic assistance ~ to assist you in raising your frequencies so that you may fulfil your missions as agents of Light on Gaia. We assist through our channel in the form of guided meditations; through activations or chambers of light ~ and sometimes, as now, with a news report.
Rest assured that this news is undistorted for we have no agenda other than to inform and reassure. You can feel this through the encodements within the message ~ a feeling of love and expansion ~ the very opposite of the fear and contraction which results from your mainstream media which is designed to imprison you in a cage of fear and impotency. And so, let us begin. Open your hearts as you read this dear people, so that the intelligence of your heart dominates over your ego-mind. And So It Is.
We watch your spin, the spin of your planet, and notice the deviance in your axial tilt ~ that which alarms some of your people and leads to the fear of polar shift. From our perspective this subtle alteration in Terra’s rotation has a specific purpose in terms of your realignment with the Great Central Sun, the centre of your Milky Way Galaxy. The realignment is a result of the ‘precession of the equinoxes’ cycle which heralds the long-awaited rebirth of your planet and the consciousness of your people.
Our news is this: that you are indeed in the energetic entrainment which guarantees an upgrade in your consciousness, but that as of this moment, only 10 or 11 percent of your people are energetically stable enough to receive this upgrade. This is a lower percentage than was expected in this time window, but it nevertheless continues to expand, and we foresee that through 2016 and 2017 there will be a quantum leap forward. Our words, as always, are designed to assist in this leap.
The stumbling block for most of you on Earth is that you are stuck in a small box of understanding and experience of life in which you are caught up in conflicting emotions and thus manifesting a conflicted experience of life. You plod on, plod on with what you consider to be your ‘duty’ ~ getting through each day, each week, each year, without the courage to open up the box of your confinement and dare to consider who you really are and what you are really here for.
There is one solution only, and it starts with your willingness to change, to be different, to let go of emotional crutches and dysfunctional habits and beliefs. Bravery is needed to let go of old ways ~ courage is needed to stop caring what others will think of your new life when you dare to go for expansion and joy ~ and understanding is needed of how your world is energetically connected with our world and with the greater universe. It is this understanding which expands your minds and loosens the ties to your old way of experiencing life.
In your solar system’s 26,000 year revolution around Alcyone, the central Sun-star of the Pleiades, your own Sun-star is magnetically entrained in a lover’s dance with Alcyone. In this dance you move every 13,000 years into Alcyone’s toroidal energy field. This field consists of photonic light ~ and immersion into a photonic field cannot fail to produce changes in a planet and all conscious creatures who exist there. The immersion of your entire solar system into the Pleiadian photon band in 2012 heralded the beginning of a new period of Earth’s history ~ an entry into a 2,000 year ‘Age of Light’ on your planet.
Quantum physicists are opening your eyes to the connection between light, photons, energy and your levels of consciousness. Light is also known to be pure intelligence. The pure intelligence of Source is downloaded into your reality first through the Great Central Sun of your galaxy ~ then through the Pleiadian Sun-star, Alcyone ~ then through your own Sun-star ~ and finally it reaches you. You, who are are energetically blue-printed to receive higher dimensional Light transmissions, if and when you are prepared to let go of the fear and open to love.
Call Light to yourselves, people of Terra, on a daily basis. Know that Light is the pure Intelligence of Source and that you are not only designed to receive and transmit it, you are duty-bound to be a bearer of the Light on your planet. You are the awakeners, and you must be alert and awake in order to function in your highest capacity. When you raise your frequencies enough to receive the Light, while grounding yourselves through your prana tubes into the Core Crystal of Gaia, your consciousness expands automatically. You do not need plant medicines to open your minds, although this is a popular method of doing so at this time on your planet, you simply need to call Light and raise your frequency in a conscious way and your awakening from delusion is assured.
Know that it is through 3 suns which act as interdimensional portals that the pure Light and Intelligence of Source reaches you on your planet. The Light encodements from the centre of your galaxy’s toroidal field are entrapped by the toroidal field of Alcyone, which are entrapped through the electromagnetic connection between Alcyone and your Sun-star, and are then accessible to you on Earth. It is useful therefore to lovingly acknowledge your connection with these 3 suns in order to receive the Love and Light of Source.
We suggest these daily affirmations in this time period, should your hearts resonate with them, dear ones. Activate your prana tube first, using the vertical connection mudra. Visualise your grounding cord firmly attached into the heart of your planet, with love. And then speak these words, knowing that you are connecting with your Higher self and activating your gifts in the process:
  • I lovingly call Light to myself now, through the Great Central Sun, through Alcyone,
    through Earth’s Sun-star.
  • I am an awakener; I awaken to the truth through the Light which flows through me.
And So It Is, dear brothers and sisters in the Light.
We are with you always. Namaste.


Letters of Appreciation

Dear Solara, among all the many blessings in my life you hold a special place in my heart. You are my guide, my teacher and my friend. Thank you for providing a space for "family" and for helping so many, in so many ways. I look forward to 2017 and to the next time we again meet. Love and thank you, thank you 🙏🏼 Toni
Dearest Solara-Angel-Goddess of Light, I am still working on the precursor meditations on your site that you suggested before doing the healing course - I love love love them! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I am so excited to find you, I just connected to the P's last month and they led me to you. The Awakening has been a magical and miraculous time for me! May all of your hopes and dreams come true today! Now and always! And so it is! Darlene
My friend and teacher, you have NO idea, I imagine, how powerful your teachings have been for me. I first saw just a thumbnail of your golden angel meditation on YouTube and started to sob. Ever since then you've been key in leading my evolution, with a friendly and wise hand holding my heart. Giving it all freely: that alone has been a major teaching. Your book made that experience even more powerful. It's amazing; so open, so real - so human and master at the same time - incredibly well written. I stopped reading it almost right at the end! One of the gifts of your book is normalizing what is real. Thank you with all of my expanding heart. Much love, Sadhya
My name is Trinity River and I have found your guided meditations as I was looking for a meditation about the Grand Cross. One of yours suited me perfectly and then I did the 11:11 meditation because that's been quite my number for the last Week here. Your meditations are obviously divinely Channeled and  your voice is lovely and as i was doing them I saw all types of fantastic geometric imagery along with the things that you're guiding us to. I am so grateful that you have given these to the world. I just had to take the time to tell you so and thank you. To you and whatever team you have that's helped you with this I am eternally grateful. I am in the visioning all earthlings as Golden Angels now. Thank you thank you thank you. Namaste, Trinity_River
Dear Solara, What a great site you have on the internet. Thank you so much that I can listen and read all about the meditations. With great plesure I tune in the free meditations. Thank you, thank you. Kind regards, Edith Romme
Hello Solara. First, I want to thank you so much for everything that you are doing. I truly love the meditations that you have posted on YouTube. I listen to one or more of them almost every day. I have recommended them to friends and family, and I even required my 10 year old son to listen to the three chamber of light meditations in preparation for the March 20th ascension wave. You have touched me deeply and I am very grateful. Secondly, I have spent my life looking forward to the time in which I would be able to learn the skills that you are teaching, such as healing and channeling. I can not thank you enough for making courses like this available online. Thank you again for every thing you are doing, Mike D'Avella
Solara, I just wanted to thank you for sharing your book with the entire world. That was a big step I am sure. I am happy I got to be able to read and listen to your life as it unfolded. I honor the entire you. You have no idea how or what an important role you have chosen in this life time (or maybe you do). I just wanted to give thanks and gratitude for all that you bring forth through your teachings, channelings, and life lessons. Namaste, Lindsey Keirnan ☼
Dear Solara, I just wanted to say thank you for the light you bring to the world. I didn't realise how one person can affect thousands on a galactic scale until recently. SO all of us at your course can now affect thousands more.  It's like a positive virus (I was a nurse!) So thanks for agreeing to be my mentor this incarnation. Love and blessings, Clare
Dear Solara An-Ra, thank you for your amazing healing sessions on youtube. I am so grateful for the healing light chambers. I so appreciate your love and integrity. Much LOVE, Stephanie
My partner and I have been doing your meditations for about a 2 weeks now and we are so incredibly grateful for this experience.  We are finding ourselves even more connected through these journeys and are so grateful for the gifts you are sharing. We would love to purchase your story can you send us parts 1 to 5? Thank you again, this is truly amazing. Cheers, Kim
Hi Solara! I have to say, your channelings/meditations are beyond phenomenal! I've been avidly doing the healing chambers 1/2 and 3! Oh my word they've changed everything! I'm currently doing a channeling course with my usual teacher in Florida and since starting the course it's come through that I am doing some specific work for the galactics and this all kicked off since I started doing your meditations. So you are a HUGE factor. I then saw that you did your own channeling course and just knew that's where I really need to go next for me to get greater clarity on the rather explosive journey. Anyway, in a rather large nutshell I just wanted to express my gratitude and thanks for all the wonderful channeling that you put on YouTube. You're amazing !!! Much love, Marie X
Dearest Solara, thank you for sharing your spiritual insights and exercises with us. We enjoyed very much staying at Casa Solara, the work here and taking part in the ceremonies here and at Es Vedra. Ibiza we have enjoyed very much. The inspiration and exercises will become part of our toolkit to be used often...
Love and blessings to you and for your work, from Mette and Peter
Dear Solara, greetings from New York City! An astrologer from Denver referred me to you a few months ago and I’ve been loving your morning practice as well as the Arcturian Healing Chamber of Light. My cats do too! Your voice is remarkable. I’ve experienced so much healing in such a short period of time. Thank you so so so much! I’ll continue to keep my eye on your upcoming retreats as I would love to meet you in person. Thank you again! With love, Kelly
Dearest Solara, It is very important for me to be visiting and attending your workshops.  It is soothing for my soul, and heart.  It helps me to remember who I am and my purpose on beautiful Mother Earth. I have no words to describe how grateful and blessed i feel to have met you and be able to come & spend time over at your magical space.  Your presence is so inspiring to me.  Your energy brought back so many memories.  I have never met another human who's essence reminds me so much of 'home'. Coming back to Casa Solara is a visit to the Stars, which is a blessing for my whole being.  Hope to see you soon… Sending you lots of love from my heart, Anna
Hello Solara, this is an honor to email you. I have been listening to your meditations for 5 years now  - thank you. I have been listening to the chamber of light video  recently, several times. I have seen my healing ability increase as a massage therapist and registered Nurse . Thank you! I am having an open mind to the galaxy. Loving kindness ,Namaste, Louise Doyle

Hi Solara, Thank you for all your hard work that you constantly share with all. I myself take classes of meditation every week and I learn a lot from you. Blessing to you. Eternal Love, Marilou

Dear Solara An-Ra,
I am so honored to be a part of the Frequency Keeper with the Activating the Prana Tube meditation. Tears of joy are falling as I am embraced by the meditation. Thank you so much for sharing this blessing for our Light Tribe of Gaia.  It feels so natural for me to be a part of.  My heart is overflowing with love and light. Thank you Star Councils of Light. Namaste, Pamela

I love your meditations so much and have been using them for the past few months. I want to thank you for all the amazing work you do on behalf of this Terran tribe of ours. It is exceptional. Keep up the great work - you are wonderful light! Cheers! Lots of love, Maria -  Los Angeles

Hi  Solara  An-Ra  Warrior of the light, I've just done your gaia  grid connection meditation - its  BEAUTIFUL! I saw the golden  grid the rainbow lines spreading out to the grid, and felt the love energy of the Christ Conciousness grid and felt like i was meditating  with hundreds of others If there's proof of the pudding,  it's certainly in this one!  Mike Jay, love  love love

I have shared many tears with you during your meditations.  These were never tears of sadness but always tears of pure joy knowing I had finally found my way home. Namaste, Love Mary
The 'Connection with Gaia's ascension Grids' meditation is simply OUTSTANDING!!  Very VERY powerful.  I love all your meditations and am grateful to you for posting them. I send much Love to you now!  Marlo Page - Canada

Dear Solara, Your voice has an incredible magic in it, and I rejoice each and every day to listen to your Daily Practice, which often is delivering to me inner images and insights. Thank you so much for your work and also thank you very much for making it available for free! With love, Verena - Germany

I am writing to thank you for many of your gifts, but most especially the Daily Practices meditation. I have meditated for years, and have felt very good about my experiences -- but after a week of daily meditation with your recording, I can tell you that I can feel a significant change occurring. Thank you, thank you, for making your work available to all. I wish you all great blessings - and I hope one day our paths will cross in person. Pam Younghans (Astrologer) - Seattle, Washington

Dear Solara, your free meditations have affected me immensely today. I have had much trouble grounding in the past, making it not difficult for me to recieve many energies, but difficult to make them of conscious use. However, today while listening to the essential practices, i felt your intense light and energy come through the beautiful strength of vibration that is your voice, and when i aligned my DNA into a beautiful indigo chord i felt the strongest connection to my existence on Gaia that i have yet experienced. Namaste, peace, love, light, wisdom and many many blessed thanks. Eva Louise Williams - Melbourne Australia

Solara, thank you with all my heart for sharing your meditations. I've been using your Daily Practice and Sacred Heart since the autumn when I saw your ad in Cygnus and I've recently come across your Higher Self meditation too on your website. This has been wonderfully important to me in integrating some of the extensive past life and initiatory meditative work I've been doing over the last couple of years.  Sometimes you just need something to come in from the outside to give you a nudge to tie up certain aspects – and it was you with your beautiful voice! Bless you! With lots of love and blessings, Maggie Salter - Devon

Dear Solara, I have been using your Essential Daily Practices Meditation for the last few weeks and the energy and light it radiates within me is phenomenal.  You are bringing such important messages and love into the hearts of so many, and into our beloved Mother Earth.  You truly are a Warrior of the Light. My love and gratitude are radiating back to you.  I will look for you in the States next year. Lynn Curtin - Florida

When doing the Pleiadian Essential daily Practices meditation for the first time I felt electric energy tingling in my hands, thank you so much for your sharing and wisdom, much blessings to you sister of light! Namaste, Joanna :)

I have been drawn to the Pleiadians teachings for at least 10 months now - 2 weeks ago I was looking for a meditation to help me and I was drawn to your website.  I would like to thank you so much for your free mediations - since I have been practicing them I have found them most helpful, very moving and powerful. Helen Ricketts - Perth

Wow, awesome, fabulous. These are some of the words that can I describe what the Chakra Dance has done for me. The first time I did this dance this morning, tears were flowing down my cheeks and I felt great joy and excitement. Then I did this dance with my husband and felt very peaceful & focused. My husband really enjoyed this dance as well. Thank you Solara for all the meditations and channeling's that you have on your website. We greatly enjoy all of them and we love this new web page. We are very appreciative of all that you have helped us understand and feel and have opened up to. We are really looking forward to meeting you one day. May Love be in your Heart, Light in your Life & be Filled with Great Gratitude, Ben & Lorraine - Red Deer, Alberta, Canada