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Assist Solara An-Ra in raising the vibration of our tribe!


My new WAKE UP meditation, in honour of WAKE UP Festival, 15 June 2015 on the island of IBIZA.

A revolutionary project to bring consciousness to the masses ~
combining workshops, meditations, sacred geometry, performance, art, live music, dj's & dancing.

I will be leading meditations and presenting on Earth Shifts and Energy Control


Personalised Retreat Holidays @ Casa Solara

May 4 - 22/ May 30 - June 8: Personalised Retreats 
Bed & breakfast accommodation

Optional activities: meditation, yoga, hiking in nature, healing & soul reading with Solara

June 17 - 23: Solstice Activation Retreat ~ Solara An-Ra & the Pleiadian~Sirian Councils of Light
777 including 6 nights Accommodation, meals, all course activities with Solara


Energy Fluctuations & Mood Swings: Planet Earth 2015

We, the Sirian-Pleiadian Councils of Light, observe that many of you are emotionally unstable at
this time, and we seek to assist and enlighten you through our communication. We wish to inform you that the energy fluctuations on your planet right now are a result not only of solar flares and polar shift - they are caused also by the CLEANSING PROCESS Gaia is going through on both a physical and energetic level. On a physical level, your Earth planet ripples her skin from time to time in order to shift the tectonic plates and realign the inner magnetic grids. On an energetic level, the Light workers on Gaia have been clearing ley lines, reigniting sacred sites and reconnecting the Crystal & Light grids of Gaia for many years now. And the dual effect of these physical and energetic shifts on the planet is that the remnants of ancient Atlantean sound experiments, a type of ETHERIC POLLUTION, is sometimes released into your fourth dimension. This is then available to your collective consciousness and can trigger even the most dedicated Light worker into emotions of insecurity, anger or fear.

Let us explain. At the time of the collapse of Atlantis intense sound experiments by the dark forces caused energy smog in the lower atmosphere of the planet, which compromised the people’s ability to connect with Source and their Higher Selves. This was achieved through the seeding of negative thought forms into the ethers; thought forms based on separation consciousness; thought forms based on FEAR. Fear-based thoughts will always result in a form of paranoia; a need to protect oneself against others; a false belief that others will harm you if you do not take measures to protect yourself. This manifests in competition and ego-based defensive behaviour, which is destructive to both individual beings and the society as a whole. It is not possible for a civilisation based on competition and defensive behaviour to thrive in the long-term. The destruction of Atlantis was not only because of Earth shifts which drowned the physical cities and civilisation – it began when the larger population lost their connection with Source, with the Light, through a shift into fear which was manipulated.

Now, your civilisation is faced with an unprecedented opportunity to reverse history, moving en-masse from a fear-based society into one of Love and Unity. A renaissance of  Love-based consciousness is being birthed. But you must understand the energetic obstacles to this renaissance that you are dealing with right now. On the one hand you have the group we call the ‘manipulators’ on your planet who seek to trigger you into fear or dis-empowerment through the manipulation of the media and social institutions. This is old news, and we need not elaborate – those of you who are reading this communication are aware that all it takes to achieve autonomy in your society is for you to think for yourselves and choose your own reality and truth.

Our message here is that there is a secondary factor at play, which is that your emotional instability is sometimes triggered by the involuntary release of negative thought forms into your collective unconscious, as your planet expels all that is not of the Light from her body. This can be likened to a ‘healing crisis’ where things get worse before they get better. The good news is that it is temporary – it is a glitch that will be over soon – but for right now you must learn to deal with the instability and take responsibility for your own well-being. The first step is to look after yourselves on a physical level, for this is an important and often over-looked part of the equation.

When your physical energy is low, compromised by addictions, too much time on the internet, not enough time in nature, exercise and rest, or the wrong foods, your auric shields become weak and you are susceptible to intrusions in your energy fields of negative thought forms and emotions which are not yours. We repeat: the negative thoughts and emotions which cloud your consciousness are sometimes NOT YOUR OWN. Just as human consciousness was once compromised by the dark Atlantean experiments, so are your people once again vulnerable to those fear-based thoughts forms. The difference is that this time it is not part of an evil plan to contaminate and compromise you; it is a side-effect of the healing process that Gaia is undergoing.  And this time, you are aware enough to TUNE IN and assess whether a feeling or thought form belongs to you or not.

Let us assist in this process, dear ones. When your mood dips and you feel possessed by negative thoughts, stop what you are doing, close your eyes and tune in. Ask your Higher Self: ‘Are these thoughts mine? Do they serve me and my highest purpose?’ It may be that the answer is ‘Yes’ because you are processing a situation which needs to come to clarity – in which case your Higher Self will assist you in bringing Light and heart into your thought processes so that you may come to peace without your ego-mind poisoning your consciousness.

However, if the answer is ‘NO’, then you are advised to go through the following process. Say out loud ‘I transmute all fear-based thoughts into LIGHT’. Visualise these thought forms flying out of your brain, your chakras and your aura and becoming flashes of LIGHT which explode like stars or fireworks in the ethers.
Now affirm ‘I am LIGHT and LOVE embodied.’
‘I serve the Light by embodying loving kindness.’
‘I choose to love myself unconditionally so that I become an instrument of Light.’

It matters not whether you use our words or speak your own words, from your heart. It matters only that your intention is clear and that you catch yourself before a negative spiral is initiated which progressively takes you down the rabbit hole into the darkness of despair. You are not victims - you are able to control your emotional fields through your crystal clear intentions to live joy-ful, heart-ful lives. You can always self-correct! In fact if you do not learn to self-correct and stabilize your emotions, you are missing the most important part of your evolution, which is to become masters of your emotions.

Know that we are with you throughout this time of instability. The many Star Beings, Ascended Masters and Angelic Light Beings who observe and assist through your transition are available to you 24 hours a day. Call to us for assistance when your energies are compromised and you feel despondent. Know that this is a TEMPORARY situation of instability and that your work to keep yourselves emotionally balanced is of the utmost importance.

When enough of you are awake, aware and able to stabilise your emotions, a quantum shift is initiated which shifts all of you past the influence of the 4th dimension into energetic integrity. Rather than waiting for the shift to HAPPEN TO YOU, practise being in this state of joy and integrity every minute of the day. Look after yourselves as if you were your own beloved children, and monitor your emotional state meticulously. Learn to readjust your moods before they descend into darkness – to catch a shift away from the Light in your mood quickly, before the damage is done. You are in control of your own thoughts and emotions, dear ones. When you allow yourselves to be triggered into negativity, over and over again, you become victims and are unable to serve yourselves, your human tribe or Gaia. Each one of you who succeeds in staying positive and embodying this way of being for others to emulate shifts your world into the Light.

And so it is. Namaste.

Love love love
Solara An-Ra, Magic Weaver for Gaia


Angelic Higher Self Activation Meditation

Listen to or Download free here

This meditation has many of the important steps of the usual 'Daily Practices', plus much more :) It is extemely powerful to connect with our Angelic Higher Self ~ and the visualsation of the unfurling of our etheric wings has the wonder-ful affect of dissolving the pain of old hurts. wounds & defences from the back of the heart chakra. The video below explains special mudras you can use to make the meditation more powerful and enjoyable.
Let me know if you like them! Love love love,
Solara an-Ra Warrior of the Light
Drawing of One-Heart Mudra by Miranda Petty


Letters of Appreciation

Dear Solara, your meditation page is like a candy store, your work is very resonant for me. I am so grateful, know that I am using the meditations and other resources every day, as many are.You are aiding me in bringing the light down in a very conservative area of the country, which is fun. Secret agent! Rock on in Ibiza! Love love love to you, too! Colleen Szabo

Dear Solara An Ra!🌞🌹 I am from Austria and heard your incredible beautiful voice on youtube in the english most beautiful meditation I ever heard in my life. It helped me so much, feeling home,protected,balanced, I don t find exact words.... Thank you for being on earth... Namastè, be blessed,Adonai... I will listen to all your meditations . I ve been in Egypt now at the Pyramids,and saw you've been there too.!!πŸͺ🌴🌌 Liebe Grüsse, Petra Dursun

Thank you so much for gracing my days with your beautiful channel. Your meditations have been deeply healing and transformational for me and have held the space for me to awaken deeper into my channels. They have also given me a beautiful reference to share with my community. It would be a joy and an honor to come visit one day. Already there in spirit.  Infinite gratitude, blessings, and love. Jai Ma. Catherine Coon

Solara, just thought I'd let you know that there was a time where I could not be around large groups of people because of picking up on others peoples energy. Even peoples energies at work bothered me from time to time. After doing some of the meditations I've found from you on youtube I've totally and completely resolved this problem. It is incredible - I want to study everything you say and everything your offering on the website! Thanks, David

Dear Solara, I'm so happy to find you.  Thank you for sharing your work with us.  You are touching thousands of souls each day. In love and light, Nia

Dear Solara, I just paid for the healing workshop so …..  I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! to be around your magical energy again….  After the workshop I attended in September with you, my whole life has changed so much, I have never experienced such big shifts in my life.  It has been an honor to meet you, work with you and learn from you. Can't wait …..  =) Lots of love, Anna

Dear Solara, I just want to send You my love and my gratitude. You helped me  to remind who I really am, and to trasform my life. I am sincerely grateful to You. I give You all my love and blessings. Nataša

Dear Solara, All my love and thank you for all the works you've done (while I was growing up) and thank you one thousand time more for allowing an indigo child like me to be here on this planet at this moment - cause now that i'm awakened, i want to shine LOVE, pure LOVE everywhere! I wish one day we could meet. LOVE LOVE LOVE AND THANK YOU ONCE MORE, DANIEL from France 

Dear Solara, I've found "Pleiadian" information to vary in density.  I understand a lot has to do with the channeler, etc.  You're a great channeler Solara - I enjoyed meeting you in White Rock and you've been inspirational in my journey.  I'm not sure if I told you - the OM NEELEMA SHANTI chant - I used it just prior to 2012, when I was feeling stuck.  Two days in a row I chanted, and two days in a row I was met by a Great Blue Heron.  Part of Blue Heron's gift is is what I needed at the time and I saw down and meditated with it the 2nd day.  I left feeling more grounded than ever before, thank you.  Shamanism for me really took off after that.  Lots of love to you, Greg Pogue
Dear Solara, this email gives me a chance to thank you for being such a great guide for me as a light worker/warrior - I have had great benefit from your guided meditations and have really found them to be transformational - to include the octahedron of love and the most recent one re the 11.11.11. I  ran across your work in early 2012, so - thank you for contributing so much to my own awakening - sincerely, Bob
Dear Solara, my name is Linda. I want to express much thanks for your free guided meditations, I stumbled upon your website and did the 12 chakra activation meditation - I felt incredible energy flowing through me during the meditation. I used to have trouble in grounding but I feel more grounded and balanced now. Thank you, Happy New Year, may you be blessed with much love, light and joy! Namaste. Linda.

Dear Solara, your presence on Earth to assist us in learning of our true nature is invaluable. Your meditations help us to connect and reconnect when energies here are interfering with our ascension process. I so appreciate you and your gifts. Namaste, DeeDee Schneider

Dear Solara, I and WE are so grateful to you for your outstanding work in shifting planetary consciousness and serving as a Divine Embodiment on our BELOVED Planet EARTH! Through your Pleiadian teachings I was able to discover a piece of myself, and connect the dots of my life! I am and remain in deep gratitude eternally!  Much love and light to you! ~Sacred Mount Shasta Blessings~ In the infinite energy of love, Antarra
Hello Solara An Ra, you are so much in my life. Daily I meditate with your New Essential Daily Practice and have listened and practised most of your free meditations and web seminars. My awakening is on the rise!! I dream of being able to attend a retreat at your new beautiful center. I have been finding my inner strength and now am able to connect to my guiding force. Meditation, art and dancing are my tools to be of service and connect with source. Within in my whole heart and gratitude to you, Catherine

Hello there, I just wanted to say thank you for your free meditations. I found your website and tried  a bunch of your free meditations. I have found a specific one very effective and i do it about 4 times per week before going to work: 11.11.11 Angelic Higher Self Activation. It has busted my intense loneliness feelings, depression is a rare thing now, and my general anxiety and panic disorder is calmer. My life is 100 times more bearable now.  I think slowing yourself down before leaving for work is also very effective if you have an anxiety disorder. Thank you! Colin

Dear Solara, I was drawn to your web page and the meditations there some time ago. The meditations are really beautiful and powerful and I am so happy I found them! Thank you so much for posting these magical tools to help others in their spiritual path. The Healing and Balancing Chakra Meditation is AMAZING, I fee so full of love and energy afterwards!! Love and thank you to you for your wonderful work and energies!! Best wishes, Marja
Hi Solara, I was guided to your website a couple of days ago.  On it I have found confirmation of a number of  things I have recently begun to experience in my daily meditations, as well as messages I have received from other sources - all very encouraging, and re-assuring.  So, just to say ‘Namaste’ from the Cape, and more than that, many grateful thank you’s for making your teachings so readily available and accesible. Kathy
Dear Solara An Ra, I love and enjoy your meditation and teaching. Thank you for up date on prana tube. I love and enjoy everything about you and I am hoping to meet with you personally on one of your retreats.
I am sharing my beautiful experiences with your guided meditation with my friends who love you too. Namaste, your student Zdenka from Seattle USA
Dear Solara, I have been listening to your meditations online for 6 months and am so grateful for them. They have helped me stay grounded while my husband and I are travelling to our astrological lines, activating our brains, and changing our lives.  It is so helpful to tune in every morning to the various meditations.  Thank you so much for all you are doing. Blessings to you, Mela
Hi there Solara. Firstly I would like to thank u for being such a generous and georgeous being. I have been following your website and love the info u provide so openly with no hidden costs - it is wonderful. In 2011 I got together a group of friends fellow light workers and downloaded yr mediation angelic gateway 11:11. We had amazing night meditation was fabolous. Thanx for all u do here on t planet. U Rock. Love and blessings,Di .
Dear Solara, your website is amazing - I love your meditations & intend to do the healing & chanelling courses as soon as I can fund them. So exciting to have the support you are by providing such fabulous site! I am doing the 3 meditations you suggested each day to build my aura & chakras. Thank you thank you. I do feel you have shifted much of my stuckness already. Blessing love & gratitude, Miyrie xxx
Dear Solara, having done an at-home Retreat over Samhein/Hallowmas, with juicing, meditation, journaling, thinking, letting go and walking...I feel fabulous. But the level of my experience of the energies when I am listening to your meditations has gone through the roof!!! I do the Essential Daily Practice and the Light Tribe meditations every day together.   The sense of connection and oneness I experience just go's deeper and deeper. Loving how I feel, balanced, grounded and happy. Thank you for all the work you have done over the years for us all.  You, your guides and meditations have made such a difference for me. Enjoy your magic island.... Love and Thank you Thank you  to All of You! Helen xxx
Dear Solara, I want to thank you for being such a huge and inspiratinal part of my path. The meditations on your website have helped me through some of the hardest parts of my life - they always filled me with Light and always will. I don't like rules so it has been wonderful to find a teacher who has been so free and encouraging of trust and instinct. Thank you also for the amazing work you have done for Gaia and her Light tribe! I know there are people all over the world that you have touched and helped. You are an amazing Light Goddess! Love Katy xxx
Dear dear Solara, I am soooo loving your Pleiadian Arcturian webinars (and the 3 freebie Webinars prior to that) - in fact I am loving all of your stuff and it has really fired me up to get working again and I'm in the process of decorating my healing space to that purpose. The Essential Daily Practice is absolutely fantastic ............. I am kind of hooked on your stuff right now - I simply adore your style - and thank you thank you thank you for remotivating me! Julia
Good Afternoon Solara, just to say I think your messages and meditations are amazing. Thank you for helping me, Im trying to open my third eye at the moment (with help from your third eye opening meditation of course) and I'm meditating everyday and listening to your beautiful relaxing voice. Thank you very much for reading my email, lots of love, light and blessings, Renee
Dear Solara, I have enjoyed your meditations more than you can imagine. I have also read the chapters of your book. You have helped me open up and become a person of the light through your guided meditations. I love every meditation so much so that when I can't sleep I listen just to hear the words you share. Yours respectfully, Lorraine
Dearest Solara, I have really enjoyed the webinars! They have really clarified the meaning of and relationship to my higher self. I feel much more assured of where I am on my spiritual path:) Thank you so much for bringing these teachings forth!!!! and happy birthday!!! With so much love and immense gratitude, Cat:)
Hi dear Solara!!! Thank you so much for doing the beautiful and powerful Higher Self webinars. It helped me a lot to understand a lot of things and also to reflect about other things in my life right now. I Love the One Heart meditation, in fact I practise it daily. For me it was a wonderful experience and also Love to hear you and feel your Love and support for all of us. Thank you so much Solara for your teachings, your Love, your Light and for your wonderful work in which you help and supports us all!! SiLaNu - Ra
Hello Solara, I have been following your meditations for several years - I would like to offer up my sincerest thanks for the beauty you give so freely to everyone willing to accept. The Om Nyaliman Shanti guided meditation is my favorite. Thank you, Noah
Dear Solara, thank you so much for the webinar transmission last night. It brought clarity to some confusion I had had about higher self/ I-am-presence interpretations and helped me to integrate deeper levels of understanding on these matters. What i realised today as i was watering my garden in the early hours is that it is all so blindingly simple really and that realisation has fascilitated a deep shift within my being. So thankyou and the light beings that work with you for all this for it has been long awaited! Love to you and thank you, Emma
Hi Solara, Many thanks for the first Higher Self webinar, it was very interesting & I thoroughly enjoyed the information - but also appreciated the further perspective to your Essential Meditation. Once again, I feel so much more integrated, lighter & more at peace, with a far better understanding of “what is”. Thank you! Had to smile when you chanted... I burst into tears & my cat left the room with the high pitched sound.... Obviously healing for me & scary for him! SO glad I have this download to refer to & look forward to the next webinar downloads when to hand. Love & light, Lynn
Hello Solara!! I have been doing the essential daily practices almost everyday and I really love it!! I really do feel a difference in my energy and in how I handle the day to day things. I also led the making of a medicine wheel using the guidlines that you posted, and it turned out better than I could have ever imagined!! It was such a powerful experience for me and for everyone that participated as well. i was a little nervous because i didnt feel like i really knew what i was doing and i wanted it to be done perfectly, but spirit took over and it was just so magical!!! i am still integrating the experience!! I want to thank you so much for following your guidance and bringing such beautiful teachings to the world, for those that have ears to hear. it has really helped me along my path and inspired me to trust my inner guidance more, even when i dont feel like i know what iam doing, or feel worthy to do so. I will just end by sending my love and gratitude to you, straight from my deepest source. LOVE AND THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Catharine :)
Dear Solara, just to say I am LOVING the way you are now teaching and communicating through the tele-seminars !  And the possibilities to listen to the recordings when I can not connect in the moment ...
Thank YOU ... Carole
Dearest Solara, millions of thanks to you and your guides for these many years of inspiration and help on my stumbling spiritual path... your meditations, your energy and the messages from your guides have kept me going...and they are top quality too! Sadly, much as I would like to, I haven't as yet joined you and other light-tribers at your workshops in London or round planet but I'm there in spirit always! It will happen when it happens...and I look forward to that! Thank you for all your help for all in the love of the One. With love, Tarana
Hi Solara, I have been using your channeling course with my students and have had great success right from the beginning. I found it a very simple and effective way of teaching channelling also - you are a very inspiring person in the way you approach everything. I have also downloaded some of your meditation and have enjoyed every one of them. Thank you for your hard work and dedication on the spiritual journey! Eternal Love, Marilou
Dear Solara, thank you for all of the wonderful work you do for us! It has helped me immensely in so many ways, and it has also helped to quell the anxiety that is produced when you feel "called" to leave your corporate job for your higher purpose (yes, I just did this)! I hope to attend one of your retreats one day. Health and blessings to you, Solara~ Erin
Hi Solara, This is Tina from Dubai, I just wanted to send you and email to tell you I have been doing Cobra breath since out training in Dubai every single day and I love it and I do also meditation your daily and recently I have starred your new chakra healing ones as well. They are absolutely amazing and help me so much thorough difficult days. Big thanks to you and huge love and hug and I hope to see you very soon again. Tina Ghafurian
Dear Solara, you have given me the confidence and self belief that has been standing in the way of doing or being what I most want to be. So thank you, so much! You are and your guides are just wonderful to work with. I have many sources which inform my spiritual growth and learning, but your teachings, workshops, guidance and meditations have been the singular thread which resonates the most powerfully and consistently, connecting me to who I am, what I know and helping me grow, learn and develop beyond what I thought would be possible and which have enabled me to develop abilities I can now use for the good of myself and others. Love love love! Lucy
Dear Solara, your free downloads have been an amazing source of peaceful listening for me. I can tell by the 'energy shift' I get when I listen to them that they are totally authentic and extremely important during these incredible times.  I have been so frustrated by my inability to feel I am making any kind of progress spiritually, proving that simply desiring to make 'contact' with one's higher self isn't enough, we need help and support - which I feel you are very much giving. Thank you so much for making your work available. Love and Light, Pam x
Hi Solara, I so loved the webinar last night! I love you so much and love listening to you as you have a beautiful way of explaining everything! Love & thank you thank you! Xxx Majella
My dearest Solara An-Ra, that healing webinar was amazing!!! My heart is so full of gratitude to you and your Guides...I felt their energy... so uplifting, so supporting!!! So much love!!! Thank you for opening 
up that channel between us. I can't wait for more! Love & thank you, thank you!!! Kelly Theos
Dear Goddess, thank you for the webinars!  I have been learning about the chakras for the past 7 years, however, when listening to the 7 internal chakra webinar I found myself really connecting and learning information I had not heard before.  It really helps to hear your experiences with each as well, so thank you for sharing your personal self too! Love & Light, Cindy
Solara, just wanted to let you know that I have completed your course on channeling, and your first two webinars on the 12 chakras, and would like to thank you so much again for allowing yourself to be the channel of these amazing teachings. I listened how so many times your guides used yourself and some issue you faced at a particular time, to illustrate something and bring the power of the real example as an inspiration. Perhaps you are not always so amused by this hehe, but in many ocassions during your channelings when they used you as example it was as if they were talking about me and with me, it was shocking and had great impact on my consciousness. So..thank you for being my "bad" example too :) Love and thank you thank you thank u! Barbara
Again you have blown me away dear Solara! Webinar 3 on the chakras is awesome awesome awesome!!
It reconnects me right back to the very start, the very core, the very essence of my own energy healing work back in the early 80's. I feel so excited with these chakra teachings - It really feels to me that I have just been further initiated into bringing these teachings and healings even more to our brothers and sisters. Love love love and thank you thank you thank you and the Councils of Light sooo much for all who you are and all you create. Mark xoxo
Dear Solara, just quick note to say thank you for the chakra webinars and for being you ... it is like a work of art participating in anything you do ... mostly it is the way you express and state the information and offer your own experiences that lead to an instant forgiveness for ones transgressions, all is forgiven, an instant release and sigh, we can do this.  Also, a new thing for me is feeling the group energy, all those beings of light gathering together with you from all walks of like, so beautiful, so loving no matter where we are physically in our journeys, all our beautiful selves are present and beaming love, such love.  I am so grateful for you and your work Solara, just fantastic!  I hope you know how beloved you are!  Love Sierra
Hello there Solara, I saw you on the winter solstice at Avebury. I watched you as you walked the circle encouraging people to just let go and feel the euphoria in the air. That was my first trip out of my home in 4 years - I had lost all my confidence, in fact I had lost me. We never locked eyes, or exchanged a word but I'm so great full to have been in your company that day. You helped me see a way forward. Much love to you, you wonderful being I hold you dear. Jena
Dear Solara, I did your new chakra meditation today - new moon, new beginnings, new self-attendance ...  and what a great  mellifluous voice you have for it ...thanks! Much Love Isabella xx
The new chakra meditation is so awesome meditation Solara!! I've been listening to it a lot while in the mountains on my short spirit journey here. Really nice to have this meditation as a backdrop! Loving you.. Peace, Mark Trevis
Hi Solara, I am so grateful to you for doing these free webinars! I am a pleyadian starseed, my husband is a sirian starseed. I am from Argentina, and my field of influence is the entrepreneurs women - work at home, or through internet people. I hope I´ll be a good influence and guide for them. Your work is very important to us, starseeds :) Thank you! Barbara
Dear Solara, I love very much to connect my heart to you. It is an amazing warmness I can feel and deep connection ..... really like my family :). Thank you Solara for being so close also in the physically world  to us, and letting us do the same with you. That's really different from others ... your generosity is one precious pearl of your wisdom.. thank you. Receive my big heart hug and wishing you a beautiful new day in your love and light creations :). Elisa xxx
Dear Solara, I have recently discovered you and your work and have found it to be tremendously supportive of my transition process. I would like to strongly encourage you in you webinar and teaching work. It is invaluable and so clearly genuine and heart based! Do you have any plans to come to Australia at some time? Or any contacts/groups etc in alignment with the vibration that you hold? I am currently living in Sydney and seeking nearby members of the tribe.
Much love to you, Janneia
Hello! I have been following your website for 6 months now and I must say that I feel absolutely enlightened when reading your messages! They are filled with love and inspiration. Please keep updating your site for more spiritual messages! Love and light, Z
Dearest Solara, I have to say that I feel so blessed that I found your videos online and started to listen to them. Seems the Universe aligned everything so we can meet each other. My session with you was a life changing experience, after it I felt happiness, emotions, love, enlightenment. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I'm really grateful for the guidance that I received. You are a goddess of light! Love and Light,
Bianca <3
Dear Solara An-Ra, Thank you so much for your meditations! You have such a beautiful and strong voice when you do the meditation and the music in the background is very appropriate and harmonious. If you ever come to the Orlando, Fl. or Central Fl. area, please let me know, I would love to meet you. Wimmy
We, Gustavo and Evangelina from Cordoba Argentina, are very THANKFUL because your teaching and guidelines were crucial for our alignment with the 12.12 and 21.12 energies... they are so clear and full of unconditional love and also of a nice more"earthly"Solara love.. We send you our best wishes and we specially encourage you to take your next step with confidence.. It was so honest and helpful the today guidance from theCouncil of Light and you sharing your personal issues.. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Love, Gustavo & Evangelina.

Dearest Solara, Greetings and blessings from Connecticut, USA! My name is Anthony, I am 19 years of age, in training to become a practitioner of the EMF Balancing Technique. I wanted to express that I am forever grateful for the knowledge and wisdom you share, and the light you shed. I discovered you several months ago, after discovering my own starry origins. Your meditations and chanellings, are so wonderful, and have been very helpful to me along my path. I took part in your re-connection of the light grids webnair and that was such a beautiful experience to be apart of and I AM honored that I was there to experience it. You truly inspire me like no other! Bless you, bless you!!! I hope to one day be able meet with you in person one day! THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU. Love love love, Anthony!! :)  <3

Dear Solara, thank you so much for your wonderful knowledge and for sharing it to the rest of the world!
Beautiful people do not just happen! You have an appreciation, a sensitivity and an understanding of life that fills you with compassion and a deep love. Lots of love and shine on! Bertil Mattfolk
Dearest Solara, Your web-seminar on Monday was amazing. I have done the 12 chakra meditation exactly till 7pm  and directly entered the webinar still connected to the source when your channeling hit me super deeply. Thank you very much for that and please do no give up this session. It was incredibly strong experience for me with deep realisations. Love, Gaia
Dear Solara, I really repect all the time and energy you put into your teachings and videos Solara. With the help of you and the council, I've started to remember so much about who I really am. Your teachings and videos are so crystal clear (no pun intended). During one of your meditations I've seen Gaia as a crystal being with crystal hair too! Quite spectacular! Thank you! Alan Joseph
Namaste Solara. Thank you for all the wonderful cosmic energy you bring to our planet. My dear soul sister Kim Podilchuk has really began her life mission as a light worker, thank you from my whole heart for guiding her along her journey, we both would like to attend your workshop in South Africa in March. Blessings Dear Warrior Goddess of the Light.
I am Complete in the Light, Revati-Rebecca/Lady Magnolia
Good Evening Solara An Ra! I have just come back from Glastonbury ! and I wanted to say big THANK YOU !!!! for ... absolutely everything what you did and especially for being who YOU are !!!! an amazing goddess!!!!!!! a friend! ! ! and a great teacher who represents leading edge of a thought  Much appreciation and love and BIG THANK YOU !!!!! xxxx Mal
Dear Solara, I won't take much of your very precious time,juts want to say HUGE THANK YOU !!!! for all you work and dedication to all of us, and for your wonderful webinar. Just got this feeling and want to share it with you - you are a perfect embodiment of Mother Gaia energies,Solara, - strong, loving, nurturing, warm, wise ....energies of Universal Mother-Women-Goddess.... it's a blessing to have you here... now....
Warm regards, Alina (London)
Dear Blessed Solara,
From Angola, I began my spiritual journey with the great assistance of your meditations. My deepest thank you for shining the Light that shows me the path! So grateful!!! Love Love Love, Thank you! Namaste, Denise Jamal
Talofa Solara An Ra!  Spirit has connected us as I am about to host a celebration for 12.12.12 in Samoa, and of course the very special and auspicious Solstice on 21.12.12. I was feeling a little self-doubt and googled 12.12.12 to make sure that my ceremony would be in alignment with what is going on globally, and I was delighted/relieved/emotional to find your website.  I have been practicing the 12.12.12 meditation and some of the others you have on your site, in preparation.  More than anything, I was reassured that I was on the right track, and my home is prepared for this significant occasion.  Your site immediately answered my prayers regarding preparing my space for the ceremony. With the help of your website information, I’ve prepared a space that is in line with the directions and through sacred ceremony, will connect to the energies of the Divine Earth Mother, and send it out through our hearts, to the rest of the planet. I hope that we will connect through all our ceremonies, and now I know what you are up to, we will consciously connect with your ceremony too. Thank you so much for all the great work that you do, and all the valuable information that is on your website!  I have gained much from the information there. Soifua lava - in good health - Leilani (Heavenly Flower)
Dearest Solara, Greetings from Oklahoma, USA! I just felt passionately compelled to send a big beautiful "love and thank you" for all of your meditations. My sister and I have been using your meditations in our practice every single day. Your lovely voice simply puts me in a meditative state and I feel like I am floating in between dimensions. It is a much needed break from the 3D (I know you can relate) and oddly grounding all at the same time. I admire your amazing strength and perseverance in assisting our ascension. I especially love your Father Sun meditation. I have always had a special connection with the sun (and the water) and that meditation really puts into words the awe and reverence I have felt since childhood. It is just beautiful. You have such a sweet and gentle spirit and I sincerely thank you for all that you do!    Namaste, Melissa
Dear Solara, I have listened to your meditations for over a year now. They are both awakening and enlightening. Thank you a million times over,  thank the Universe for your gift of love and compassion. Love and Light to you my friend, Lorraine
Dear Solara, thank you for the courses, the meditation classes get more magical every week and the healing course was so amazing, it has totaly reignighted my passion for healing! I want to book the 12.12.12 but I can only come for the day, before I book it do you know if anyone is driving from London and back that day? Just want to make sure because I do not drive! Lots of Love Katy xxx
Many many thanks. You raise my vibration, heighten my connection, thank you, for your time and your spirit, thank you. Know my inner smile is ear to ear b/c of your work. Steve
I can not truly put my thanks into words, your leadership is divine. Thank you, thank you. Thank you for all that you do, I am one and closer to everything because of your work. Steve
Hi Solara, I wanted to send you a response to your newsletter as the feeling of letting go and simply letting yourself be as you are right now really struck a chord with me. As you say in your letter, this can be quite a ground-breaking experience in its obviousness, when you realise it.

Earlier this year, I had a bit of hard time and ended up having a mental breakdown in the spring. It was a long time coming, but I realised I was putting too much pressure on myself - to be! To be in a relationship, in an amazing career, in the right place in my life, in the ideal location... and so on. It was actually a very poignantly positive experience, and I soon realised exactly what I needed to get better, and most importantly, to finally be happy. It was not to move hundreds of miles away from people who genuinlely loved and cared about me, to suddenly open a business, or to write a book, but to stay where I'd been 'temporarily' living at home, with my friends and family. The people who genuinely did care about me genuinely helped me through my breakdown, and those who didn't, well, didn't. And all of those people were the ones already around me, my true friends and family. So I totally resonate with both yours and your guide's message, about receiving the support of your tribe in order to progress, which is often right in front of your face - you get so much light sometimes, from someone unexpected, and not necessarily spiritual. I have also realised that the things that make me happy are a lot simpler than I thought, and I don't 'need' things as much. So thank you, Solara and your wonderful guides, for the heartening message, and the confirmation that all we need to be happy, is to be... just as we are, right now, and to gather with those who we love, and love us. I wish you much love in your new home. Sarah x
Hi Solara, I have been thru a lot of ups and downs and I am so thankful for your new videos they heal me constantly. I just finished the 12.12.12 meditation right now and I am listening to your latest channeling with the crystal bowls.Thank you very very much for being always centered and balanced and being fearless in your work and life. We all appreciate it and are blessed for having you with us in these days of transition. Peace love and light to you. Namaste, Gabriel.
Dear Solara, your 11:11 guided meditation is magical as is your voice. I listen and meditate to it every day.
In Love and Appreciation of YOU! Laurie
Dear Solara, you can’t imagine how HAPPY I am to have found You!… I feel very deep and strong connection between us… From the first time I saw You on the Youtube channel, I was THANKING the God and all my Guides and Angels who have helped me to find You…And who knows- maybe one day I will discover the reason why I feel this way about You. But in the same time I understand that WE ALL ARE ONE… WE ARE FAMILY! And You are my SISTER! Blessings to You, Solara…The WORLD is a better place, because You are in it! Thank You for EVERYTHING You do…Thank You for EVERYTHING You ARE… Hugs of Light, Lolita♥
My Dear Solara, I think of you often and the loving impact you've had on my life.  I most certainly transmit and receive love frequencies from beyond. It's very cool. My nighttime "prayer" always begins with an invocation to Mother God and Father God which comes through with your accent and intonation... funny isn't it? Hope to see you again soonish. Love, Love, Love, Gail (Enjoyer of the Pleiadian Kiss)
Dear Solara An-Ra, your 2012 'Meditation for Gaia' is a most wonderful meditation! No matter how many times I listen to it, I cry tears of joy. Thank you for this and all that you do. Love, peace and oneness, Pamela
Thank you Solara for your energetically available Presence. I feel your Support through the ether. As soon as I landed in your field (through your Lake Titicaca "caring for your crystals" transmission) I immediately felt the rod of light that is my "I Am" and was accelerated into my Becoming. Solara, your fully Being Here Now is an immense Gift. You transmit volumes just by Being. Thank you Goddess for putting yourself out there in service so that we may "hook up" to your Light. One Heart, Merrirose
SOLaraAnRa... I send you infinite gratitude and eternal blissings!!!! Your videos were brought into my light a couple days ago. they are absolutely ONEderful! thank you thank you thank you for being. thank you for being a vessel through which other beings can bring light to us. The manifesting 5D video... I've been there before. When I first heard it, from the beginning something was biulding up inside. Then when you spoke of a lifetime in the golden age of Atlantis, I got intense goosebumps, and tears just started flowing out. Even right now just writing about it it is happening. And just happened again the second time I heard it, right at the Atlantis part! And then I found your website, and found the written transciption of manifesting 5D, and as I read the Atlantis part, tears just came right out again! The goosebumps were so strong, like no goosebumps I've ever felt before. And the tears...I've never cried that way, with such happiness and love in every tear drop.. I have now remembered. love to you siSTAR. And to the pleiadians and all other STAR beings. ommmmmm<3
Solara, With gratitude and appreciation, love and light I send you this message. The gift of your meditations can only be described as a Touch from God/Universe. The words,music,and vibrations experienced by me has brought me closer to my guides and enhanced my White Light. I send to you an abundance of love and light, which in turn will continue to fill us all with our Warrior Light. I continue to seek my purpose and pray that I will hear through my meditations where best I can serve the Universe and Mother Earth. THANK YOU, White Light to you my friend! Respectfully, Lorraine
Dear Solara, I feel so thankful to you for all that you have done - I have never been this happy in my life! Your meditations are so amazing, It has been a long time for my awakening, and you have really helped me! I love you! Please come to the US soon, preferably Oklahoma - this area needs your warmth and light! Tahereh
PS: my 6-year-old listens to your meditations, and enjoys them! He randomly 'calls light' to himself! :D
Dearest Solara, I feel so blessed to have found your channelings on the internet! Your beautiful, calming voice makes me overcome any fear whatsoever. Love Love Love and a wonderful 2012 to you! Lena
Dearest Sistar Amazing Goddess of Love and Light, please feel my energy as I send you so much gratitude and divine love! Not only are you so beautiful and a wonderful brilliant beam of light, you are such a blessed channel and spirit guide to us all. Devoted are you and divinely blessed. I really just want to say thank you to Mother Father God for choosing you to assist Mother Gaia and humanity in this wonderful process of Ascension. I feel so connected to You and love you dearly... I know at some point I will be able to join in the physical to one of your gatherings.. I am always there in spirit.   Love you so much dear sistar Vanessa Rey of Light.. Namaste
Dear Solara, Yay for you, spirited Earthling!  You have done so much for people, you will never know how many youve touched and assisted -- me for one. I still use your meditations when I feel out of sorts. It helps me re-focus within and get me back on track. You are a very special Light, Solara. I am glad to hear that you still share your gifts with others. How nice that you make your classes available to our younger ones. A lot of them struggle with finances. Blessings and wild love that lasts forever, Linda
Dear Solara An-Ra Goddess of the Light! It feels so good in my heart to know, I can be of any assistance to you through my donation. I really enjoy to listen to your meditations and the lessons of bringing light to myself!! Your being, touched my soul and my heart in such a good way! LOVE and THANK YOU THANK YOU! Ninel
Hey Lovely Channel of Light! Your connection work is core to my healthwork and I use daily with singing work. We are ushering in the spiralling age of light! I am so glad to have met you, to feel the reassurance of your energy, to work with the tools you share with us.  Thank you for your gifts. Bless you and take it easy, enjoy your colours and the beautiful energies you play with and sleep lots. Love, Sam

Dear Solara, all of your meditations have a huge impact on me and the people around me with whom I have shared them. I practice them daily as addition to my yoga and pranayama practice. I was amazed to see that you also have a contact with Babaji Mahavatar, I practice some kriya yoga as well, although I teach prana flow yoga. As I really appreciate your contribution to the world I feel I need to do something to make the message of light available to more people. I would like to make translation of your meditations and record them and distribute to people, to facilitate the shift here in bulgaria. There are so many struggling people here, as everywhere I suppose, but it's really hard for me to see the tense faces, dark clothes and so much negativity on the streets. Expressing my deepest gratitude to you and all the beings of Light that support and uplift us at this prescious times. Devi


Namaste (I see you) ... I see you for all that you are: Beauty embodied ... Faith in form ... Brave as you walk forward - on sure footing ... Bright as you light up every room ... Glowing as you ignite every heart ... Gracious thank you, thank you ...Mischievous, never EVER boring ... Sexy - Marilyn Monroe style ... Tearful at every joyful moment ... Strength of heart - empowering all others ... Confident when required ... Naked sometimes when "not" required ;) ... Transparent and real- beyond defeat ... A bit of a shock to the unsuspecting ... My loyal friend you are ascending ... Generous in all you sow ... It comes back to you, you know ... Gift you ARE - to all you meet ... Witty, funny, and usually upbeat ... Recognized when you walk down the street - Don't listen to them, you're NOT a freak ... Wonderful, wistful, wing-eater ... I know you did that 'just for Peter' ... Mother ... Blessed ... Goddess light ... Transforming- people, the tribe of light ... Love - Respected, Kind ... "The time is NOW" ... Goddess to Shine! Love Ezeriel :)

Dear Solara, I have been extremely blessed by your website and your energy lessons. Although I am not finished them yet, so far, they have provided me with the gentleness and compassion that has been lacking on my journey. We are lucky to have so many ways to develop and evolve ourselves, but not everything works for everyone. After many years of searching, your guidance is like the puzzle piece (peace:) I've needed and I am so very grateful for you, and your guides.
Namaste, and thank you from my heart,

Namaste Solara, my name is Siren, I am a big fan on a spiritual level and so happy to contact you.  I admire you for your hard work and the warrior of light that you are within.  I am sending you light so you may continue this amazing journey safe and give others the courage and light to do the same like you have done for me, many many thanks for that :) I also want to thank you for you wonderful out of this world meditations and you beautiful and powerful voice, which really helps us all. Love Siren

Hi Solara, I went for a walk way out on the beach early this morning and did the OM Nyaliman Shanti chant.. and I took a Lemurian seed crystal that I had here and gave it back to Gaia in the ocean. I just felt the tears coming of the amazing joy I feel in knowing you, the incredible gifts you bring to the Tribe, and your complete willingness to open your own heart and spirit up fully to the messages that come through you and are a a part of you. Solara An-Ra, I deeply honour you and the path you walk and hold space in my heart to serve in whatever way I can. Mark Trevis

Dear Solara, I've been observing your work since April - you have been a huge inspiration, motivation, and reassurance in the task at hand. I stumbled across your videos on YouTUBE due to a clairvoyance session that stated "You are of Pleiadian descent." What the heck does that mean, I pondered? Your videos make me cry tears of joy - for the truth and immense vibrations portrayed have encouraged me accept my niche in this world. As truth crashes down on me from every direction, I am at least now aware of my folly; now seeking to live as an example of our true nature and joy. (This little light of mine, Im gonna let it shine!!) From the depths of me; Thank You for restoring a faith within myself, humanity, and the unfathomable power of love. Sincerely, Sarah Ariel Smith-Simon

Solara, I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how beautiful your meditations are to me.  I live way out in the middle of "cow country" and my spiritual support group is limited.  You have given me a feeling of being connected to a community that otherwise I would never have known.  Your free downloads for meditations are so generous of you and they will help to transform our love for ourselves/planet  to a deeper level. Your site and video's have given me and others access to something otherwise I never would have had in my life. You are a beautiful, loving being and I feel it spread throughout me as well.  You ARE much appreciated, Linda 

Hello Solara, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your YouTube videos and the free online meditations. It’s truly remarkable that you are able to do so especially now that I’ve just lost my unemployment and filed bankruptcy this year. We’re struggling…really struggling. But when my daughter naps during the day, I get a little time to meditate and uplift myself online. A year ago if you had told me people could channel aliens, and that “aliens” can be highly evolved spiritual beings just like Jesus or Buddha…I would have said “those people are crazy.”  Just wanted to send a big heartfelt THANK YOU for making me feel so not alone. Namaste ~ Annete

Dearest Solara, just to say how very much I appreciate your newest Energy messages (recorded in Cusco) from the Star Beings - they are so timely, beautiful and helpful and as They said "very much needed by us now" - thank you beloved Star Seed Sister! With much love and thank, Jo Holland xx

Dear Solara An-Ra! I wanted you to know I appreciate the channelings you have brought forth so much. I definitely feel you are one of my leaders to Ascension. I absolutely LOVE your voice and the transmissions are exquisite. Thank you, thank you, thank you! Naomi Bauer

Dear Solara, I just wanted to say thank you so much for sharing all of your videos and meditations. I Awoke to my higher self only 2 short months ago! In that time I've seen instant results in my life! I even experimented with Channeling through automatic writing, and had Instant Success. You've helped me awaken to my purpose as a messenger, and as a light warrior, and I thank you ever soo much ! Love, Love, Love, Joshua

Dear Solara An-Ra, I cannot express how wonderful your mantras and meditations are for me. I am not a beginner actually but in 1999, while still in my awakening process, I experienced a right hemisphere brain stroke and I'm still disabled. I am seeking healing for myself and for the ascension of Gaia and all of her inhabitants. I'm still fighting for my sanity and keeping true to myself  - I just want to thank you for being one more gift from Spirit to help me not only survive but be assured of a happy life.
Namaste' my dear sister, Connie

Dear Solara, I came upon your website recently and I sincerely LOVE what you say and your meditations!  There is so much negative stuff out there that it is really refreshing to see someone as lovely and joyful as you!  Thank you from my heart!  Namaste, Jody

Dear Solara-An-Ra warrior princess of light, I thank you for yourehelp and your meditations.  Your channellings from the Pleiadians help me a lot to go through my transformations. Every day I do your meditations, they make me strong and keep me healthy. I’m groiwng every day thanks to you! With love, love love Nancy

Beloved Solara AnRa of the Light Tribe, I've just reread you recent post and went into some of your youtubes again - with a huge smile on my face and lighting my being... I just want to say how much you ignite the joy within - your JOY is contagious... thank you! In living loving light ~ Gayelle

Dear Solara, thank you so very much. for your meditations ..I was flying out of my body a lot and did your "grounding" meditation and am back in my body...I tend to leave a lot and am very grateful for "bringing" myself back into the wonderful body I have been given. Love Barbara

Hello my dear Solara-Anra, Thank you very much for the new Meditation and for the Mudras... They are wonderful, thank you very much for all these gifts that we receive through you... I usually do the meditation every day (Daily Prac) and it helps me a lot ... Many blessings and much love for our beloved SOLARA-ANRA, Tony.

Dear Solara,I want to thank you for all that you do. Your meditations are so wonderful. They are  assisting me in my transformation, I can feel it. I love doing them when I'm feeding my daughter a bottle because I know she feels my state of bliss. It's an amazing gift to give her. And teaching me to connect with Gaia has helped me feel so much better about our planet, it's such a relief to feel how powerful she is. Doing your meditations helps me start my day feeling love and a sense of purpose. Although the knowledge you've given me has been a great help, along with the meditations, your greatest gift to me is the feeling that I'm not alone. Your videos remind me of the great love that we have constant access to. That there are many people on this planet, just like me and I can't wait to bump into them on my journey. =)  Your ability to radiate love, especially through electronic means, is so inspiring to me. Thank you, thank you, thank you. For everything. You've helped me come so far in only a few months, it's amazing. I send my love to you, Marissa, Tacoma, WA

Your work is so incredible Solara, you know the way you teach, your vibration and connection is amazing! One in a billion is what you are in so many ways, I really hope you realise that by now, how special you are to this world! I'm so grateful to have met you, you have no idea, thank you from all of my heart and soul for all your support and encouragement as a teacher, as a friend and a soul mate in this work.  It's changed my life and my place in the world forever! I love you very much, Tatanka

Hello Solara - sister of Isis! I did and do stream you my love and appreciation for your message on you tube from Egypt which I watched this morning, and for your wonderful program on bbs radio just now.
You are empowering indeed and bring just the messages I need!Ppeace, love, light and blessings. Eileen-star

Dear Solara, I just listened to your radio transmission from Egypt and it was as if I was there with you.  The video you did was also beautiful and explained perfectly my sensations while there.    I was in Egypt for the 10.10.10 and it was amazing. I really  love your work, your joy and your spirit - I have no doubt you will keep up the great work. I activated during your channellings exactly as if I were there physically.
Cathy from Italy

Dear Solara, I want to thank you so much for all the good work you are doing ! I want to give you some extra cred - you are fantastic, real fearless, beautiful and real funny ! Love again from your friend in Sweden, Cecilia

Dearest Solara An-Ra, I would like to acknowledge your beautifully, wonderfully powerful presence and thank you for being an example of FEARLESSNESS. I’ve heard many people speak of fearlessness but haven’t seen them walk with fearlessness. Seeing you embody fearlessness was refreshing and inspirational and also a reminder “Oh yeah that’s what that looks like”! You exude/emanate this on many levels. I look forward to future workshops with you and your guides. Love and thank you thank you!!! Much love and light Solara An-Ra Warrior of the Light, Marisa

Dear Solara, I always tell you but I say it again  - you have been one of my main guides in this new process of life. These really are exciting times and you have been of tremendous help and inspiration. So once again - thank you Solara! Love and Blessings Dvora

I feel the need to tell you that your meditations have been an incredible gift at this particularly incredible time in my life. I am being transformed. Whatever is happening, I know I have never experienced such strong vibrations, and my personal energy field is expanding. At times, it is almost too much light. All my life I have known of this, but the world I grew up in did not encourage me in this and I also held myself back. In my Cherokee tradition, age 55 is the time when one becomes an adult. I am now 60 and it has come in my own time... my spiritual awakening. I was chosen by my son in the exact reverse of the way things usually transpire. He was born with the awakening and after showing me the way, ascended. I am forever grateful to him and now feel the joyful need to share this gift. I bathe in the light of your voice and sweet pure energy. Peace and love and hugs, Moonfire

Hello Solara, i felt i needed to contact you to say thank you for your loving kind words that you have transfered through your energy to myself. I have had two strokes and a heart attack, because of this i have found over time since my last stroke that i had began to lose my short term memory, it was becoming a real pain, talking to people and forgetting halfway what i was talking about, it was getting very embarrassing. Since finding you, and doing the nostril breathing meditation i am no longer conscious of this happening, i am no longer afraid of whats going on around me, i am very conscious though of who i am and the love for others that is with me "all the time now" , not just a feeling in my mortal body but as if my spirit is just outside of it, it is so so easy now to notice the beauty of mother earth and love her for the mother that she really is.Thanks again Solara, i am so happy to be living in the Light once more! Jim

Dearest Solara An Ra, I just want to thank you so much for all of your gifts to us! You are a true Warrior of the Light and I am so greatful.  Your channelings and meditations have helped me so much throughout my transition.  If it werent for you, I would have thought I was nuts, and would be nuts without your assistance and service to the Light. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Love, Blessings & Namaste, Shiva, North Carolina

Dear Solara, I just wanted to say that I really loved the channelled Christ message from you Pleadian guides in Peru.  Is so resonated very deeply with me.  It was such a beautiful message, which spoke directly to my higher heart.  As I watched and listened I could really feel my heart chakras just opening and radiating with the love and light which came through the message - the unconditional love and light of the Christ energies. Love and thanks for that wonderful message. Armukara Angelxxx Star-Borne Warrior of the Light

Hi Solara, I came across your teachings on Youtube a few days ago and together with the other information on your website, I've found it beautiful, transcendental, energizing, a true gift for the soul and to humanity. I'd like to thank you for your being, for your love, for your guidance and for all that you have already awakened in me. I'm forever grateful. While much of the information is not new to me, the way you present it is truly amazing, extremely powerful and definitely transformative. So once again, thank you! Anthony

I just want to say thank you, no matter I dont know you in a physical way (I hope to do it some day, by attending to your courses) but I want you to know that you and the Councils of Light have encouraged me to tell my friends my experiences and show them a different perspective of life. Its kind of difficult to do that here in Ecuador, but if more than one believes it is possible to change obsolete ways to view the world then it will happen! Emilio Goya

Namaste beautiful Solara An Ra!!! My name is Juliana from Brazil. I am 22 years old and I am currently living in England. I started my awakening when I was 17 years old. Since then, my understanding of the spiritual world has increased and I am really grateful for that. My desire to discover the invisible world lead me to websites and YouTube channels ( such as yours), and now I am starting to remember my mission and understand the "language system" that the beings of light uses. Thank you so much for everything!!!!! YOU ARE A TURE WARRIOR OF LIGHT, and the beings of other dimensions are celebrating your path through this life!!!! Keep on shining and spreading the light!!!!
NAMASTE, and my LOVE to you!!!!!

Hello Solara, we are a couple from Panama City, Panama. We discovered your site several months ago, and since then we follow your news and videos. Also, we’ve been practice your meditations for some time now. The meditations are simply great and really beatiful. We want to thank you for sharing your experiences and knowledge the way you do it. For us, it has been very important to discover people like you who are in this spiritual path and do things to reach and assist people like us during this particular time. We are in our own quest for almost 2 years and we’ve learned and experienced so much that we felt really, really blessed to have the opportunity to grow as human and spiritual beings. With all our love,
Ana y Jorge

My dear Solara An-Ra, I wanted to again tell you how GRATEFUL and happy I am that the Universe (and, I am sure other beings of light) led me to you as one of my primary spiritual teachers.  It is always a joy reading your words and watching your videos and feeling all of the love which radiates from you.  I am always uplifted every time I watch or listen to you. I now say OM, OM, OM and again thank the Universe and other beings of light for guiding me to you. You are blessed dear Solara An-Ra and now I bid you Namaste! Love, Love, Love, John Nail

Dear Solara, I am truly grateful that our paths crossed again! It truly has changed a lot of things for me - being able to communicate with my guides, learning about manifestation and being able to manifest, doing all the Pleiadian light work and healing. You are a great teacher with your own unique style which is magic in itself. Above all these things you are my sister of the light and in the light who I love dearly. Armukara Maria Angel