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Activating the Prana Tube

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Download the sound file & read the written transcript with the original longer introduction here
Recorded live in Ibiza ~ better without head phones as there is a bit of interference :)
'Your intention to be love-centred and to be of service, right now, is allowing you to be a frequency keeper of the highest vibration possible in this moment. Right now, you are assisting in healing & activating your human tribe, and in the process you are, of course, healing & activating yourselves. Doing this practice (prana tube activation) assists you in letting go of drama, and your tendencies to be energetically hooked into the drama of any other person or persons – and so if you enjoy drama, this is not a practice for you – whereas if you choose to be more often in peace, balance & joy, then this is a practice for you, designed to help you access your multi-dimensionality, your higher abilities – designed to allow you to be frequency keeper and transmitter.'


Equinox Balance & Integration Retreat

19 - 25 Sept 2015

with Solara An-Ra & the Star Councils of Light

Join Solara in her Ibiza home for a joyful spiritual holiday with like-hearted people ~ a journey that is guaranteed to inspire and rejuvenate you ~ body, mind and soul. You will receive individual and group guidance & healing, to accelerate your path and remove obstacles. 

Every day the group will start the day at 9.00 with movement, meditation, pranayama & guidance, followed by a delicious vegetarian brunch. From  your day is free to go to the beach, explore the island, have a massage or relax in a hammock at the villa. The group comes together again for dinner at 19.00 (except for the equinox evening), followed by an evening session of healing, guidance and learning with Solara & her guides. On the day of the Equinox there will be a special ceremony at Es Vedra (above) and sunset picnic dinner.

Casa Solara is a light and airy villa with beautiful countryside views, nestled in the unspoilt Can Guasch valley in the north of the island.  Beautiful beaches such as Benirras, Cala Nova, Aguas Blancas are a short drive away in all directions.   There are a wealth of things to see on the island if you share the cost of hiring a car, such as Ibiza city's old walled town, the hippy markets and Es Vedra, the birthplace of the goddess Tannit. There are also 4 bicycles at the centre which guests are welcome to borrow to explore the local countryside.

Food: The food is delicious, healthy & vegetarian. Gluten and/or dairy-free requirements are  no problem.
Check-in & out: Each 6 day retreat starts with dinner on the first day and ends with brunch on the last day. Check-in from 3 pm, check-out by 12 noon after brunch.
Location/Transport: Google Map: 39.006229,1.506135 Santa Eularia is a 5 minute drive/ 15 minute cycle away - very handy for banks, cafes restaurants, shops & the town beach. To explore the island it is highly advisable to hire a car - 2, 3 or 4 people can share the cost. Try www.doyouspain or and pay in full before arrival - it is much cheaper.

Flights not included: Try
Airport pick-ups: 30 euros each way (cost is shared if there is more than 1 guest.

Inclusive Retreat Price: 6 nights accommodation (2 per room), 2 sessions per day with Solara, plus brunch & dinner : 777  Make payment with PayPal
Single room Supplement: €222 euros
Make payment with PayPal

Treatments available
: Massage, Aryuvedic massage, Indian Head Massage, Sound Healing, Bowen Technique, Reflexology, Chakra Healing: 1 hr: 70 1/2 hr: 40;


Casa Solara Ibiza

The outdoor dining table, surrounded by the beautiful 'campo'

Meditation Room











Organic Produce from the garden ~ straight onto the table! :)


Retreat bedrooms have private terraces with stunning views over the hills and orchards.

The outdoor platform is perfect for yoga/dance/tantra/meditation

The spacious Moroccan style tents have electricity & can be set up for a couple or 2/3 singles


The Time Is Now!


Activating the Prana Tube

Written Transcript: Longer Version, with the original introduction (in gold):
Let’s place our hands in a Namaste, and smile. The smile opens our hearts, relaxes our mind.
We let go of all expectations. We feel ourselves in this moment, right here, right now. Everybody say ‘Right Here, right now.’ Feel yourself; feel your breath, your body ~ and smile, relaxing your body, feel the ground. And we rest our hands in any mudra, any position we like, and say out loud ‘I am ready.’ ‘I am ready for change.’ ‘I am ready for activation on my path of service.’

And we let go of fear about what that means. When we state to the universe and to our Higher Selves that we are ready for change and that we are ready for activation on our paths of service, it gives a very clear signal, a very clear intention, that we are ready to let go of anything that is holding us back or making us feel small, insecure, doubtful, lacking in trust – anything that’s making us feel smaller, less powerful than who we truly are, as beautiful, powerful, multi-dimensional masters. We have come onto this Earth planet at this exact time in physical form in order to assist our human tribe and our planet in its ascension process. The ascension process that we move through now is a movement towards unconditional love; a movement towards unity consciousness ~ where we remember that we are all one. We remember that we are one with the planet, our Mother Earth. We remember that we are one with the animals and plants of this physical world. We remember that we are one with our star brothers and sisters; that we are not alone in this galaxy; in this universe, and this is a process more joyful than we can imagine! Remembering who we truly are and how much light we can truly hold; how much love we can use to heal each other and the planet; how much love, fun and joy we can share with each other. And in the process we heal everything – we heal our hearts; we heal our history; we heal the collective pain of our planet. The healing of Earth and her people allows this to happen in other planets, in other galaxies. We are at a starting point; the evolution and ascension of our people and planet is a starting point for other solar system; other planets; other galaxies. And the universes watch us now, waiting with bated breath; watching our progress; noticing every time we activate our One Heart ~ noticing now how much higher our vibration shifts; our frequency increases, as we practice activation our prana tubes.
Place one or both hands on your heart now and say out loud ‘The One-Heart is activated within me now!’ And at this statement the turquoise, diamond frequency of the ONE-HEART activates in all of us who do this process, those in this room and those who are listening. This diamond light frequency activates and overtakes our personal heart chakras & our Higher Hearts, and as it spins into activation we are able to access all dimensions through our prana tubes.
We say out loud ‘I activate my prana tube now!’ And from our hearts this crystalline breathing tube spins up through the throat, third eye, crown, through the chakras above our heads, spinning golden discs, through the top of the aura, through our sun star, through the central star of Orion, and straight into the Great Central Sun, the vortex in the centre of our Milky Way Galaxy. Simultaneously our prana tube; crystalline breathing tube, spins down from our heart, through the solar plexus, belly, root, through the spinning silver discs below us, through the bottom of our aura, through the crystal caves of the body of Gaia, and into her heart, into the great core crystal core of Gaia.
Relax your hands now, slow down your breath, moving into the UJAI breath, smiling, heart open, aware of the fifth dimensional ONE-HEART in your chest, allow energy to stream in from above and below. The White Light of source down-stepping through the Great Central Sun, through the dimensions, pouring energy into our hearts. The deep, healing magnetic flow of Gaia; Shakti, flowing from the Core Crystal up ~ up through the root, belly, solar plexus and into the heart. And we use the UJAI breathing now, watching the flow from above and below, opening and strengthening the crystalline ONE-HEART in the chest. With every in-breath the energy from above and below flows into our hearts and with every out-breath we allow this diamond frequency to flow out through our bodies and into our auras and into the greater world. Breathing in the light and energy of all nine dimensions through our bodies and out, through the Diamond Light Heart frequency of the ONE-HEART.
The smile on your lips reminds us that this is joyful ~ a joyful practice that you cannot get wrong. Your intention to activate your prana tube; your intention to breathe the light and love in of all-that-is-above and all-that-is-below, into your heart, and your intention to breathe this higher dimensional frequency; crystalline, diamond frequency, out through your aura – is what activates you now. You are accessing a way to become a frequency keeper – blasting out your star frequency to the world around you – transmitting the highest frequency possible from your being to the world around you NOW. Your intention to be love-centred and to be of service, right now, is allowing you to be a frequency keeper of the highest vibration possible in this moment.
Right now, you are assisting in healing & activating your human tribe, and in the process you are of course, healing & activating yourselves. Doing this practise assists you in letting go of drama, and your tendencies to be energetically hooked into the drama of any other person or persons – and so if you enjoy drama, this is not a practise for you – whereas if you choose to be more often in peace, balance & joy, then this is a practice for you, designed to help you access your multi-dimensionality, your higher abilities – designed to allow you to be frequency keeper and transmitter. Try to experience the flow from above and below as equal, keeping your focus on your heart and this feeling of unconditional love and unity consciousness from the active ONE-HEART. The frequency of the ONE-HEART can be experienced as a crystalline turquoise spinning octahedron within your chest and your light body. If you wish you can expand this octahedron from your heart into the space around you, visualising the 4-sided pyramid rising up from your base to a point high above you – and an equal 4-sided pyramid, a mirror image from your base down into a point far below. The light with this form is turquoise & crystalline, the octahedron itself is crystalline. You will be assisted in experiencing this if you own an octahedron crystal and you suspend this somewhere in this meditation space. Use the ujai breath to help you experience the energy flow from above and below through your prana tube into your heart.
See the point which your prana tube is plugged into from above, in the heart of the great central sun, the centre of your galaxy. The more your heart-field is open, the more energy can pour down from above. Try to see the point into which the prana tube is plugged in below you – the heart of the core crystal. The more your heart field is open, the more you will experience energy and healing flowing in from below. This light field is radiating from you now – radiating beyond the confines of your skin, your body – beyond the confines of your aura, beyond the confines of your greater light body, and out into the world. Higher dimensional frequency radiating out from you now!
Say out loud ‘I am a frequency keeper. I choose to transmit the highest frequency possible to the people of Gaia and to our planet.’ In these moments in which you are aware that you are transmitting the highest frequency possible, you are being of service in a way so precious it is beyond your understanding. You imagine that your path of evolution will bring you to a place of enlightenment, and that then, in this unknown future point of your existence, you will be able to heal others and transmit frequency. But you must understand dear ones that the time is now – to heal yourselves, move towards multi-dimensionality, and to practise being frequency keepers, frequency transmitters – transmitting not only the unconditional love of the ONE-HEART but also your star codes, activating within your light body now!. It is true that some of you are wired in such a way that you are more naturally frequency keepers than others, but there is a level on which ALL of you are designed to transmit frequency as much as you are designed to receive. When you use this practise of prana tube activation, you are choosing to transmit frequency that heals and activates your people and planet, and in the process heals and activates each one of you – and this is a joyful thing, is it not?
We enjoy giving you these methods. We are with you every step of the way, star brothers and sisters, aligned with you in your process of activation. And So It Is. Namaste.


Letters of Appreciation

Hello Solara, this is an honor to email you. I have been listening to your meditations for 5 years now  - thank you. I have been listening to the chamber of light video  recently, several times. I have seen my healing ability increase as a massage therapist and registered Nurse . Thank you! I am having an open mind to the galaxy. Loving kindness ,Namaste, Louise Doyle

Hi Solara, Thank you for all your hard work that you constantly share with all. I myself take classes of meditation every week and I learn a lot from you. Blessing to you. Eternal Love, Marilou

Dear Solara An-Ra,
I am so honored to be a part of the Frequency Keeper with the Activating the Prana Tube meditation. Tears of joy are falling as I am embraced by the meditation. Thank you so much for sharing this blessing for our Light Tribe of Gaia.  It feels so natural for me to be a part of.  My heart is overflowing with love and light. Thank you Star Councils of Light. Namaste, Pamela

I love your meditations so much and have been using them for the past few months. I want to thank you for all the amazing work you do on behalf of this Terran tribe of ours. It is exceptional. Keep up the great work - you are wonderful light! Cheers! Lots of love, Maria -  Los Angeles

Hi  Solara  An-Ra  Warrior of the light, I've just done your gaia  grid connection meditation - its  BEAUTIFUL! I saw the golden  grid the rainbow lines spreading out to the grid, and felt the love energy of the Christ Conciousness grid and felt like i was meditating  with hundreds of others If there's proof of the pudding,  it's certainly in this one!  Mike Jay, love  love love

I have shared many tears with you during your meditations.  These were never tears of sadness but always tears of pure joy knowing I had finally found my way home. Namaste, Love Mary
The 'Connection with Gaia's ascension Grids' meditation is simply OUTSTANDING!!  Very VERY powerful.  I love all your meditations and am grateful to you for posting them. I send much Love to you now!  Marlo Page - Canada

Dear Solara, Your voice has an incredible magic in it, and I rejoice each and every day to listen to your Daily Practice, which often is delivering to me inner images and insights. Thank you so much for your work and also thank you very much for making it available for free! With love, Verena - Germany

I am writing to thank you for many of your gifts, but most especially the Daily Practices meditation. I have meditated for years, and have felt very good about my experiences -- but after a week of daily meditation with your recording, I can tell you that I can feel a significant change occurring. Thank you, thank you, for making your work available to all. I wish you all great blessings - and I hope one day our paths will cross in person. Pam Younghans (Astrologer) - Seattle, Washington

Dear Solara, your free meditations have affected me immensely today. I have had much trouble grounding in the past, making it not difficult for me to recieve many energies, but difficult to make them of conscious use. However, today while listening to the essential practices, i felt your intense light and energy come through the beautiful strength of vibration that is your voice, and when i aligned my DNA into a beautiful indigo chord i felt the strongest connection to my existence on Gaia that i have yet experienced. Namaste, peace, love, light, wisdom and many many blessed thanks. Eva Louise Williams - Melbourne Australia

Solara, thank you with all my heart for sharing your meditations. I've been using your Daily Practice and Sacred Heart since the autumn when I saw your ad in Cygnus and I've recently come across your Higher Self meditation too on your website. This has been wonderfully important to me in integrating some of the extensive past life and initiatory meditative work I've been doing over the last couple of years.  Sometimes you just need something to come in from the outside to give you a nudge to tie up certain aspects – and it was you with your beautiful voice! Bless you! With lots of love and blessings, Maggie Salter - Devon

Dear Solara, I have been using your Essential Daily Practices Meditation for the last few weeks and the energy and light it radiates within me is phenomenal.  You are bringing such important messages and love into the hearts of so many, and into our beloved Mother Earth.  You truly are a Warrior of the Light. My love and gratitude are radiating back to you.  I will look for you in the States next year. Lynn Curtin - Florida

When doing the Pleiadian Essential daily Practices meditation for the first time I felt electric energy tingling in my hands, thank you so much for your sharing and wisdom, much blessings to you sister of light! Namaste, Joanna :)

I have been drawn to the Pleiadians teachings for at least 10 months now - 2 weeks ago I was looking for a meditation to help me and I was drawn to your website.  I would like to thank you so much for your free mediations - since I have been practicing them I have found them most helpful, very moving and powerful. Helen Ricketts - Perth

Wow, awesome, fabulous. These are some of the words that can I describe what the Chakra Dance has done for me. The first time I did this dance this morning, tears were flowing down my cheeks and I felt great joy and excitement. Then I did this dance with my husband and felt very peaceful & focused. My husband really enjoyed this dance as well. Thank you Solara for all the meditations and channeling's that you have on your website. We greatly enjoy all of them and we love this new web page. We are very appreciative of all that you have helped us understand and feel and have opened up to. We are really looking forward to meeting you one day. May Love be in your Heart, Light in your Life & be Filled with Great Gratitude, Ben & Lorraine - Red Deer, Alberta, Canada