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A Light Tribe of Gaia Gathering in Portugal ~ coming together for Guidance, Healing, Activation, Ceremony, Dance, Qigong, Celebration!
Residential retreat with Solara the weekend after: 
3-6 May: Lightbody Starseeding Retreat

New Earth Portugal 1 took place in October 2023 and was one of the most joy-ful events I have ever co-created! The organic unfolding of the gathering led to a wonderful fusion of guidance, healing and activation gifted to the beautiful Light Tribe who gathered. A delightful surprise for me was that a large percentage of the healing & activation waembodied in the form of SOUND transmissions And New Earth 2 is no different! From the magical Sound Weaving of the Resounding Earth team ~ to the eternal beauty of the Pure-Love Frequency  concert ~ to the shamanic Samadhi Ritual Dance offering on the final night ~ we are in for an absolutely magical Sound Journey throughout New Earth 2!


These events are designed to assist in anchoring the timeline of 2023 - 2035 in which humankind is experiencing a global consciousness shift. We are collectively activating the energies of Love, Kindness and Cooperation between all sentient beings on our blessed planet. The inspiration to host global events in Portugal that are a conference, a celebration and a Light Tribe gathering all rolled into one, came as always from my amazing guides, the Star Councils of Light. Moncarapacho was chosen as the venue because of the potent energies in that area, where we have followed several steps to activate a portal in the Eastern Algarve there. They are a direct result of the series of activations I received in Mount Fuji in Japan in March of 2023 where I started channelling the Guardians of the Inner Earth & the Seed Codes of Lemuria. (My new Book: Rainbow Bridge to New Earth will bring through the guidance offered by these incredible Light Beings!)

Join me and your Soul-Star Family and a stunning line-up of channels, healers and musicians,  for a quantum upgrade on your Path of Light & Purpose. We, the Awakeners, are coming together to celebrate the birthing of the New Earth on Gaia. The Time Is Now!


If you are not local you will need to book a minimum of 4 nights accommodation: the 25, 26, 27, 28 April 2024. The event is being held at: Casa do Povo, Moncarapacho, 22 minutes drive from Faro Airport.

Search MONCARAPACHO, Algarve on the websites and airbnb - plus look at camping options here. There are many different level hotels, private homes, yurts, guest houses and camping facilities in the Moncarapacho - Fuseta - Olhao area.

Fuseta is the closest town with a swimming beach - depending on if you will hire a car or not, lift-shares can be arranged to the conference each day and ubers/taxis may also be shared.
Join the telegram group of attendees here to keep in touch, share rides and/or accommodation, etc!




On Friday and Saturday there will be delicious options for vegan/vegetarian lunches & dinners provided by Ben Bivar - at reasonable prices - in the New Earth Café which has seating inside and  outside. 
Snacks, teas & coffee will also be for sale.

There is an Intermarché supermarket a couple minute's walk from the venue.

26 - 27 April 2024
09.00 - 21.00 (Fri & Sat)

PLUS Sunday 28th April: Sacred Portal Activation on Armona Island ~ included with your ticket. 11.00 - 16.00
Casa da Povo, Moncarapacho, Eastern Algarve,

1. Faro

22 minutes drive from venue

2. Seville

Catch a 2 1/2 hour bus to Tavira for approx 18 euros

Taxi to the venue


Abundance Exchange
€77 ~ €155

Some Memories from New Earth 1
Presenters & Musicians
Solara calm.jpg

Solara An-Ra

Solara An-Ra, a channel for a plethora of higher dimensional collectives, is leading yet another magical NEW EARTH conference! She is bringing through the guidance needed to co-create our New Earth timeline based on Love, Kindness & Cooperation. 

Sarah New.JPG

Sarah Chave

Sarah Chave, host of NEW EARTH Podcast, will gift us with a session of Ancestral Healing - a profound process that clears our ancestral lines of what no longer serves our highest good in this moment.

MEGAN golden.jpg

Pure-Love Frequency

Megan Selby sings the language, tones and frequencies of the Stars. Together with Olivier Maxted on didgeridoo & percussion, their transmissions of eternal wisdom bring us into a deep space of remembering, love & peace.

Kahreela 2.jpg

Kahreela An-Ra

Kahreela is a gifted healer, teacher and channel for the Rainbow Grandmothers ~ an ancient Earth Keeper collective who teach us how to heal the past and walk the path of Rainbow into a future of beauty.

Jamie Kai radiate_edited.jpg

Jamie Kai

Kamie Kai is a unique Qigong Teacher & Guide. His Qigong sessions on both days of the festival will ground our bodies and integrate the energetic activations & openings we receive.

Janna Stargate_edited.jpg

Janna Hopmann

Janna is a channel for the Arcturian Scientific Collective who have downloaded the STARGATE ~ advanced higher dimensional technology of the 6th dimension ~ into our New Earth timeline.


Resounding Earth

Gabriella Kapfer gifts us with a Sound Weaving Journey through hand-forged gongs, bowls, cello, violin & voice. She opens the doors to an immediate connection to the Spirits of Place, Time & Earth.

Carole 2.jpeg

Carol Macartney

Carol, a wonderful teacher joining us from the Isle of Wight, will lead blissful Celestial Communications ~ moving mantra meditation where movements are choreographed to music. 

Zaya new_edited.jpg

Zayä Hastra Kai

Zayä is a Singer-Songwriter who opens the Heart Codes through her Angelic voice and her Songs of Light . She will perform at and lead the Open Mic on Saturday night. (Open to participants of New Earth only)


Cacao Ceremony

Our Cacao Ceremony on Saturday night is

gifted by Dani of Raw choco  mama, opening our hearts in preparation for the Samadhi Ritual Dance ~ a true Light Tribe Celebration!

TABAN 2_edited.jpg


Taban is the creator of Samadhi Ritual ~ a Sacred combination of World Music and Dance. Together with our Cacao Ceremony, a wonder-ful fusion to Celebrate our final night together!


New Earth Market

Once again our market will offer stunning orgonites by Starchild, Lemurian Record Keeper crystals, Channelled runes from Amanda, and much much more!


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Full Abundance Exchange: €155

Abundance Exchange Part Concession: €111

Abundance Exchange Full Concession: €77
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