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An incredible Pilgrimage on Australia's Aborigine Sacred Red Road with Solara An-Ra & your Soul-Star Family

5-night or 10-night Options


ULURU REBIRTH is about establishing the switch-over from Uluru as the Solar Plexus Chakra of the Earth (the 3-D role that it has played) ~ and it's role as the One-Heart Chakra of the Earth in it's 5-D rebirth! Uluru is the home of the Rainbow Serpent ~ the Divine Feminine Creation or Kundalini  energy of Gaia. The 8.8.8 Portal is the ultimate time ~ and Uluru-Kata Tjuta is the ultimate location  ~ to co-create the highest possible Timeline for the New Earth. Every day during this sacred pilgrimage we will practise the Aboriginal way of Dreaming ~ accessing the Inner Planes through  the void of No-Time ~ so as to  establish the 5th-Dimensional Heart Energy in this beautiful portal of Gaia.

Uluru and the neighbouring Kata Tjuta are not simply amazing geographical landmarks.  Located on a major planetary grid point, much like the Great Pyramid in Egypt, the massive 500 million year-old rock formations are part of a living, breathing sacred landscape in which the Original People's culture has existed since Dream-time ~ the Creation of our world. And although this is not widely known, the 2 sites are intimately connected on an energetic level. To work with 1 site and not the other is ignore the full potential of the power and beauty available here.

The Solar Umbilical Cord, known as the Ngaltawaddi to the Aboriginals was reestablished in a 2020 Ceremony, to connect the Inner Earth in Uluru to the One-Source via the Sun. In 2024 at the 8.8.8 we are working on an even deeper level to connect the 5th dimensional Core Crystal of Love with Alcyone (the sun-star of the Pleiades) via the One-Heart of Gaia birthing in Uluru.


We now understand that the Pleiadian Star Mothers (who seeded conscious human beings in the time of Lemuria|) ARE the true original ancestors. They seeded not only the Aborigines, the most ancient indigenous culture on our planet - they seeded US - and we are called to remember this heritage, and to learn from these original tribes how to reconnect with Gaia and hear her heart-beat once more. The Anangu have said, when explaining that climbing Uluru is now forbidden: "The real thing is listening to everything. Listening and understanding everything."


Uluru is also a huge personal step for me in terms of my Path of Light and Purpose! It is the final commitment I am fulfilling in the contract I made with the Star Councils of Light during a Solstice Ceremony I was leading on England's Glastonbury Tor 12 years ago. In preparation for that ceremony, I had been guided to print and laminate photographs of the following 7 Sacred Sites of Gaia: the Great Pyramid of Egypt, Mount Shasta in California, Mount Fuji in Japan, Machu Picchu in Peru, Palenque in Mexico and Uluru in Australia and of course, Glastonbury Tot itself.  During the ceremony we focused on each image in turn, visualising the original energy portals opening and reconnecting with each other. As I saw these Sacred Sites in my inner vision, I received the message that I was to visit all 7 in the coming years, always with a group of Light Tribe.


At the time I had no idea how I would accomplish that mission - it seemed so far-fetched that I would organise group journeys to so many places in so many far-flung countries, most of which I had never visited - and some of which I had only just heard about! But it all unfolded in perfect Divine Timing - and since 2011 I have already taken groups to some of these sites many times! Uluru is my final destination in terms of Sacred Site Activation Journeys - this pilgrimage is a true celebration of my Service Work to Gaia & Tribe. I am beaming a Cheshire cat smile as I write these words, filled with joyous anticipation!

I also understand why I am only visiting Uluru in 2024 - it is because I needed to connect with the Lemurian Councils of the Inner Earth - and with the 5th Dimensional Core Crystal of Love - before going there.  Only now that I have experienced the activations we all received in Mount Fuji  in March of 2023 - and again in Mount Shasta in August of 2023, do I truly understand the significance of what I have been called to complete!


My new journey revolves around a very specific task I am now taking on to bring through the information that humans need right now to overcome that final hurdle out of the Maya - the veil of illusion - that restricts our ability to experience ourselves as magnificent Crystalline Angelic Beings of Light! Every place we visit on the land will activate our 5th Dimensional 13 Chakras more powerfully  in preparation for the REBIRTH  through the new Heart Chakra of our blessed Gaia, Sacred Uluru.

The Time Is Now!

See the PROGRAM below the photo Album
Click on individual photos for descriptions


1 - 11 August 2024


Starts in Alice Springs, Northern Territory, Australia

Ends in Yulara/Uluru (Ayers Rock Airport)


Arrive in Alice Springs 1 or 2 days early if you need to adjust to the time zone and  recover from long flights. 

If you wish to stay on and explore other cities or areas of Australia further, there are always other participants with whom to share adventures. Our Whatsapp group will allow you to plan where to fly in and out and who wishes to adventure onwards with you.



Fly to Alice Springs from any major airport in Australia


Choose your airport according to where you might want to spend time before or after the group journey - for example: -

1. Purchase a round-trip journey into Cairns/Darwin/Brisbane.
2. Purchase a one-way transfer Cairns - Alice Springs.
3. Purchase a one-way ticket from Ayers Rock Resort to Cairns/ Darwin/ Brisbane.



For Australians who wish to attend the 5-nights in Uluru only (6-11 Aug) you may either pay €1,666 and stay in Emu Apartments with us - or you may choose a cheaper accommodation and pay for transport & activities only ~ write to me if you would like this second option.


10-night Option: €3,333


5-day Option: €1,666


Sunrise approximately 07.19 / Sunset approximately 18.23     

WARM DAYS (20 – 27 C)  ~ COOL NIGHTS (5 - 13 C  - (sunrise starts can be as low as zero degrees)

NB: If you are on the 10-night journey please bring a SOFT suitcase of maximum 16kg. When moving between locations our luggage will be in a trailer behind the bus - on bumpy roads hard-case luggage can be damaged.
NB: We will be out on the land quite a bit and sometimes walking for 2 - 4 hours - a moderate level of fitness is required. I will also often ask you to take off your shoes and socks - you have been warned! :)

This trip also has quite a few sunrise activities and therefore early mornings - please dress WARM but wear layers so you can strip off as it gets hot during the day. There will always be time to rest and catch up on your sleep :)

DAY 1: Thursday 1st August
Alice Springs (1/2)


Fly into Alice Springs from Darwin, Cairns or elsewhere. Transfer to Desert Palm Springs Hotel (Take Alice Springs Airport Shuttle - only 9 minutes drive to the hotel.)
Stock up on groceries if you would like to eat some meals at home - each unit has a kitchenette.

Alice Springs is widely considered to be the spiritual heart of Australia, with rivers and ranges millions of years old and an ancient Aboriginal culture rich in art and story. Relax at the pool, catch up on your sleep – or if you arrive early and feel like exploring, the Town Hop On – Hop Off bus allows you to discover the outback town at your own pace. Stay on-board for a 70 minute guided tour or hop on – hop off all day – it's up to you.

The Olive Pink Botanic Gardens offer a few walks through a haven of native greenery, with views of the MacDonnell ranges - you might even spot a few wallaroos hopping around the hills at dawn and dusk! Take the Hill Walk (40 minutes return) for excellent views. Or take one of the many walks from the historic Alice Springs Telegraph Station, just 10 minutes’ drive north of the town centre. You can also take the Riverside Walk from the town to the telegraph station (3.5 km one way). 

18.00 - 20.00: Evening Opening Circle & Guidance in the hotel

DAY 2: Friday 2nd August
Alice Springs (2/2)


09.00: Morning Meditation & Guidance

10.00 - 13.00: Visit Alice Springs Desert Park (13 minute's drive) to learn about the desert wildlife we will encounter along the way

13.00: Lunch & rest
15.00 - 18.00:  Stroll around town and feast on the indigenous Indigenous Art Galleries in town

Dinner & early to bed - it's an early start tomorrow!

DAY 3: Saturday 3rd August
Alice Springs -  West MacDonnells - King's Canyon
King's Canyon (1/3)


08.00 - 12.00: Check out of hotel and drive to the gorgeous West Macdonnell Ranges  where we begin our road trip through the Northern Territory. The traditional inhabitants, the Arrernte people, call Alice Springs Mparntwe - the site of the Caterpillar and Wild Dog Dreamings. The Yeperenye (Caterpillar) Dreamtime story explains how the mountains were created. There are many sites of critical importance to the Arrernte people dotted along the ranges, including rock carvings marked into sandstone that are thousands of years old.
12.00: Lunch Break at restaurant 

13.00 - 16.00: Drive  to Kings Creek Station  & check-in to our home for 3 nights in Watarrka National Park (King's Canyon)

This is a real outback experience - waking up to gorgeous sunrises, being treated to cooked breakfasts, hiking or camel-riding through the magnificent canyon and telling stories around the campfire at night. Our tent-cabins have comfortable beds and shared bathrooms & kitchen; there is also a swimming pool & restaurant on site.

18.00: Barbecue dinner (vegetarian available)

19.00:  Stargazing & Guidance

DAY 4: Sunday 4th August
King's Canyon (2/3)

Breakfast included

Morning: Sunrise Meditation & easy 2.6 km walk in Kings Creek that follows a trail between the two colossal canyon walls and takes you along the bottom of the gorge.

Afternoon: Karrke Aboriginal Cultural Experience, as lived by the local Luritja and Pertame (Southern Aranda) people of the Central Australia region, covering Aboriginal bush medicine use, plant & bird knowledge, Aboriginal dot painting weapon making (including spears and boomerangs), clapping Stick making, bush tucker gathered seasonally and organic seeds used for jewelry making.
19.00: Dinner & Singing Circle around the Campfire

DAY 5: Monday 5th August
King's Canyon (3/3)


Breakfast included

06.30 Sunrise Walk: Depending on how you feel, there are several different length different walks in the canyon, including a breath-taking descent to the sacred garden of Eden Pool. If you don't feel like walking you could choose a camel ride into the canyon instead! It is also possible to drive around the canyon.
12.00: Lunch & relax
16.00 - 18.30: Guidance from the Star Councils of Light & the Guardians of Inner Earth

19.00: Dinner & Stories-Sharing around the Campfire

DAY 6: Tuesday 6th August
Uluru (1/5)


Breakfast included in King's Canyon
09.30 : Check-out and  drive to sacred Uluru - Kata Tjuta

12.30: Lunch in the resort, buy picnic supplies, swim in pool, check-in apartments 3pm 

15.00 - 19.00: LUNGATA GROUP ROOM (in Sails in the Desert Hotel): Opening Circle for the expanded group of 36. Chamber of Light &guidance to prepare us for the activations & service work to come over the next 4 days!

19.00: Dinner & early to bed

DAY 7: Wednesday 7th August
Uluru (2/5)


06.00 : Sunrise at Kata Tjuta, a 40-minute drive from the resort. This is where initiations take place for young Aboriginals before their walk-about, and where the Anangu women ceremonial preparations take place. At the Walpa Gorge  we will work with the Triple-Portal of the Root, Gaia & Earth Star Portal Chakras. ahead of visiting the sacred Uluru and meeting the Rainbow Serpent.

10.00: Cultural Centre & Art Exhibition

12.30: Lunch & free time. Optional free resort activities: (Book in advance with the hotel): Paint your own Australian animal/ Bushfood Experience/ Bush Yarns (Aborigine stories)
18.00 - 20.30: Picnic dinner overlooking Uluru sunset, watching the colours shift & change over the sacred monolith. Star-gazing; transmission from the guides

DAY 8: Thursday 8th August
Uluru (3/5)


06.00: Sunrise ULURU: Mutijulu Cave & Waterhole:  Gaia Portal Chakra Activation & Guidance from the Lemurian Inner Earth Councils

11.30: Free time and lunch

15.00 - 19.00: LUNGATA GROUP ROOM (in Sails in the Desert Hotel): WORKSHOP: 8.8.8 Activation, World-Wide Transmission & Chamber of Light in the Group Room

19.00: Dinner & early to bed


Day 9: Friday 9th August
Uluru (4/5)


06.00: Mala Putra Walk, Uluru. We will visit the Cave of Life, where the primordial energy of creation or Rainbow Serpent flows in from Atilla and out to Kata Tjuta. Our final mission will be to see if anything is needed to connect the three sacred rocks, and to establish the connection between the 5th Dimensional Core Crystal of Love, the Cave and Alcyone, our Galaxy's 5th Dimensional Heart.

Option to do the Uluru Full Trek (12 km) about 5 hrs - but easy, flat walking.

12.00: Lunch & free afternoon/evening for integration
Optional SPA treatment at the Red Ochre Spa:  Choose from a 60 or 90 minute massage/ Hot stones Massage/ Foot Massage & Facial Combination/ Body wrap & Foot Massage

Optional Field of Light Experience: (€45 pp)  or Sound of Silence 5-star dining under the stars experience ($250 pp) ~ book with hotel


Day 10: Saturday 10th August
Uluru (5/5)


08.00: Leave for Kata Tjuta & our final land journey. Working with the Guardians of the Inner Earth  & the Lemurian-Atlantean Inner Earth Councils of Light.

12.00: Lunch & relax

14.00 - 18.00: LUNGATA GROUP ROOM (in Sails in the Desert Hotel): Closing Circle, Chamber of Light for Integration,  Guidance on how our joyful service work in Uluru-Kata Tjuta  may continue in birthing the New Earth ~ individual guidance

19.00: Group picnic dinner around the pool, celebration evening swim

Day 11: Sunday 11th August


Check-out day: Fly to your chosen destination 

No activities as some flights leave early

  • 10 (or 5) night's accommodation (2 per room) in hotels and self-catering apartments in Alice Springs, King's Canyon & Ayer's Rock Resort.

  • Transfer to and from arrival/ departure hotels

  • Internal transport throughout 

  • Entrance fees & permits for all National Parks

  • 3 x 4-hour workshops in Uluru including group healing through Chambers of Light ​in a private Group Room.

  •  8.8.8 Activation & Transmissions out on the land, plus every-day guidance, meditations/pranayama.

  • International  & Internal flights
    Fly into  Alice Springs Airport. Fly out of Ayers Rock/ Connellan Airport)


  • Meals - except for 3 breakfasts in Watarrka 
     have chosen accommodation with kitchens so that we can do our own thing and make picnic breakfast or lunches when needed - always with a range of handy restaurants nearby!


  • Extra activities in your free time such as Camel Riding, Spa Sessions, Field of Light Experience, etc

  • Voluntary tips to rangers & guides along the way


Solara An-Ra, author of ‘Pleiadian Emissary to Gaia’, is a South African-born channel who works primarily with the Star Councils of Light, a collective of Star Beings who are assisting us through the ascension process that we are experiencing on Earth between 2011 and 2035. 

Solara has led groups on sacred sites across the globe since 2009, following the guidance she has received from the Star Councils of Light. The purpose is always to reactivate the original Light Portals created in the times of Lemuria and Atlantis - but each journey also offers new insights and new opportunities to be of service to our planet and our Light Tribe. Beyond this, these journeys are without exception tremendous fun and exciting opportunities for exploration, adventure and spiritual awakening.

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Full Payment ~ 10-Night Uluru Kata Tjuta REBIRTH: €3,333

50% Deposit ~ 10-Night Uluru Kata Tjuta REBIRTH: €1,667 

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5-Night Option ~ Uluru - Kata Tjuta REBIRTH: €1,666

50% Deposit 5-Night ~ Uluru - Kata Tjuta REBIRTH: €833

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