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One of Solara’s greatest gifts to the Light Tribe of Gaia is the guided meditations she provides freely here and on YouTube. These are more than meditations – they teach how to heal your body and life through balancing your chakras; grounding, reclaiming your power, connecting with your Higher Self and activating your spiritual path.

Guided meditation is a fool-proof way to combat stress, improve health and re-program your mind to accept positive, healing thoughts. Trust your intuition to guide you to the right tracks which inspire you and make you feel good!  

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Solara An-Ra narrates her fascinating life story in which, aged four, she makes a contract to be a “Pleiadian Emissary to Gaia.” This soul agreement brings great challenges in her early years as she, like so many humans, struggles to remember and fulfill her mission in this incarnation.

This frank, unabashed, and at times hilarious account of the highs and lows of Solara’s “journey between worlds” makes for a joyful and compelling read. The fact that there is immense spiritual power woven throughout her chronicle can almost be forgotten in the pleasure of the ride. We are invited to voyage alongside her as she yoyo’s between her everyday existence and the captivating world that opens as she becomes a channel for the star people.

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Pleiadian Emissary to Gaia

A Journey Between Worlds

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Opening to Channel & Multi-Dimensional Healing
20 - 27 May 2022!

Casa Solara Algarve, Portugal


Dear Solara, what a beautiful and gorgeous journey this has been with you these last few years.  You have no idea how grateful I am to be and grow with like minded tribe.  It has helped me sooooo much.  It really has assisted me during these times of great change. I am so excited and grateful for this time on Gaia and to be a part of this beautiful joyful way of service to Gaia and humanity.  You are an amazing teacher!  My heart explodes with gratitude from all that you have taught me.  LOVE and Thank you thank you thank you. 🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖 SialaNu Ra

Dear Solara, I started your online class in 2020 ( energy ABC) and from there, I strongly feel that I am stepping up the stairs of awakening one by one. Guided by your sincere teachings and instructions. I encountered many extraordinary spiritual experiences through this time. It is all because of your warmest heart and devotion to service. Thank you very much always Solara. Sincerely, Reiko

Hello beautiful and amazing Solara. As I reflect on my last 2 years of growth and learning it is clear that so much came with and through you. I am so deeply grateful to you and those that work with and through you. The inspiration and growth is beyond words and I feel excited and grounded as we turn to 2022. Once again, a gigantic thank you to you and well as so much love to you and yours. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ High health and rich love, light and inspiration for 2022! ChaskaRa

Hi Solara, thank you so much for your Golden Age Retreat interview. I received your message as if it was addressed directly to me. It was utterly inspiring and I truly appreciate that you shared your own and very private experience. Thank you Solara, the Leader Warrior of the Light and Teacher. Namaste.

Dear Solara, thank you so much for your recent videos on Pranayama. Much appreciated. Since September 2015 my nasal passages were blocked. 2020, one nostril would unblock sporadically. Last Saturday was the first time I breathed through both nostrils in 6 years. So I could finally participate in these techniques.! Love Christine

Hi Solara, Love and thank you for the Manifesting Masterclass!!! Thank you for teaching us such a wonderful and powerful technique. I really loved your personal stories about manifesting your desired relationship with your ex-husband and your new partner and all the love from the guides. This helped me with my own relationship with my husband and during the manifesting practice class I immediately applied it to visualize a beautiful heart to heart connection of love, peace and understanding with him, rising from our root chakra to our heart 💕 Also, as always your teachings are very direct and practical! I also absolutely loved how you debunked the "i don't really want/like money" belief that goes on in the spiritual community. 🙏💕💕💪  With much love and gratitude, Esther

Thank you, Solara - I very much appreciate your offering so many wonderful meditations free of charge, accompanied with clear descriptions and transcripts. When I first came across your site I followed your advice and picked the meditation I felt attracted to: Essential Daily Practices. Afterwards I felt like I’d been hooked up to a power grid: astonishing! Looking forward to the new manifesting class! Gray

Dear Solara, Thank you for the beautiful weekly classes! You offer me all the tools to root myself and to rise higher and higher! If it wasn't for you, my life would be quite ordinary. You have made me a sun! I have ups and downs of course but my ups are always higher and higher and my downs are always lower and lower. Thanks to you and your teachings! How I love you! Thank you, thank you! Nathalie

How wonderful to receive a note from you, Solara. Your meditations and channeling have been a guidance and life support to me for many years now and my donation is just a tiny drop in a ocean of gratitude.  Thank you for the clarity you’ve given me.  🙏🏼💗💜💕

Dear Solara, I want to tell you that I listen with passion to your teachings in the weekly classes. You are my loving family, you guide me through your teachings and I am very grateful to you. I am here with all my enthusiasm and passion. How I love to know you! You are a gift in my life. PS. The breathing techniques have changed my life now. Thank you Babaji, the light guides and Solara! Love Nathalie

Dear Solara, I always come to this realisation that you are -NO DOUBT- the best teacher I've ever known and studied with. I don't even dare to imagine what would life look like without you... because of you I am... evolving, growing up, healing, awakening... becoming more conscious of my crazy - amazing mission of being a frequency keeper. And because of what I've learned so far with you, my life is transforming into a gift that is finally starting to properly shine🌞. So much love for you, Love and thank you for the light you shine and the love you share through teaching and being of service. You truly inspire! Sekhun Ra

Dear Solara, I wanted to share something very special with you. I had been marathon listening to your Guided meditations. The one in which you stated, "the deeper you connect into the Earth enables you to connect to Higher & Higher frequencies” stood out in my mind. Connecting with the Heart of the Earth has always been a go-to for me and as I was pondering those words in meditation. I felt I could go deeper yet but that seemed to take me to the other side of the planet. So as I was present at her Crystalline Core exploring my sense that there was a “deeper”.  Suddenly her Heart opened and revealed  Golden Caverns spiraling deeper into what felt like multiverses! An extraordinary Golden Stillness emanated from her. 🎁 I have never felt the bliss of connecting with Source Love. This is the closest I have ever experienced to what I imagine it must be like. Thank you so much for bringing forth such Sacred and Powerful information and activations from our Beloved Star Families. I feel forever changed by this miraculous opening. I look forward to exploring where it takes me.  Thank you for the Gift of YOU SysSTAR✨ Blessed BE! Maureen 💝

Dear Solara, I want to express my gratitude for you to share your Grandmother Ceremony experience as it is also making us/me expanding even more by connecting with your words and guidance. Love and thank you thank you for your love and sincerity.  Also I would like to thank you for all the knowledge you shared and the inspiration you brought in my life lightening up the path, my path and showing me with the help of your guides the way to my guides and higher self. Love RaneeLa 

Dear Solara, I have to tell you how much I appreciate what you do. It must take so much courage and inner strength, I can hardly imagine . You are invaluable person, Solara, and you have added to and enriched my life in a way that is difficult to articulate. Thank you so much. For everything. Jeff

Dear Solara,
Oh man... this ENERGY ABC's course is absolutely A-MAZING!!! Like I was saying to Sonia yesterday, it seriously feels like Christmas every week.. :) I was led to discover you a few years back.. maybe three years or so.. and since then your regular meditations and updates on YouTube have been a constant source of comfort, encouragement, inspiration and growth on my spiritual path. I am SO grateful for these. But THIS! This is just beyond, BEYOND!! To have this constant connection with you and the guides, and then all the other beautiful, shining participants.. it's just beyond words. Love and thank you thank you! Phil Christensson xxxL

Hello Solara,

I have been listening to the Essential daily practice meditation for years, but now more than ever I return to it for grounding and connecting to Source.  I hear your beautiful voice and it takes me home. I feel the presence of the Mother Ship above Earth, the Pleiadians guiding us with their loving frequency.  Thank you for being who you are and reminding me of who I AM. Much love, DeeDee Schneider, in beautiful Oregon🍁🍁🐿🍂🍂💕

Dear Solara, since completing the healing course, I feel so much trauma was released and feel so much more freedom and strength inside! I feel the guides are always with me, whenever I need help or have a question, I ask and they always answer, its truly magical!​ Love and thank you thank you! Mays xxx

Dear Solara, I am overjoyed about the first ENERGY A-B-C's class yesterday! I enjoyed the practical service work we do - and I enjoyed your teachings, the summarising, the explanations and your personal experiences. It is a deepening mixture, co -created with the higher realms. I was also enjoyed you mentioned Lord Melchizedek and Kuthumi, because I work in another group with SanRa for quite a while with Lord and newly Lady Melchizedek. Much love and gratitude, gratitude, Judith​

Hello Solara, I'm in the process of doing your Stepping Into The Light course, which is fantastic and I'm so grateful you have created this. I'm very much looking forward to the personal channelling session with you once I complete all of it, which is truly a dream come true for me. Thank you so much for all that you do. I read your book and have been following your work for several years now. Much of my awakening and spiritual healing on this planet is pretty much all thanks to your work :) Much Love & Respect, Katya  

Dear Solara, After completing the Stepping into the Light workshop and our session, my life shifted in a totally different direction where it took me almost 6 weeks to accept the changes.  I have experienced a magical emotional shift which I never thought it would take place in this life time.  My perceptions about my self have changed and now I am in a place inside of me where I feel VERY HAPPY TO BE ME AND VERY HAPPY TO BE FREE!

The times we are going through are so exciting, powerful, and feel blessed to be of service on beautiful Gaia during such a pivotal point in our history. I feel blessed that my higher selves and guides brought me next to you and your magical family with precious beings from all over the world. Thank you for the inspiration and the space you hold for all these shifts to take place. Sending you so much love from my heart, Anna   


Dear Solara An Ra, I wanted to say thank you for everything 💚. I found you pretty much at the start of my wake up journey, and your teachings and meditations have been a backbone for me through these crazy times, and I know will continue to do so. If it's appropriate please say thank you to the light crew you work with on my behalf too. Much Love, Christian Timony

Dearest Solara, you are in my thoughts often as a teacher of inspiration and light to me. Discovering your videos helped me so much when I needed them the most. I resonate with your work so much and feel so grateful to have met you. I practice the essential  daily practices every day. Love and Light, Camilla xx

Dear Solara. I just want to share with you, I started to do your prana tube activation every day for the last month. Without expecting any results. I just felt in my stomach that it was right thing to do. I enjoy to do it every evening.

And for the last two weeks maybe I have noticed that my health started getting better and better and overall feeling in the body. I just feel there are positive changes in the body. The only thing I changed in my life one month ago was this meditation. And now while I am writing this it came into my mind that last week I pulled myself out of two unpleasant relationships 🙂)) I guess my energy changed, that is why. Blessings to you! LOVE! Sabina

Dear Solara, I just wrote this review of your book on Amazon - and I mean every word of it sincerely!

"Honestly, this is one of the best books on Awakening and Spirituality I have read. Why? Because the book is about an honest, funny and very personal account of a very special, brave yet very human woman going through something much more than just a spiritual awakening - A GALACTIC AWAKENING! If you want your mind to be bent like a pretzel, if you want to TRULY expand your consciousness, if you want to break out of the ordinary, be amazed, amused and NEVER BE THE SAME again, order this book now!!! I have actually met this powerful, beautiful warrior of a woman on one of her retreats and it was an honor." Much love, Dasha

Dearest Solara, Thank you thank you thank you for YOU. I just took a peek at the meditation that you posted in regards to the global ascension, I hope all who you call will answer. I look forward to being part of service to the Light Tribe of Gaia.  It feels so good, and it feels so right. I have been personally trying to clear my energy and get connected each and every day, thanks to all your videos on YouTube.  I start my day by listening to the daily practices, weather it is the 10 or 20 minute.  Again, I can not THANK YOU enough for all that you do to be THE channel.  With a heart filled with joy and a smile bigger than Buddha, LOVE LOVE LOVE, LISA

Dear Solara, I want to say thank you for all you do. I came across some of your messages on YouTube about two months ago and have felt each one to the core of my being. I fall asleep to your voice each morning ( hospital night shifter) and I sleep deeply and peacefully. Thank you again...have a wonderful day!  Sylvia xxx

Hello Solara, this note is an overdue medicine bundle of deep and loud gratitude for all that you brought and offered (your wise guides, your wisdom, courage/ferocity, leadership, mentor-ship, prowess, lovely daughter, etc!) to the two wonderful trips/pilgrimages Wes and I had the very good fortune to enjoy with you in 2019. The resonance is still strong, with a sense of momentum on healing and awakening trajectories, and a sort of giddy embrace of tangible mystery and new allies supporting ongoing and surprising insights on my path. Thank you, thank you! Love & Light, Monica / ChaskaRa

Solara, sister teacher and dearly beloved. I love you with every particle of my being. I am so incredibly grateful and appreciative for you. Your teachings and guidance has given me me so much remembrance and healing. I look forward to seeing my beautiful sister again in this life. May your heart and soul be blessed always with the infinite unconditional love you so humbly, gracefully and beautifully extend to all life. I love you. Thank you thank you thank you. What you do for humanity and all existence is immeasurable. Hugs, love and many blessings dear sister friend. Mindy Mekemson🙏💜🥰🌈♾💎💜🌹👯‍♀️🌟👸


Hi Solara ! I just wanted to expresses my joy and to say that I am very thankful for what you are doing and for the meditations you share for us !! They help me a lot on this journey and I dream of meeting you and take part of at least one of the events you organize ! 💖  Thank you , you are amazing, a warm light to me and i believe to many and of course ,  Mother Earth !!  😃 Thank you again , Much Love to you❣️ Lucia✨

Dearest Solara, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you for being the real deal. Thank you for channeling so much light and wisdom. Thank you for the clearness, pureness and truth of your channel. I found you on YouTube while looking for star seed meditations. I channel light language(s) and roughly know my mission :)  I am well aware that discernment is of utmost importance, and was therefore extra delighted to find you. Maybe see you in Mexico in November!

Much hugs & love, Michal

Namaste dear Solara! My name is Caio, I am from Brazil. I follow your channelings for a couple of years now and I honestly feel that what you are up to is completely lucid and meaningful, a trustable work among so many confusing informations. So, thank you so much for shining a true light upon this pilgrim here.


Dear Solara An Ra, I wish to thank you and your guides from the bottom of my heart for the most amazing week I spent with you and my Soul Star family. I could never have expected to have such wonderful, life changing experiences as I did. Thank you for your teachings, guidance, patience and fun which I will never forget. 
Love and thank you thank you 💖💜💖 Joanne Halliday


Hey Solara, I just wanted to thank you for the absolutely most amazing course I have EVER attended, which gave me absolutely everything I was hoping to get and so much more. I feel so eternally grateful to your teachings, the guidance from our wonderful Star Soul Family and guides and the amazing care we were given at Casa Solara Ibiza by Itzak and his absolute devotion to ensuring we were all so wonderfully fed and watered and the amazing guidance he was also able to share. It was literally a 360  degrees of spiritual nourishment, (including meeting some life long friends) which I feel so lucky to have got to experience. The first of many I hope and one I won't forget! My channeling is coming on leaps and bounds and is something that will now always be with me, so LOVE and THANK YOU, THANK YOU! Clair xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxxo


Good evening Solara, my name is Marianna Lea, from NY, and I am in total gratitude for You and All that You do for the Global community as we all move through these exciting times, Riding the Waves of Ascension. I just finished listening to your 2019 News Broadcast and did the affirmations along with the video. It is beyond powerful to even express. Yesssss!!! Miracles Are Possible!!! I Am embracing change with Joy in this moment of Now. 2018 was a fall for me unlike any other falls I ever experienced. At the end I saw a vision of going through a tidal wave of emotional storms, and then finally shifting the major confines inside and letting go of fear and that which held me back and that which no longer served - and meeting you across a bridge filled with the light from the Sun and saying thank you - and knowing, finally knowing, that the bridge of my old me has been crossed. LEA 

Thank you my dearest Solara ~ “great awakener” loving being of light! During all these years, every time I think about you, or through your meditations  or workshops or travels ... I feel like “fire” in my heart ... deep deep love !gratitude to be in my life! We are coming in June /July  for the Star-Code Awakening! 😘🌈❤️🙏 Usha Mira 


Hi Solara, I just want to express my appreciation to you - the Peru journey with you was definitely once in a lifetime experience!! I truly enjoyed every day light-heartedly after recovering from altitude sickness. I don't know about Blueprint or Chamber of Light, but I know something happened to me during the journey. My etheric body is much more fluid, and energy flows more freely. I was wondering if it's because I was in Peru, powerful energy center. But, I still feel the same in Korea ... so, it was a permanent change in my frequency. :-)) Again, thank you so much for your love, light and funny jokes during the journey. Hope to see you again somewhere at the right time! :-))) Heart to heart, Jinny