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Pleiadian Protection Technique

Updated: Jun 6, 2023

The Pleiadian Protection Technique is in bold at the end of the message.

We are the Pleiadian Star Councils of Light. And we speak to you at this time to encourage and uplift you, to open your frequency which raises your frequency also, allowing you to expand into your greater light body, so that you now are in an expanded state that makes you more intelligent, more receptive, and allows you to accept both our message and frequency more easily, and so we begin.

All those all the earth planet now have chosen to be here and this may seem redundant, obvious to you, but we must begin in this way to remind you that it is not by chance that you are in body, in 3D, and on planet Terra now. You have chosen for a very specific reason to be here at this time. And this time - if you do not already know this - is specifically about change. Changing the paradigm that has been implanted onto your planet during the Piscean age. Changing the ideas upon which your society is based. Changing your frequency so that you understand that there is no possibility for your planet, and the world to continue without radical changes and dissolution of the major institutions in your society.

Change is more than necessary at this time, it is essential. For unless you are able to change your paradigms, your way of being, your goals, and your desires you will find yourselves up against the wall, so to speak. You will find yourself in a situation of difficulty and struggle. Where as, if you open yourself to the possibility of change, of perceiving your world in a different way, then you begin to enter the flow of energy which leads you forward. You are able to feel when you are in this flow, because it feels harmonious, because synchronicities are placed along your path, to show you that you are in alignment with your desires, and your goals.

You are given synchronicities; the double and triple numbers in order to show you that you are in the flow, and that the magic of the universe is with you. It is only when you are completely closed to the possibility of your expansion, your growth, your empowerment, becoming a grander version of yourself, holding more light, able to give and receive love more easily, dissolving the barriers between yourself and all others. Only when you are open in this way, that you are truly able to be in the flow which leads you forward.

You have this concept, those of you who are awakened and awakening, that there is a spiritual path, is this not so? This concept is within your mindset. You understand that there is a path, which when you follow it, allows you to use your gifts more effectively & more joyfully; which allows you to be more happy, more balanced, more peaceful; which allows you to attract to yourself your soul family, your twin flame, your soul mate, those who will lighten up your life, stop you from feeling lonely, allow you to feel supported and encouraged as you move forward.

And we say that when you think upon this concept of path, do not imagine that you are standing on the path, or that you are walking forward and perhaps choosing one fork in the road rather than another according to what is for your highest good, or which way you are guided to move. Rather think about yourselves as flowing, as if you were in a canoe on a river, and floating - and you understand within this river metaphor, that when you are going with the current all is easy, and you feel the support through the current which is leading you forward - and that when you attempt to turn your canoe or mode of transport around and go against the current, things are extremely difficult.

When you conceptualise this river metaphor, you understand that there is a current, and within this metaphor the current represents your guides, your angels, those higher beings and indeed source itself, the energy of God and Goddess, keeping you in the flow, in the current, leading you forward, assisting you, sometimes through the words of songs, sometimes through books, through people that you meet, through workshops that you are guided towards, through the very many synchronous events that bring guidance and assistance into your reality, so that you know what to do, where to go and what the next step of action is upon your path.

We love you so greatly, and just like the angels who work with so many of you in healing and in giving guidance to others, we the Star Councils of Light are here to assist you now. We are an entire work-force within the higher dimensions of fifth, sixth, and seventh dimensions who are here to assist you and who cannot take away your free will. We can assist you only when you give us the thumbs up, for instance those of you who will hear this transmission have agreed, if not on a mental personality level, on a higher-self level to hear these words, to hear this message, to accept the healing codes that we send to you now. It is when you say YES to this assistance that it is enabled. It is like an on – off switch on your wall through which electricity comes, except in this case the electricity is the guidance and healing from ourselves.

When you say yes and open your hearts to us and our assistance, you switch that on - and we are with you. Understand, dear Earth people, that there is this assistance available, understand also that there is no need for fear regarding the Star-beings. There is much disinformation in the world which you are inhabiting now, and within this disinformation there are some aspects of truth, which makes it perhaps confusing for you to believe that you can discern what is a truth and an untruth. We say that when you listen from your hearts, there is an automatic ability to discern between that which is of the light, and that which is not.

The intelligence of the heart is such that you can determine very easily what you will accept into your light body, into your energy field, and into your conscious awareness in order to receive it as a message which is understood. Trust this now dear ones, trust that the intelligence of the heart will allow you to know which channellings are of the light, and which are less than light. Trust that when presented with different workshops you will be able to see even in the advertisements or the wording that is written on the page, which one holds light and which one does not, or perhaps which one holds more light than another.

You do not need to ask your friends or family, or your beloved if something is good for you or not. You have this ability to discern within you. Develop your confidence. Believe in yourselves dear ones. Believe that you are able to receive and transmit telepathically. Believe that you are able to travel in your light field to worlds of higher dimensions than the one that you habitually inhabit. Believe that you are able to teleport yourselves so that you may be in another place, perhaps you are not able to do this consciously now but we tell you, that you are blue-printed with these abilities. You have the abilities to be multidimensional. You are multi dimensional in your very nature, as are we, and we have been through the steps of learning that you go through now in order to fully realise and activate these abilities. The ability to be in body, or out of body in physical terms. These abilities were called siddhis by the yogis - one of the yogis being the yogi Christ or Yeshua. Yeshua learned how to move from his physical into his Light-body at will, through studying yogic practices, and these practices are available to you now, and we will lead you through a short process now.

As you sit on the floor, or upon a chair right now, focus into your breath, into your breathing and slow it down. Become aware of the prana; the life force in your breath, experiencing this as golden white liquid light flowing through every cell of your being. And as you visualise or simply know that this energy of golden white liquid light is flowing through your being with every in and out breath, so that you become aware that every cell of your being is made of light, and that this light is flowing out past the confines of your skin, and into your aura - until you are aware that you are floating in an egg-shaped bubble of golden white liquid light.

Breathe this light now dear ones - breathing the light into your body with your in-breath and out into your energy field with your out-breath. And now visualise that the outer edges of your aura are made out of a denser golden white liquid light, and that there is a crust 2-3 centimetres thick of this golden white liquid light condensing now around the outside of your energy body.

This, dear ones, is a means of protecting yourself. It is an excellent means of protecting yourself from electromagnetic frequency that which might interfere with your being through the Internet for instance, or through the many other sources of energy interference that you use. And so each time you sit at your computer we ask you to do this process - to slow your breathing down and imagine or experience that you are breathing prana; the golden white liquid light of the God source; that of which everything in the universe is created.

You imagine that every of your body is becoming brighter and lighter, so much so that the energy and light spill out into your aura and you feel this light to the front of your body and to the back behind you, and to the left and right, and equally above and below so that you experience yourself floating in a bubble of light which is made of golden white liquid light. And finally you become aware of the crust; the edge; the outside of the cocoon which is made of a denser golden white liquid light that is almost solid.

When your heart is truly open in love and gratitude, this strengthens this bubble of light, making you absolutely one hundred percent invisible to any beings or energies which are less than light.

Many of you feel vulnerable at this time. Many of you feel shaky, you are emotionally up and down, unstable and this is a natural consequence of the shifts of energy which you endure in the third dimension right now. We do all we can to make the shift easier and smoother for you to endure - but there is no way of making it absolutely smooth, for there is always turbulence in a time of change. Simply know that the change which you are enduring right now lead to a period of your evolution which is glorious, it is the golden age which has been before and which comes again now in a new form, more harmonious even than the golden age of Atlantis, more intelligent and enlightened even than the highest energies that were in ancient Egypt.

You move into a time which is truly glorious where you once again experience unity consciousness and we celebrate this with you at this time and we give you methods to assist you. Know that this process we have given you now will assist you when you are feeling vulnerable and insecure, under attack, it will assist you when you are feeling tired, apathetic, when you are not sleeping well, when you are emotionally unstable. It will bring you into a more coherent form of being of existence, and you are able to walk around within this golden white liquid bubble, you are able to operate as you normally would in the everyday world. Like a chi-gong technique it is simply a form of energy cultivation and it will assist you in your confidence.

We trust that our words have been interesting to you - that perhaps they have assisted you - that perhaps they have opened your mind in some way small or large. And most of all, we trust that you have received our blast of unconditional love - love for our brothers and sisters on Terra! And we trust that through our words you have understood that, whether you are a channel or not for us, you are able to receive our assistance, our guidance, our wisdom, our healing, our energetic comfort, as and when you call for it.

And So It Is. Namaste.

With love love love, as always, Solara An-Ra Pleiadian Emissary to Gaia

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19 jul 2023

Thank you Pleiadians and solara an ra.

Me gusta

09 jul 2023

Thanks to You with love!

Me gusta

07 jun 2023

And so it is with love to you and gratitude 💕🙏

Me gusta
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