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Introducing a new group of Guides! The Guardians of the Inner Earth & the Seed Codes of Lemuria

Activation: Guardians of the Seed Codes of Lemuria (published on YouTube 19 April 2023)

We are overjoyed to communicate with all who hear these words. We have been trying for some time to work through those you call channels or channellers on your planet, and it is only in this recent development where our cooperation with a section of the Pleiadian Councils of Light have allowed us to channel through Solara An-Ra (that we have succeeded.)

And so you could say that she is channelling the Pleiadians (who are) channelling us! And so for this Pleiadian group, this is also greatly pleasing! We are honoured to be working with both them and humanity – just as they are honoured to be working with us, the Guardians of the Inner Earth and of the Seed Codes of Lemuria. The time has finally come when these seed codes are being downloaded into the different dimensions that affect your planetary progress and evolution, and thus into YOU also.

And so we will begin, as politeness dictates, by introducing ourselves – Multidimensional Magnetic Masters of time and space, who exist not on or in any star constellation of your knowing, but (who) are rather moving between dimensions within your galaxy, over-lighted by Khuthumi and in cooperation with the Galactic Federation of Light.

And we have been installed within your planet on a fifth dimensional level within the Core Crystal (as you call it.) And so we are sometimes outside of this great being, and sometimes within it – but always on a 5th dimensional level. It is not as though we have tunnelled into the density of the physical crystal as such. We are able to transcend matter and move through it. We are in some ways like the (yogis who have) Siddhis – those yogis who attained supernatural powers on your planet, through learning how to control their breath; how to control their energy; how to exist beyond time and space and beyond the physical dictates of the biological entity that you call your body.

We have a Shiva-like nature in that our energy is constant – you would thus call us Frequency Keepers in your spiritual terminology. And so, with the assistance of the Arcturian and Pleiadian Councils now, we are offering a Chamber of Light – which they are providing and which we are innervating (empowering) because of our advanced Seed Code-holding frequency.

And so we ask you to relax your bodies completely. Relax and let go of any control in your body so that you are feeling the magnetic pull between your physical body and the earth. And simply enjoy breathing; enjoy the sensation of the breath and the life force which innervates your breath. This is the easiest way that humans have to relax not only their bodies but also their minds. As you focus on your breathing, you simply relax – and as your mind relaxes, your heart energy and intelligence comes to the fore, so that you experience what we are offering here from the right brain and not the left. There is no need to make things logical or understood. We will explain the purpose of this Chamber of Light, the terminology (Chamber of Light) of which is unfamiliar to us – but we understand that this is a way of your understanding and receiving a transmission which can be helpful to you in this moment.

All those who listen; all those choose to receive, are those who understand the purpose of being a Guardian of the Seed Codes of Lemuria. If you know this to be true, you may affirm joyfully: “I am a Guardian of the Seed Codes of Lemuria!”

This is an extremely joyful utterance on all levels of your being! It is an awakening moment! It acknowledges your part in the original seeding of conscious human beings on Planet Terra! It acknowledges your part in what was known as the Divine Plan for Ascension on Gaia – and which we prefer to call now The Birthing of the New Earth!

(For) the New Earth is that which your heart longs for. The New Earth is the purpose of your awakening and evolution. The New Earth is everything! It is the fulfilment of all of your dreams; it is the fulfilment of the destiny of your planet and people! It is the joyous awakening out of the slumber of zombie land.

We who announce ourselves now – we are the beginning of a collaboration between the civilizations of the Inner Earth and the 5th dimensional consciousness of Gaia – what you might call the spirit or Higher Self of your planet.

We will explain in due time our role in working with the Core Crystal, but in this Chamber of Light we are simply bringing a memory into your being – a memory of being a Guardian of the Seed Codes of Lemuria. We are bringing that in now. (Lemurian sounding & song)

Chamber of Light ~ with a change of guides: Pleiadian Councils of Light

And so you are surrounded now by an energy that penetrates through your physical bodies and into your auric fields in all directions. We, the Pleiadian Councils of Light, assisted by the Arcturian Medical Assistance Team and the Sirian Brotherhood of Light, we are cooperating with the Inner Earth Guardians now.

What you are being opened into is a memory of the Inner Earth civilizations, and your part at the time of the collapse of Lemuria in bringing the crystals that were coded (and the Seed Codes within the crystals that were coded) into safety.

You must understand that these seed codes were implanted consciously by your Lemurian ancestors and yourselves. There was an extremely concentrated programming process from your whole beings into the crystals that held these codes. This had never been done before – it was like a “new operation.”

And once it was complete, some of the Lemurians left the Inner Earth and the planet altogether – you could say that they ascended – their roles were done. And yet some stayed within the inner earth and built civilizations, most of whom have never been on the surface of your planet; most of whom do not understand the beginning of the civilization. But those of you who are listening to this message this memory is inside of you – there is no other reason why you are receiving this transmission!

Simply know that this is not a burdensome responsibility that you are taking on – this is a joyful awakening within your memory banks and DNA that will assist you in every way to be of the maximum service possible in the birthing of the New Earth.

We, right now, are holding space with the Inner Earth Guardians. They are transmitting their energy and codes using the power of the Core Crystal like an engine. This increased power of the Core Crystal is blasting through the crystal beds of your planets that hold these memories, and this crystalline energy is entering into your fields now. (Lemurian sounding & song)

You are feeling yourself lighter now; less dense; and the energy around you is lighter also and less dense. It is only possible to bring these Seed Code memories into your energy fields and then into your DNA when you are ready. And so, for some of you they are now sitting on the outside – in the outer crust of your auric field – waiting for that moment when you are ready, which may be when you are in your dream time – or it may be on the 3rd or 4th or 7th or 11th practise of this Chamber of Light! You are ready when you are ready – it is individual choice! If you are ready and feeling enthusiastic and excited right now, you may simply exclaim joyfully: “I am ready! I am ready to hold the Seed Codes of Lemuria!”

And we ask you to hum now, for that humming will assist you to relax, and it will assist the Seed Codes integrating into your energy fields. Do this joyfully please, for it is this lightness of being and excitedness within your emotional fields that allows it to be. (Humming)

(With the crystal bowls) We are starting now to dissolve the pods of energy that have been placed around and through you. There is a letting go of guilt, for many of you hold memories that bring guilt into your (emotional) fields – memories from Lemuria and Atlantis and the various roles that you played. It is important to know now that the only memory that matters is your choice to be of service!

And we are handing over to the Guardians of the Inner Earth with love and affection for their momentous presence and work. We bid you farewell. (Pleiadian greeting song)

Change of Guides: Guardians of the Inner Earth

We are in awe of this process of collaboration between the different nations and beings within your galactic sphere. Being inter-galactic travellers, we must tell you that no mission has ever brought us such joy as this mission, which has been ours – not since the time of Lemuria, let us say – but for many thousands of years.

It has been seen that th

e transformation of the physical planet Earth comes along with the transformation of the human population of Earth. And so we have our particular purpose – but this session and transmission was the first time when we have been given the privilege of working energetically with the people of Earth through our collaboration with the star nations, and in particular the Pleiadian Councils of Light. We are immensely grateful! We are also charmed – not only by their benevolent energy, but by your open hearts and willingness to open-open-open your consciousness even further – to understand more about your past, present and future, and how all timelines are intersecting now in this tremendously important moment; nano-second; in the playing out of the history and the destiny of your planet.

With great love, we bid you farewell.

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