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Galactic Precipitation & Light Codes

Updated: May 28, 2019

We are greatly pleased with the level of energy absorption and integration on your planet as the December Solstice 2018 approaches. We speak about the percentage of the galactic transmissions to your planet which you are able to receive – consciously or unconsciously. If you consider that the light beaming down to your planet now is like a galactic precipitation – or rainfall of light droplets – we measure the percentage of this which is accessible to you.

Some of you, in your meditations and moments of higher states of awareness, are conscious of the galactic precipitation. Some of you perceive the energy transmissions as codes or glyphs floating in your atmosphere, moving one by one into a level of activation in your individual Greater Light Body – and you are then able to integrate these codes on some level or other. Know that we are assisting you; understand that we are opening your third eyes and psychic awareness so that you are able to perceive the precipitation and work consciously with it – for these codes which some of you perceive are intelligent, and contain vital energetic components towards your awakening.

Those of you who access and begin to channel Star codes in the form of Star language, which you call Light language – you are aware that even without understanding what is transmitted, nevertheless, the energetic change and frequency shift that you experience through being open to channel these codes is enormously powerful.

What has made the difference in terms of your ability to perceive and integrate or work consciously with Light Codes, is the release of energetic disturbances that you have allowed over these preceding years. Your openness to change and to heal yourselves; your willingness to be of service as healers, frequency keepers and agents of change in your world – these factors have allowed a release of miasms* and negative energies or entities, that has subsequently facilitated an opening to the Light codes within your physical DNA and 3-D biology. And so your natural multi-dimensional skills and gifts are being realised or activated through these new downloaded codes, even as we speak.

Those of you receiving this message do not understand the concept of multi-dimensionality, and so we will simplify it thus: - You are Living on a 3-D planet in a 3-D or physical body – but your original blueprint, or design, shall we say, allows you access to powers and understandings or perceptions far, far greater than you have ever imagined. As your pineal gland awakens further and further, your consciousness expands to include perceptions of worlds beyond your physical earth.

For most of you, it is through a practise of meditation or inner alignment that your extra-sensory perception begins to open. You find that with your eyes closed and in a state of stillness, you start to access a world beyond your thoughts – a world, indeed, beyond that to which your normal functioning mind is habituated. It is as if, with your eyes closed, and the stilling of your monkey-mind, an infinite space of consciousness opens and is made accessible to you. Through practices such as chakra meditation, you begin to perceive that there is an ‘energy physiology’ within you, beyond your biological physiology – you experience that there are swirling energies and mechanisms within you. And it is these, indeed, that are a part of your original multi-dimensional design. You are designed, energetically, to awaken beyond the confines of your physical mentality and your physical body.

This shamans of old induced trance-like states through drumming and chanting, that allowed their community to enter into these ‘other worlds’ and perceptions. In your present time-line, plant medicines are used for the very same purpose – but there are few who understand how to truly work with the plant medicines; how to truly use these teachers intelligently to open into multi-dimensionality. From our perspective it is desirable that you are first able to enter the other worlds through pranayama and meditation techniques, before using the sacred plants. In this way you are able to use medicine journeys more intelligently, and to integrate the guidance received so that it leads you forward on your paths of awakening.

We have already suggested that during the Solstice-New year portal you practise a form of ‘Angelic Higher Self Activation’ such as given in the last transmission. The affirmations given in that transmission were:

“I am ready for positive change!

I activate my path of service.

I take my place as one of the Order of Melchizedek.

I am here to co-create and manifest the Divine Plan for Ascension on Gaia.

I ask the most appropriate Higher Self aspect to step forward now.

I choose to embody my Crystalline, Angelic Higher Self aspect now.”

We will add here that this focus on embodying your Higher Self is not possible without your true healing – the release of harmful *miasms stuck in your physical and energy bodies. Some of these unhealed energies & entities became attached in other lifetimes, and some have developed in the present one. Many of you are acutely aware of the presence of unwanted energies attached to you, and are confused and depressed about how to heal yourselves and be free. We will remind you now, as we have so many times before, that everything is about frequency.

When you visit an effective healer, your vibrations is lifted and your frequency is raised – and it is through this shift that your healing is made possible. But there are many, many different ways of raising your frequency without visiting a healer – and when your frequency shifts upwards dramatically, miasms must be expelled, for they no longer have a comfortable ‘home’ in which to reside.

You raise your frequency by:

· Embracing change and releasing fears around change. When you are in a cycle of regrets, victimisation or anger over past events, repeat constantly “THE PAST IS DEAD!” while joyfully releasing all ideas that what happened in the past is sure to repeat itself. Your future holds endless opportunities for abundance and expansion and joy! The given affirmation  “I am ready for positive change!” is designed for this purpose.

· Feeling and expressing gratitude.  Being appreciative of what is already in your life; of all the gifts that are already yours, large and small alike, raises your frequency without fail. The ‘attitude of gratitude’ is acknowledged by all wise beings for attracting towards you the good things that you desire to manifest – like attracts like; the most primal Universal Law.

Choosing to be of service. When you let go of selfish desires for long enough to extend your loving energy outwards into the world, a magic phenomenon occurs. The joy, healing and kindness that you offer others bounces back to you and you receive the same from multiple sources. As you give, so you receive. The given affirmations  “I activate my path of service. I take my place as one of the Order of Melchizedek. I am here to co-create and manifest the Divine Plan for Ascension on Gaia” are designed to assist the realisation of this path of service.

And so you see, dear ones, that we have expanded on our last transmission, by explaining that the affirmations given are sure to both raise your vibration and to play a crucial part in your healing process. The result of this positive uplift in fequency is to make it easier for you to both experience and download the higher dimensional codes of your awakening.

The Time Is Now! 

*miasms are areas of stuck energy in the physical and energetic body that lower the frequency of the host and if left untreated, ultimately cause disease 

love love love as always dear Light Tribe! Solara An-Ra Frequency Keeper for Gaia

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