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The Rebirth of Sisterhood on Gaia

Lemurian Pleiadian Transmission: from the Temples of Alorah

Satya & the Pleiadian Councils of Love ~ through Solara An-Ra

“It was never intended that women were more enlightened than men – it is simply the natural way of being on your planet that the women must lead the way.” In Lemurian times, your physical continents and your physical planet were very different.. Visualise yourself now on your planet – which is in physical form, but with different colours, and different frequency – for in Lemurian times, it was indeed a different version of your planet.

In this version of your planet there was more awareness of the etheric world and the etheric fields of all things – the auras of the plants, the animals and the tree beings. There were the different plants and animals and trees and flowers at this time, and the sky was a different colour than it is now – it was more radiant, more glowing; more colourful.

And why was this? It was because – through the sacred Mystery Trainings in the Temples of Alorah – the priestess orders had managed to call into being on your planet, a multi-dimensional world in which the higher dimensions and higher dimensional beings were more visible – just as they were at all times of heightened evolution on your planet, such as in ancient Egypt, where the Hathors were visible to the priests and priestesses.

Imagine now that you are walking on the Earth's surface in this Lemurian reality, and you ask directions from another being to the temples of Alorah. This being looks into your being, scanning you energetically, and telepathically receiving the essence of you and the purity of your intention to revisit the temples of Alorah. They see that you are not from this time-line in which they exist – that you are from the future – and that you indeed one who is seeded on planet Earth who is AN AWAKENER. And they are overfilled with joy and love at this opportunity to direct you!

Indeed, as they walk with you towards the Temples of Alorah, others start to gather into the space and to walk with you also, smiling – sending telepathic messages of love to you. And all of these beings are dressed in a kind of robe or robes – they have flowing clothes and flowing hair – they have unusual crystal jewellery adorning their body, that is energetically programmed to assist them in their aims and desires, whatever they may be.

The children of this time are different also – the children are awake; the children are open! And they continue to be this way as they grow older, for they are supported by the priests and priestesses – and they are supported and guided by whole sectors of the population, rather than parents only.

Now you find yourself approaching a crystalline structure, and it is evident that this structure is the temple, for there are columns that shape-shift in and out of a marble type frequency and material and pure light. And you are entering the light version of this original marble and crystal structure. You are entering the etheric, crystalline version of this temple now, which is very large and has different enclosures.

You are guided into the central enclosure, which is where visitors are greeted. This temple we have described before … it is a Pleiadian temple which is circular and large, and it has a current of water surrounding it in which dolphins swim. The columns are tall, crystalline and beautiful – and from time to time you see them morph into the original marble crystal versions of themselves.

You see the domed ceiling, which is a replica of the night sky – and the stars which are painted and etched with crystals into this domed ceiling, energetically connect in with the planets and stars above and around. They have been made with ingenuity, to connect in with certain other constellations of stars and places in the universe, through which the guidance and the healing and the prosperity and well-being of the entire civilization is dependent.

Now you are led to a marble, crystalline etheric bench – and you notice that there is a circle of benches and that there are other beings seated on these benches now, coming into conference with you. And all of you are guided telepathically to close your eyes in this place; to calm and centre yourselves, in order to receive the information that is being imparted by the collective consciousness of the priestesses of Alorah. They are able to collectively transmit to whomever is open to their guidance – and this is their transmission to you now:

“We are here. We are with you. We are with you now and forever. We are with you now and forever. We are with you now, through the past, present and future timelines, for you are one of us.

Our intention is the full awakening and enlightenment of the women of the planet, who always were meant to be the way-showers for the men, who are the supporters. It was never intended that women were more enlightened than men – it is simply the natural way of being on your planet that the women must lead the way. The women lead the way for they are natural way-showers. The woman embrace the children, for they are the ones that must imprint them.

On your planet as it exists in this moment, there is a re-balancing of this truth, so that those men who accept the women as the way-showers are now embraced into this order, and are unified with them as awakeners and way showers. Only those men who truly acknowledge the power of women; only those men who embrace and love the beauty, the receptiveness, the openness of woman, are embraced into this order.

You have noticed this in your time-line – you have noticed that there are men who come into a supporting role for the women. Men and women are different – they have always been and will always be different from the female species. And you observe this through the animal kingdom, is this not so – you are no different. You have different roles, and there is no shame in owning these different roles.

You have come through your curiosity to visit the temples of Alorah, in order to understand your connection with them and us - and this is in every way commendable and appropriate.

The destiny of all women now on your planet is to come together as women in order to experience the embrace and the potential which is exponential when the sisters on Gaia remember the sisterhood. But it is time also for the men and women to come together - for the women to sit in council while witnessed by the men – and for the men to sit in council while witnessed by the woman – so that you finally understand each other better. In this way you are able to birth your New Earth – the dawning into the new crystalline golden age – with more clarity and understanding of your full power – and the power that is birthed when the men and the women remember once again who they are, and how they are different from each other, and how they can best love and support each other.

This is happening naturally in your younger ones, in your younger generation – they understand each other better, and their ways of being together and their ways of being apart – for both are necessary for the balance of your planet. Allow the differences to be there – embrace them and love each other!

You are the ones assisting in letting go of the distortions in the thought forms and beliefs about men and women! You are the ones who are re-birthing sacred sexuality – and there is no tantra training necessary for this. There is only love and acceptance needed – total love and acceptance of your own beings; your own sexuality. Total love, honour and respect for each other – this is all that is needed!

You who receive this transmission, recognize my frequency. I am Satya, one of the original Pleiadian goddesses who was a priestess in the Temples of Alorah. We were not only Pleiadians in this sisterhood; there were many other star races – all of those known to you now in your present time-line – but the Pleiadians were predominant. For it is the Pleiadian vibration that most easily opens into love; into Christ consciousness – and it is thus that so many of you are attracted to us now.

I, Satya, now exist as a frequency; as a vibration – just as Isis exists as a frequency and a vibration now, rather than as an individual Goddess. I am Goddess frequency, and I connect with you through Goddess frequency, and I assist you into birthing the Divine natural beauty and feminine grace, which each one of you holds.

I implore the men who hear this transmission – I implore you to let go of the fear of women that may reside in you still – the fear of their power. For when you embrace their power, you truly allow their gifts to be bestowed upon you! For it is not you against them or them against you – it is a co-creation; a play.

Embrace now your role as men of supporting the women; that they may become fully awakened and enlightened, and take their role on the centre stage of the Divine Plan for ascension on Gaia. It is not that you may not be one who is teaching or leading – not at all! It is simply that you must recognize the power of women. You must encourage their sisterhood and assist your own women and your own female children to embrace the sisterhood, for this is the only way for them to truly feel whole, and to let go of the loneliness that lingers in many of your females – this feeling of loneliness and isolation that comes when they are no longer in their sisterhood.

Satya and the Pleiadian Councils of Love have been with you on this journey.

We are with you. We are with you. We melt your hearts open We melt your hearts open to each other. We melt your hearts open to this beautiful planet. We melt your hearts open to other human beings, and to all that exists.

With great joy, humility and gratitude for your allowing of this transmission and for your acceptance of our vibration and love.


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