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Higher Dimensional Re-set for Planet Earth

We come with a message of extreme significance, dear ones. Starting with the inception of the total Solar eclipse on 21st of August in this earth year of 2017, your planet once again enters a time window during which your ability to re-set a new reality for Earth is massively amplified. We, the Star Councils of Light, offer you a method now to achieve this reset – and to accelerate the maximum number of people as quickly and joyfully as possible. All methods that bring you into emotionally coherent states such as peace, balance and happiness, are valid of course! But from our perspective, choosing positive thoughts, visualisations and affirmations on a continual basis are more powerful than any other methodologies in the transformation which you desire in your heart of hearts. This method results in a re-programming of your mind-set – away from negativity, hopelessness and frustration, towards emotions such as optimism, a feeling soul purpose and sovereignty.

You can re-set the destiny of your planet – and therefore your own destinies – by joining together and choosing several super-powerful intentions for the NEW EARTH. Together you will manifest a future reality which serves not only Earth people, but all of creation. That which has been called ascension, is in reality the manifestation of the true destiny of your planet – that which was intended for Earth at its very inception point – the final materialisation of which is now called ‘the Divine Plan for Ascension on Gaia.’

This destiny has been delayed and interfered with because of poor choices made on the part of many beings – choices made through the free will which is always yours to use. The mistakes made have led to a ‘great forgetting’ of your true creative divine natures. You have allowed your planet to remain stuck in the third dimensional density by allowing others to control your thoughts and limit your consciousness. Through your free will, you awakened ones now choose to REMEMBER your divine natures and your ability to create the future that you collectively choose! You have the ability to shift the entire planet and her tribe into fifth dimensional consciousness – simply by collectively choosing crystal clear intentions – and voicing these together, across the globe, starting at the time of the commencement of the solar eclipse.

The most potent time of re-seeding occurs during the 3-day window between the 21st and 23rd of August in your timeline, but this practise may be continued for as many days and months as you choose, dear ones – for 2017 is an initiatory year in which the heralded Golden Age is truly dawning at last.

In order to manifest these intentions in the most powerful way possible, you will first connect with each other, as one tribe, through your united One-Heart frequency. And every waking hour, during this time of acceleration, we ask you to repeat this sequence of affirmations with OPEN HEART, filled with love, hope, optimism and excitement at the new reality that we are collectively seeding with you dear people. Say out loud:

My ONE-HEART is activated now! Tap your chest three times and visualise the turquoise diamond frequency of the One-Heart igniting in your chest.

Say: I connect with my Light Tribe now through the crystalline One-Heart Grid.

See the turquoise light streaming out from your One-Heart centre, connecting with the hearts of all other awakened ones, collectively co-creating a crystalline grid now that surrounds your entire planet. Those who are not yet awakened receive a jolt of crystalline frequency through their bodies as this occurs, that assists in their awakening.

Now affirm: Together we choose a new reality for our planet!

Affirm: Our New Earth is based on love, kindness and cooperation.

And send thoughts now and emotions of loving kindness out from your being to all mineral, plant, animal and human beings on your planet. Repeat these 4 affirmations as often as possible, anywhere and everywhere - whether in nature or in a bustling city – from your bed, on a bus, or from a sacred site. Once again, tap your chest three times, moving into a state of blissful gratitude. And affirm: My ONE-HEART is activated now!

I connect with my Light Tribe now through the crystalline One-Heart Grid.

Together we choose a new reality for our planet!

Our New Earth is based on love, kindness and cooperation.

Never underestimate your ability to co-create your future, dear Earth people. You are powerful beyond your imaginings, and are simply in the process of remembering this now. Everything is choice! When you choose to focus rather on that which does not serve you, you are ordering, from the cosmic waiter, another dish of the same unpleasant nature. Choose to focus on that which is delightful, and you are ordering a myriad of delights on a silver platter. Energy goes where energy flows – this phrase is familiar to most of you, is it not? But are you really paying attention to the truth of this in your own life?

The Time Is Now to take control of the reigns of your personal and collective realities, through choosing your thoughts, beliefs and practices very consciously.Together we choose a new reality for our planet! Our New Earth is based on love, kindness and cooperation. And So It is. Namaste.

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