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Where attention goes, energy flows

Updated: May 28, 2019

Solstice greetings of love, dear people of Terra. We remind you in this now-moment to pay attention to where your awareness is fixated. You are aware that where ‘attention goes, energy flows’ – and yet many of you continue to focus on illness, pain, lack of abundance, problems in relationships and ecological crisis.

When you focus on that which you don’t want, these things increase or amplify. If you are in physical discomfort of some nature, look beyond that state and visualise yourself totally healed. Take steps that instigate a feeling of TRUST that your body can and will heal itself – for trust dissolves anxiety and fear.

Fear-based thoughts and feelings attract more of what you don’t want into your reality - which means that it will be difficult for your body to heal. Miracles happen every day. Miracle healings; miracle manifestations of abundance; miracles of relationship-healing. It is only necessary to open your consciousness wide enough to BELIEVE that these things are possible, and that you are assisted at all times – if you are open to receiving assistance.

Miracles are possible in every now-moment, and there is assistance available at all times. Believe it to be so.

As this Solstice Sun-Earth alignment moves into place, you are immersed in a portal of immense power! This potent portal enables you to manifest miracles. Look away from material gain as a primary motive for any of your actions, and focus within to inquire: “How may I be of service in this moment?” As your hearts open to being of service in the co-creation of the New Earth based of love, kindness and cooperation, miracles manifest spontaneously. A new friend is made; collaboration is offered; your body is healed.

This is not to say that you should not desire a life of abundance – not at all dear ones! Abundance is your birthright! But true abundance manifests in the flow of a life lived in service to your tribe. As you move towards embodying love, kindness and cooperation, all your desires will be fulfilled and your life will be filled with friends, love and support. It is the law of LIKE ATTRACTS LIKE. The Piscean Age with its emphasis on competition, individual success and material gain without conscience, is over.

As this 7-day Solstice portal opens, truly embrace the tenets of the Aquarian Age in whose energies you are now immersed. The Time Is Now for your freedom; your emancipation from fear, inhibition and insecurity. You are re-membering the ways of your ancestors, who lived in cooperation with all living things, mineral, plant, animal and human – where spirit guides and Star-people were accepted and loved – where the human position in relation to the Earth Mother, Sun-Father and the stars was understood as a natural part of life in this galaxy.

From this day, whichever day you read these words, we suggest that you commit to a 7-day period in which you practise the Meditation of the 7 Sacred Directions.This will realign you with the energies of your planet and redefine your position within the greater whole. When you are able to feel yourself in direct relationship with the directions, you reconnect with a primal inner knowing that you are here to serve Gaia and her people.

And So It Is. Namaste.

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