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🌞 23 June 2023: Solstice Celebration!

Join Solara An-Ra & your Light Tribe in a Solstice Celebration which is a NEW EARTH Event ~ one designed to assist in the Birthing of the New Earth, based on Love, Kindness & Cooperation! We have been guided to open a Portal in Moncarapacho - a town which my guides say is energetically the heart of the Eastern Algarve where we live in Portugal. The venue is a Casa do Povo ~ a 'House of the People' ~ until now used for the usual village activities, parties, traditional dances and so forth! It is a lovely big hall with a wooden floor and a wooden beamed ceiling, big enough to hold an audience of 222 people, and with a proper stage for performances, speakers and so forth. We have been given the go-ahead by the president of the association to hold our spiritual events there ~ and sometimes to host an ordinary PARTY there (which we will have for my birthday in July, with my husband Gino's band playing, a community dinner and lots of dancing ~ open to any Portuguese and expats who wish to join us!) In this way we are bringing energy to the place and attracting more community into the Eastern Algarve. All leading to our BIG event on 13-14 October, with many wonder-ful presenters and musicians ~ and where I will transmit the amazing Guardians of the Inner Earth & the Seed Codes of Lemuria to a larger audience for the first time!

💫 Friday 23 June

💫 19.00 - 21.30/22.00

🌎 Casa do Povo, MONCARAPACHO, Eastern Algarve

💫 Ceremony & Channelled guidance ON Birthing the NEW EARTH ~ Solara An-Ra


🎶 Kirtan & Singing Circle ~ Dario & Bhakti ~ Dario Bhakti

🕺Ecstatic Dance with Sabino Sabino

🎉 Percussion with Taban Taban

🍯 Cacao from Dani @ Rawchocomama Rawchocomama

💫 By Donation ~ but booking your space is essential or +351926174994

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Jun 19, 2023

Wish I could join you Solara! Sounds wonderful! I am in the U.S. right now and leaving tomorrow for Mount Shasta for the Solstice! Sending you love from there. Love love love to you! Vicki Krieger


Hi there - I am writing on the same subject matter. I am in Oregon, United States and wonder if I can attend online. Love and light from Jacqueline


Jun 19, 2023

Good morning , I am writing from Cartagena Colombia, can you please tell me if this event is also on line and if it is how much it would cost.


Luz Elena

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