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Solara's New Mission!

Dearest Light Tribe of Gaia, Thank you so much to the many new subscribers who have joined me in the last month ~ and to the dedicated tribe who have followed me for so many years. If you are still here, reading these words, it is because you are in service to our planet and Light Tribe. Awakeners are we all! We are following our Higher Self nudging to do whatever is needed to move forward on our own individual paths of awakening - and in the process, we are co-creating the birthing of the NEW EARTH.

Because I have accepted a new mission in terms of the transmission of a new body of vital information for the people of Gaia, I am turning over a new leaf in terms of keeping a record of both newsletters and also new channellings available for you - which you will now find under the 2 tabs of my website called: 💫 CHANNELLINGS 💫 NEWS If I send a newsletter that has both news and channelling, this will be split into the 2 sections, with a link from 1 to the other. So if you are a new subscriber, do go through the last 2 newsletters dated 18 April & 11 May in order to understand more about my new mission & guides.

Both of these pages are in BLOG format - this is the only way I can make this work on my new website - so I trust that you won't be bothered if you receive news via my newsletters plus also notifications of new blogs - I believe that only YOU can unsubscribe from Blog notifications, I can't do it for you. I am so looking forward to hearing what the Pleiadian Councils of Light will have to say about my new path in the 3 PATHS OF HUMANS Zoom workshop on the 25th of June. I was initiated onto my path of service by this group in 2007, and for years they told me repeatedly that I was a Warrior of the Light and that I should use this title when I signed my name. Then, much to my surprise, they revoked that title in 2013, advising me that I was in a new phase of my life where being a Magic Weaver was more appropriate! I had, in fact, burnt myself out in the lead-up to 2012, and I needed to approach my life and Path of Light in a different way. Nowadays I move between the Magic Weaver & Frequency Keeper roles. The guides are going to explain in the workshop why it is useful to understand the 3 roles and how to identify which roles you are embodying in any given moment. As soon as I returned home from Japan, I started receiving guidance about the NEW EARTH PROJECTS, and the need to create a space for larger gatherings which included larger numbers of young people in Eastern Algarve where we live in Portugal. This is somehow tied into the work I am to do with the new Guardians of the Inner Earth (GIE) guides. It was immediately clear that my centre, as beautiful as it is, was the not the right venue - it isn't big enough, there isn't enough parking, and we have neighbours fairly close-by.

A series of synchronicities led me to a Casa do Povo - a 'House of the People' in Moncarapacho, which my guides call the heart of the Eastern Algarve. And it is here that the 💥NEW EARTH💥projects are being birthed! This is a mission which is not so straightforward - the hall has

never been used for this kind of activity - it is usually used for weddings & parties, for council meetings, for senior activities and so forth. So to have a big alternative event that is attractive & atmospheric it needs to be decorated every time we use it - and as my friends call me the 'decoration queen,' it is a challenge I have accepted - this was my first attempt to decorate for our first meeting last Friday

Our very first meeting was held there last Friday, and the YouTube transmission below was recorded on this night in what was supposed to be a meditation class. I don't seem to be able to side-step the GIE, no matter what I am leading lol. The amazing thing is to witness what is unfolding in every new transmission - in this class, not only did I channel a very beautiful individual member of the team who is much more 'accessible' shall I say - but I even (in a separate transmission) channelled the Masters of Pranayam, talking about the GIE and how they perceive our breath practices can help us in our future work with the Core Crystal of Gaia! And this coming Friday we are to OPEN A PORTAL here. Watch out for a channelling on how and why we are called to do this specifically in Moncarapacho - and how you can assist us. YouTube: Pleiadian Councils & Guardians of the Inner Earth 5D NEW EARTH Transmission

Once again we connect with the wonder-ful Guardians of the Inner Earth – sometimes through telepathic clairvoyant images, sometimes through Eliyah, a new and wonderfully eloquent spokesperson for the group. (He doesn't introduce himself in the transmission - he gave me his name because I asked him while I was editing the recording.) Eliyah introduces his group as an extremely loving and dedicated group of inter-galactic travellers, transmitting to us out of love, through love, which they describe as the matrix of the universe and the universal cause, which is creation through love. I experienced his energy as similar to the world teacher, Khuthumi.

The Pleiadians come forward to lead us through a new version of a SACRED HEART Meditation, which includes this time a visualisation of the 5th Dimensional Core Crystal sending rays of Light and energy up through the crystal beds of Gaia and up to the surface of our planet.

This collaboration between guides is super-cool! The Pleiadians observe what the Guardians are showing us and what their work is – and then they lead us through one of their magical guided meditations that allow us to DO THE WORK! We are, in fact, assisting the Guardians of the Inner Earth in transmitting 5th Dimensional frequency from the Core Crystal through the entire Earth body, healing the planet and accelerating the birthing of the New Earth. And So It Is. The Time Is Now! I am calling to you, my Light Tribe, for assistance in transcribing transmissions from the new guides please - I have accepted my new mission, but I can't do it alone. The Guardians of the Inner Earth and the Seed Codes of Lemuria have extremely urgent information and energy transmissions for Earth people, that need to reach as wide an audience as possible from 2023 through 2035. (more on this timeline SOON!

We are preparing the hall for our first big event on the 13-14th October 2023 - and I am appealing to as many of you as possible to attend this non-profit event in Portugal which is incredibly important - and which will be extremely joyful and powerful. The closest airport is FARO. We are manifesting that 222 people attend! With Love Love Love, as always, Solara An-Ra Frequency Keeper and Magic Weaver for Gaia

Coming up! 25 June: 3 Paths of Humans Workshop ~ Online A unique teaching on our individual Paths of Light 8-9 July: Channel-Writing ~ Online Activate or Deepen your Ability to Channel in Written form 8 August: 8.8. Lionsgate Activation ~ Victoria B.C. Canada An Audience with Solara An-Ra & the Star Councils of Light 11 - 13 August: Awakening the Codes of Remembrance ~ Mary Lake Nature Sanctuary, Vancouver Island, Canada 18 - 24 August: Mount Shasta Awakening |Working with the Guardians of the Inner Earth & Lemurian Councils of Telos in the Co-creation of the New Earth Birthing 13-14 October: New Earth Conference PORTUGAL A Conference & Celebration for the Light Tribe, by the Light Tribe

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28 dic 2023

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