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7-7-7 ~ Timeline Shift

Dearest Light Tribe of Gaia, WOW, I am super-excited about the portal of the 7-7-7 coming up in 4 days! This is a TRUE date in numerology terms.

2023 = 2+0+2+3 = 7. So the 7th of July in THIS year of 2023 is a TRUE 7-7-7 Portal! In numerology, the number 7 means logic, understanding, spirituality, and intellect. This means that it is an opportunity like never before to understand and accept from a left-brain (i.e. logical, intellectual) perspective what is truly happening right now on Earth! The Time Is Now to decide for yourself what beliefs are blocking or compromising your ability to see and experience the NEW EARTH being birthed ~ and to progressively let go of them! It is time to get off the fence and choose to trust; to know; to BELIEVE that the shift is already taking place and that our success is already assured! Why is this so important? I remind you here that your beliefs and your emotional frequency field are in every moment creating your now-reality. Your trust and belief in your Purpose and Path of Light; your optimism and commitment to assisting your brothers and sisters transition with you into the New Earth Reality ~ all of these are creating the version of the world that you are experiencing right now. By the same token, your fears and insecurities; your choice to be spiritually disillusioned or disconnected from your Light Tribe in any now-moment ~ these are of course also influencing your frequency field, and potentially compromising the reality that you are experiencing. Unless you are already in an ascended or permanently awakened state ~ in other words if you, like myself and 99.99999 percent of humans on Earth, are experiencing BOTH positive & negative states of being for different percentages of the time ~ your commitment must be to simply increase the percentage of time where you are holding the vision of the future Earth Reality as whole, healed, peaceful and joyful. I am describing the NEW EARTH ~ a reality on Earth where all sentient beings live in a state of loving-kindness and cooperation with each other. Now consider the BIGGER PICTURE ... Our individual frequency field is constantly feeding into the collective frequency (consciousness) field ~ creating the collective reality that we are experiencing on Gaia. At any one moment, the reality you are experiencing is also being experienced by others with the same or very similar frequency! The result? There are an infinite number of different parallel versions of Earth Reality being experienced by different groups of people. And it is the strongest of these potentials that is ultimately going to manifest our future on Planet Earth. What is crucial for you to comprehend right now is that ~ although you may experience periods of time where you feel bleak and despondent, and other times during which you feel optimistic and happy ~ you are nevertheless always contributing to a particular version of Earth Reality in which we are either SUCCEEDING in birthing the New Earth - or not! This is the same as saying ~ your overall belief that the Light is right now triumphing; that the quantum leap needed for Gaia to awaken into a new Golden Age has already taken place ~ it is this fundamental belief that needs to be underlying and over-lighting all of your life choices right now! What does this have to do with the 7-7-7 Portal? The Andromedan Overseers of the Ascended Gaia Project say that the 7-7-7 portal is an unprecedented opportunity to change the collective timeline (i.e. future outcome) for the planet! Not since Harmonic Convergence in 1987 has the potential for a collective upward shift in consciousness on our planet been so HUGE ~ and it is far far more powerful that that portal in 1987. I am about to channel that message from the Andromedan Overseers in the live class I am holding tonight @ Casa Solara Algarve. From what I understand, they will gift us with a new guided meditation ~ a visualisation proccess which we can use ~ not only now, in the portal ~ but from now until 2035, where the NEW EARTH timeline is predicted to manifest fully. Subscribe to my YouTube channel and click the bell icon to receive notification of when this is released to the world here. With love love love as always, Solara An-Ra Magic Weaver & Frequency Keeper for Gaia

Coming up in a few days! 8-9 July: Channel-Writing ~ Online ZOOM or via REPLAY Activate or Deepen your Ability to Channel in Written form I used to believe that channelling in writing form was inferior to channeling through the voice - but that was only because my first experiences with channelling had come through receiving spoken guidance from other channels, mediums and psychics. When I started channelling for myself in 1998, I didn't even try to write-channel. Nearly every day, for years, I practiced asking for guidance and speaking the answers into a small, old-fashioned tape recorder - and then transcribed the material onto paper, collecting files and files of guidance over many years, that I would re-read as often as I felt the urge. Reading through the last months or years of guidance allowed me to re-calibrate my path and purpose over and over again - it was the guidance system that changed my life in so many weird and wonderful ways that it was as if I was a walk-in experiencing a whole new Earth life! I am overwhelmingly grateful for the role that channelling has played in my unfolding Path of Light and Purpose! And when I succeeded in transitioning into writing-channelling - and coming into FULL TRUST that the process was identical to speaking-channelling, and just as powerful and trust-worthy - I had to laugh at how much time I would have saved myself simply writing the guidance down instead of recording it - and then having to transcribe it! Of course I know WHY my guides trained me first as a spoken-channel - because there were messages and guided meditations that would prove to be indispensable for so many on the path of awakening on the planet. But writing-channelling is, for most people, a far less intimidating introduction to the channelling skill! Thus I am passing this skill onto YOU, dear Light Tribe of Gaia, that you may benefit from the connection with your guides and Higher Self Aspects in the way that the thousands of students I have taught have done before you. The Time Is Now! In this 2-part online workshop you will learn: -

  • the fundamental principles of channelling and why you would want to practise it.

  • a simple series of energy realignment which facilitates connection with higher dimensional guides.

  • techniques to activate the third eye & integrate the left and right brain hemispheres to facilitate channelling.

  • how to move through blocks as you begin your practise.

  • the difference between chanelling your Higher Self or a guide/group of guides.


  • Please avoid alcohol and drugs for at least a week before - and during the workshop

  • Please have a special Channelling Book & pen at the ready

  • Please practice the NEW ESSENTIAL DAILY PRACTICES Meditation 2 or 3 times a day in the week leading up to the workshop - you can listen to it and/or download it here BOOK HERE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

8 August: 8.8. Lionsgate Activation ~ Victoria B.C. Canada An Audience with Solara An-Ra & the Star Councils of Light 11 - 13 August: Awakening the Codes of Remembrance ~ Mary Lake Nature Sanctuary, Vancouver Island, Canada 18 - 23 August: Mount Shasta Awakening ~ California, U.S. 13-14 October: NEW PRESENTERS ANNOUNCED! NEW EARTH Conference & Light Tribe Celebration Buy your ticket before they run out!

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