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The NEW EARTH Projects

🌈 Greetings of love love love dear Light Tribe! 💫⭐️ In my last newsletter I introduced a new group of intergalactic travelers to you - and here I am going into more detail about the mission they have given me. It's story-time folks! Are you sitting comfortably? Then I'll begin!

While at Mount Fuji with a group in Japan this March, a new set of guides came in. I've been forewarned about this for a couple of years now - that I would have new guides - and that my life would look very different after they arrived - IF I chose to accept the new mission I would be given! The Star Councils of Light; Itzak's guides; Kahreelah's guides; Tatanka's guides - all told me different versions of the same thing. I thought that the Lyran Councils, who are relatively new to me, might be the new guides ... but NO! One thing I know for sure is that if I hadn't been at Mount Fuji, I would never have met this group. They call themselves alternatively "The Guardians of the Inner Earth" and the "Guardians of the Seed Codes of Lemuria." At the same time they call US the "Guardians of the Seed Codes of Lemuria!" Why did I meet them at Mount Fuji? Because volcanoes, with their central portal to the Inner Earth through which their fiery magma flows when they erupt, are natural portals to the inner worlds of our planet. This I was psychically shown while asleep at the great Goddess Mountain.

Mount Fuji is THE strongest portal I have ever encountered - even stronger than (although very similar in it's energy to) Mount Shasta. It is also the most magical, wonderful mountain in whose presence I have ever been - and the nature in Her entire sacred landscape is absolutely stunning. For me the Japan trip was quite challenging all the way up to the point when we arrived there - and then everything changed. 💥Including, apparently - me, my mission and my life!💥

Soooooo, this group has never been channeled before - and they are succeeding in coming through me only because of their recent collaboration with the Pleiadian Councils of Light. These 2 groups were attracted to each other because of a common intention - to assist in Earth's evolution out of the density in which She has been trapped, literally and metaphorically.

The Pleiadians have been with us since the birth of humanity as we know it, at the time of the creation of ancient Mu - and they have never left us, reincarnating into different civilisations on Earth whenever consciousness needed re-awakening. They are literally our mothers, and it is their central sun (Alcyone) around which our solar system revolves!

But what of the Guardians of the Inner Earth? They were not even located in our GALAXY through a large part of our history. They are "Magnetic Masters" - scientists if you like - who work with different planets in many universes when they are in need of magnetic re-calibration. Some of these planets are uninhabited and are being prepared for the existence of life forms - while others are inhabited, and are in need of energetic assistance to aid the evolution of all sentient forms. This is where OUR planet comes in!

These Masters became aware, through the whisperings of the thousands of Star Races in our Galaxy, that planet Earth was THE one to watch - THE planet where a momentous transformation was unfolding. Many Awakeners, ourselves included, believe that the December Solstice of 2012 was the turning point for humanity and Gaia in terms of the opening of our consciousness. But for all beings in the Higher Dimensions, there is a much, much longer timeline in which this plan has been unfolding.

And so, these dear Magnetic Masters came to understand thousands of years ago that their skills could be beneficial to Planet Terra & her life forms - human, animal, plant, mineral and elemental. With the agreement of Kuthumi and the Galactic Federations of Light, they installed themselves on a 5th dimensional level within our physical Earth, working particularly with the Core Crystal of our planet. Each transmission from them gives more detail about what their role is in our evolution into 5th dimensional consciousness. It is a fascinating unfolding - but each transmission also knocks my socks off and takes a long time to integrate! It is for this reason that I need more quiet time, to "integrate and rejuvenate" as the guides have said. (I love the way the Star Councils offer irresistible incentives when giving advice - rejuvenation sounds very attractive lol.) I am told by the Pleiadian Councils of Light that in order to bring this new stream through effectively, I must DO LESS, and travel less - but TRANSMIT MORE to the world. I fully understand and embrace this mission! I will fulfill the trips and workshops to which I have already committed - Vancouver Island and Mount Shasta this August - plus Uluru in Australia in August of 2024. Plus of course the Opening to Channel & Multi-dimensional Healing workshops that begin on June 10th at Casa Solara Algarve. I know that all of these events will assist in understanding my new role, and that much information will come through about the part the Guardians are to playing in my work and my life.

I have previously talked about our existing timeline in terms of "The Divine Plan for Ascension on Gaia." But the Star Councils of Light now say that for many of the younger generation, ascension is no longer an interesting or relevant expression. They ask me from now on to refer only to the Birthing of the New Earth - which as they constantly repeat, is based on love, kindness and cooperation. And So Is Is. The focus of the younger awakeners on living in community now is all about learning how to base life around love, kindness and cooperation. These concepts are simple and yet extremely profound, and they are changing the world as we know it.

Thus my new mission revolves around a series of projects which have been named NEW EARTH Projects - and which are IN-PERSON rather than online, and are to be my focus in Portugal. I have been living in Portugal for nearly 4 years now, rebuilding our old farm house and creating our beautiful Centre of Light, Casa Solara Algarve. But it is time for me to be OUT THERE with the people, and bringing larger groups of awakeners together in the place that was chosen by the guides as a new portal for the New Earth - the Eastern Algarve. Thus I announce the birthing of .... drumroll ...the NEW EARTH CONFERENCE! Click on the link above for more details and to book! Much more than a conference, this event is a celebration of the birthing of the New Earth ~ and a gathering of Soul-Star Family! Do not miss this opportunity to join with a group of 222 of your brothers and sisters from around the globe for an inspiring, activating, healing, consciousness-opening and FUN weekend! I have invited an incredible line-up of amazing presenters to our wonder-ful sunny Algarve region of Portugal - many of which are yet to confirm - watch this space! And put the date in your agendas! 13 - 14 October 2023. Follow the link to book your seat. Also if there is a presenter you would particularly like to see at this conference, you can put your votes in! For those of you who live in Portugal, I am also offering 3 events before the October Conference where you will have an opportunity to meet the Guardians of the Seed Codes of Lemuria - and even to ask them questions directly. Keep your eye on this Casa Solara Algarve Events page!

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