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World Service ~ Lemurian Transmission

Updated: May 28, 2019

Dearest Light Tribe, 

I call from the heart to all of you who choose to be of service in the co-creation of the New Earth to assist with this transmission. Whether alone or in a group, please practise this channelled, recorded Lemurian 6th Dimensional Activation from the March Equinox 2019 - and afterwards, at any time through the future, as you are guided ~ it is an incredibly important transmission.

This process was given to us by a massive group of Light Beings who are working in collaboration to assist our planet. The group included the Lemurian aspect of the Lyran beings who have chosen a new role in the raising of frequency on planet Terra, and in assisting our original blueprint to be accessed by us through our own free will.

We are at a critical juncture in your timeline where are expanding crystalline frequency waves now accessible that have not been available since the time of Lemuria at its highest frequency. Each and every one of us reading these words or hearing the recording has called for their assistance through our free will decision to be one of the awakeners!

Transcript: Lemurian 6th Dimensional Activation

Sit in a clear undisturbed place, and use a spray or smudge with sage in order to prepare for the activation.

1. Place 1 or both hands on your heart and smile into this heart space, visualising first the emerald green of the personal heart – experiencing harmony, peace and bliss – as a container of love. Allow the emerald green to flow through your whole being.

2. Now visualise the refined rose pink of the sacred or higher heart, overtaking the green. You are a container for the unconditional love of the Christ, the pale crystalline pink of love in action.

3. Tap 3 times on the heart and proclaim: THE ONE-HEART IS ACTIVE IN ME NOW! The crystalline turquoise of the One-Heart explodes and expands within you now. The diamond waves of turquoise are the heart energies of your Crystalline Higher Self aspect, and they flow through every atom of your physical body until you are a flowing waves of crystalline turquoise energy – this is your 6th dimensional diamond heart frequency.

4. Visualise yourself as a Crystalline Angelic Being the Light, with angelic wings fully open – and you are entirely made out of Light – and there are over-lapping sacred geometry fields flowing through your energy body. You are vibrating on a much higher frequency level, experiencing your crystalline Light Body as luminous turquoise, intermixed with paler versions of pink, blue, green and turquoise. You are in fact in the 6th dimension, and these translucent colours flow through everything. You can materialise things with your thoughts and also choose through your intention whatever you wish to happen.

5. See yourself as sitting or standing in a circle with your own Star-Soul family – including members who are now in body on Earth, like yourself, and members assisting from higher dimensions. You have come together to do SERVICE WORK.

6. Visualise the circle now expanding to include all groups of Star-Family who are working as awakeners for your planet – and in whom the One-Heart is active. For this is the purpose of the One-Heart – it is a 5th/6th dimensional heart chakra which is fully awakened and which attracts toward you all those who assist you and whom you assist on your paths as healers; manifestors; co-creators of the New Earth on your planet. In these moments where you are able to visualise and experience yourself as a crystalline Angelic Being of Light, you automatically attract into your field of consciousness all others in whom the One-Heart is active also.

In this moment, you are in a huge circle of beings, all of whom are awakeners, and all of whom are also assisted now by those on the planet and those in the higher dimensions who are art of their own Star-Soul Families. And this is a celebratory moment which has never been experienced before. You must understand, dear ones, that this is actually happening in this moment.

There are tears of joy and awakening in so many in this grand, luminous crystalline circle. There are many, many other Light Beings and ascended masters over-lighting this gathering – all who have chosen to be of the Divine Plan for Ascension on your planet. And we must remark that not only has the critical mass of 144,000 beings whose to awaken and serve been reached, but way surpassed! There are way more than this number now. 

7. And now all of you together choose to use your hands, your wings and your whole being to transmit a frequency – to broadcast a 6th dimensional wave of activation into the third dimension. Visualising your planet Gaia in the distance – and as a group, transmit this ascension wave of energy towards all those who are slumbering still. All who have not yet awoken, in ´zombie-land, ´ are now receiving this wave of activation. 

This has been your purpose all along dear ones. You have chosen the purpose of assisting those on the Earth planet who are awakening and those who have awakened – and you have chosen to assist from the higher dimensional realm also – for you are able to move inter-dimensionally now in a way that was not possible even one year in your timeline previous to this.

You have reached this critical point, dear ones, where you are able to assist through all dimensional levels. And we ask you to practise this activation meditation many times in the days and months to come. You are at a critical point in your awakening, where the more that you assist through your Angelic Higher Self aspect, the less turbulence there will be in the shift on your planet.

8. Allow yourself to rest now, allow yourself to feel yourself as physical again on the cushion or on the chair. And allow your awareness to be dual for the moment – in your physical body and in your Crystalline Angelic Being of Light also – so that you feel them both. And you may choose to stay in this state for as long as you like – or you may choose to become fully grounded in your physical bodies now, sending your grounding cord from the second chakra down into the Core of the earth now. Feeling such love and gratitude for Gaia, for your physical life in this embodiment, in which She IS the Great Mother for you – nurturing and healing you.

We are overjoyed to have shared with you and assisted you in this way. We are the Arcturian, Lyran, Pleiadian, Council of Activation, assisted by the Sirian Brotherhood of Light also – and over-lighted by Babaji, Khuthumi, Archangel Gabriel, Metatron, Archangel Michael, Quan Yin and many other glorious beings of the Light who serve through the Council of the Order of Melchizedek. Our great love and support is with you always dear ones.


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