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11.11. crystal-rainbow light tribe gathering

A wonder-ful gathering of the Tribe in the stunning setting of Palenque


The 5-day Crystal-Rainbow Light Tribe Gathering in Palenque has been called for by the Star Councils of Light ~ and is by far the most important part of this journey. The guides say that it is crucial that we come together at this critical juncture to assist and be assisted by our Star-Soul Family! Our higher dimensional gifts are in the process of being activated ~ but we cannot succeed on our true paths of service without connecting and spending time with our Family of Light! 


Our rainbow tribe will practice the ancient rites of cleansing in crystalline waterfalls, re-birthing through the indigenous temazcal, and sharing through talking-stick sacred circle around the fire.  We will joyfully meditate, breathe, dance, practice yoga & qigong, sing and celebrate together without drugs or alcohol, choosing AWAKENING and EXPANSION rather than repression and limitation!

Palenque is  the most important temple site in the lands of the Maya ~ the energies here being quantum fields more powerful than better known sites such as Chichen Itza.  Our time in the temple site itself will assist in the Galactic Soul Path Activation that we will experience over the 5 days. 

10-day Program

Fully booked!

Our journey begins on the evening of the 6th in  the "City of the Gods”, Teotihuacan ~ the most important and largest city of pre-Aztec central Mexico. Our home for 3 nights is Hotel Quinto Sol, only a 5-minute walk from the sacred site itself, and 1.6 km from downtown Teotihuacan. The hotel offers an outdoor pool and rooms with free Wi-Fi and 2 restaurants.


Over  the following 2 days we will access the sacred geometry   alignments that this ancient culture built into the entire city. We will meditate and receive guidance in the energies of the Pyramid of the  moon, the Pyramid of the Sun and finally the Temple of Quetzalcoatl, the Feathered Serpent of awakening.

On the 9th we fly to Villahermosa where our hotel is in walking distance of the famous Parque de Museo La Venta. After a relaxed lunch we will walk the jungle path, soaking in the nature of Tabasco and admiring the 33 wonderful Olmec sculptures on display. The following day we take a trip into the lush green hills of Tabasco’s countryside to explore Comalcalco, one of the earliest and western-most known Maya settlements. Our ceremony at the main pyramid, whose 13 levels represent the 13 dimensions in the Maya Cosmos, will connect in with the Lemurian Crystal Skull that is believed to reside in it's heart.

On the 11th we travel by bus to our most important destination, the sacred site of Palenque, where the 5-day 11.11 Crystal-Rainbow Light gathering begins! We have exclusive use of Casa Lakyum, a boutique hotel in a gorgeous jungle-mountain setting, so that we are one family sharing together without disturbance.


We are the AWAKENED TRIBE ~ those who have chosen to co-create the New Earth based on love, kindness and cooperation! The Time Is Now! 


11 - 16 Nov: Palenque only
Spaces available

6 -16 Nov 2019: full program
fully booked

Southern Mexico
5-day Palenque Gathering
€888   ($1010)
Book your own accommodation option: 


​€ 1,777   ($2020)
10 night option: fully booked

10 nights ~ Pyramids of Teotihuacan - Villahermosa & the Lemurian Crystal Skull of Comalcalco - 11.11 Crystal-Rainbow Tribe Gathering in Palenque


Part 1: 6 - 11 November
Fully booked
  • 3 nights' accommodation in  Teotihuacan; 2 in Villahermosa 

  • All internal transfers & trips including internal flight Mexico City - Villahermosa

  • Site entrance fees: 2 days in Teotihuacan; Museo do Venta; Comalcalco

  • Daily guidance and guided meditations/pranayama

  • Galactic encodements in the sacred Mayan temples

Part 2: 11 - 16 November

Places still available on a book-your-own-room basis! 555 euros

  • 5 nights' accommodation (& breakfast) in Casa Lakyum boutique hotel  only 3.5 km from Palenque Temples & 5 x breakfasts

  • All internal transfers & trips 

  • Site entrance fees: Yaxchilan; Bonampak; 3 days in Palenque

  • Daily guidance and guided meditations/pranayama  

  • Water cleansing ceremony at Misol-Ha waterfall

  • Galactic encodements in the sacred Mayan temples  

  • Teachings on our Mayan galactic signature and how it illuminates our Light Path

  • Sharing our stories together & singing rainbow songs around the fire

  • Quigong sessions with Jamie-Ji

  • Temazcal (sweat lodge) of rebirth

  • Private jungle tour in Palenque where we learn about the howler monkeys and ecosystem 

  • Day-trip to the stunning Yaxchilan & Bonampak Temples on the Guatemalan border


Please Note: Should you wish to stay for a couple extra days there will be lots of people adventuring further to share time with. There are wonder-ful places to visit all around!

  • International flights

  • Part 1: transfer from Mexico City or Puebla Hermanos Serdan Airport - Teotihuacan on the 6th 

  • Meals, aside from 5 breakfasts in Palenque. In all instances we are staying at hotels where there are restaurants or where restaurants are nearby.
    Average price for meals in Mexico: 5 - 8 euros/ $6 - 9

  • Transfers to airport on the 16th 

TRANSPORT Arrival-Departure 

ARRIVAL 5-day gathering ~ 11 November
Palenque Town 
Overnight bus from Cancun or Mexico City to Palenque Town
OR fly to Palenque Town
OR Fly to Villahermosa & catch a bus (2.5 hours) to Palenque Town
Transfer bus from Palenque town to  Hotel Casa Lakyum (11 minutes)

ARRIVAL 10-day Program ~ 6 November

Airports: Mexico City or Puebla Hermanos Serdan

Transfer to Hotel Quinto Sol,Teotihuacan, not included 

DEPARTURE (for everyone) ~ 16 November

Transfers not included
20 minute bus-ride from El Panchan where we are staying to Palenque Town  (no need to book, they run constantly)
OR bus to Villahermosa  (2 1/2 hours) to fly home

OR fly from Palenque Town to Mexico City/Cancun 

OR take an overnight bus to Mexico City/Cancun (easy to organise last-minute, cheap and comfortable.)


profile-book (3).jpg

Solara An-Ra

Solara An-Ra  is a channel for the Star Councils of Light, leading channelled meditations, activations & guidance sessions throughout the journey



Itzak is a 'soothsayer' from Atlantis, bringing his skills as a channel, and supporting Solara in her mission to awaken the Light Tribe.

Jamie-Ji (2).jpeg


Jamie Hughes is our Qigong teacher for the Palenque gathering, raising & rebalancing our chi every morning before breakfast

Zaya (2).jpeg

Zaya Hastra

Zaya, Solara's daughter, is a Crystal-Indigo who heals and activates through her angelic voice, leading us in mantras & rainbow songs

Successfull Registration


Aleteya ArctuRa

Aleteya ArctuRa is a channel & healer who will assist us in downloading Palenque's higher dimensional  frequencies. Also available for private sessions.

katy-tucker (2).jpg

Kahreela Anhara

Kahreela Anhara  leads sacred journeys to  re-establish harmony between human beings & Gaia. She will channel Alchemical Transformation sessions.  

InaRa Zaira.jpeg

InaRa ZaiRa

InaRa  ZaiRa works with the Star Councils of Light to realign your chakras ~ thereby bringing you back to balance on every level: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.


pay here
10 Day Program: Full Payment ~ 1,777 euros    
10 Day Program: 50% Deposit ~ 888 euros
5-Day Palenque Program NO HOTEL ~ 555 euros
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NB: If you are booking accommodation independently, please ensure you are walk-able to HOTEL CASA LAKYUM which is the base for our gathering! Do not book in Palenque Town! We are in the area called El Panchan which is right next to the Archaeological site of Palenque. See the map below! The best one to book is Chan-Kah Resort, right next-door - but there are also some very cheap options if you look around!

Hotels near Casa Lakyum.png
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