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April '23: Japan Activations

Updated: Jun 6

Dear Light Tribe,

Our journey in Japan was fascinating, difficult, wonderful, exhausting, mind-blowing and activating all in one! The most significant activation in Tokyo was the at the Sacred Well of Kiyomasa - scroll down if you are called to join the ongoing service work for the city of Tokyo.

For me, everything shifted into perfect alignment when we arrived at the foot of Mount Fuji. It is literally the most captivating mountain (volcanic or not) that I have ever encountered - it was love-at-first sight for everyone in the group! Every time I caught site of her - through the trees, in the dawn, wherever we explored - she just took my breath away.

And it was at the base of Mount Fuji, in her powerful double-vortex portal energy, that I started to channel a new incredibly powerful, knock-your-socks-off group of guides! This is apparently the first time they have succeeded in coming through a human channel - and even then, only by transmitting their telepathic messages first to my Pleiadian guides - and then onto and through me! Something about this collaboration is more like trance channelling than my usual process, in that it is harder for me to follow the thread, and harder for me to remember afterwards what was transmitted. Even after transcribing a message it is taking a while for to digest the material.

I now understand why I was advised in Japan that I am going to require longer periods of "integration & rejuvenation" in my life if I am to bring through this new and crucial body of information. More on this in the June Newsletter!

The transcript of the Activation which came through from these new guides just after returning home to Portugal in my weekly circle (on 19.04.2023) is provided on my CHANNELLINGS page here.

You can either read it first and then listen to the YouTube Activation - or the other way round. Let me know which way you did it - I'm interested :)


💫Joyful Service Work💫

At the Sacred Well of Kiyomasa in the Inner Gardens of Meiji Temple in Tokyo, the guides told us that where there is a well, there is always a stronger connection to Inner Earth.

They say that a prophet called Gyozyu at the time of Emporer Meiji, saw that where there was water under the temple grounds, the water could be used to assist in keeping the energy clear in the sacred grounds.

NOW we are asked to

1. Join our energies in a sacred circle (OR imagine yourself with the physical AND support group)

SEND the pink energy of unconditional love through the circle, amplifying the love energies.

2. With 1 tone, send this vortex of love down into the Core Crystal. 💖

3. With 1 tone, send this vortex of love up into the Great Central Sun. 💖

4. With 1 tone, send this vortex of love out into the city of Tokyo 💖

With love love love,

from Solara An-Ra

Frequency Keeper and Magic Weaver for Gaia & Tribe

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