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Babaji Speaks on Samadhi

Channelled live during a Cobra Breath Initiation at Casa Solara Ibiza

Babaji speaks. In the flow of time or the no-time in which you exist, you have been yogis before and you are simply remembering these ways of focus and discipline; these ways of yoga or union with the Divine. And the longing is there – a longing deep in your soul of this experience of union with the Divine. Not the concept, not the learning, not the understanding or theory, but the true experience with which no thing on earth can compare.

There is nothing which can compare with the feeling of bliss or Samadhi within yourself. You become not only your body, not only your mind or personality. You become one with the creation; one flowing creation; one flowing energy field that encompasses all in creation. And you experience yourself as the beauty of a flower; as the glory of the sunrise; as the truth which is the Divine nature which knows everything. And you feel simultaneously omnipresent and as small as a grain of sand.

You have this simultaneous experience within you of being everything and nothing, and it takes you into a Divine bliss - that is what you seek dear ones, in your heart of hearts, in your deepest soul - you seek this oneness with the Divine and All-that-is. And so you begin your journey with this Kriya pranayam - one previously imparted only to the highest of the high; imparted only to those already one hunderd percent dedicated to union with God. (Solara: Babji is speaking of initiation into the 'Cobra Breath.')

But the time is here in which there is so much confusion within your species and on your planet; so much disharmony – and yet, so much potential and light as the frequencies shift. What you call the shift into fifth dimensional frequency we, the Masters of Pranayam would call a shift into Samadhi. And it is possible now as never before for a very high percentage of your population to rise into this frequency - and you yourselves, you sitting in this circle, experience this bliss also. It is not permanent; you move in and out of it - and you must simply practise staying in the field of bliss for longer and longer periods, for practise makes perfect, is this not so?

You are assisted now by your combined energy field; you are assisted now by the joining of your frequencies, which allow you on an individual level to achieve more. And it is good for you to come together in this way to share your practise. We ask you to do this, to share your practise, even if it is through the ‘Web of Light’ (internet) rather than in person. For you encourage each other, not only in your practise, to be loving, to be kind, to be of service - you are inspired by each other on your path, and this is most desirable.

For there are no longer the ashrams available to all spiritual seekers in all lands - and so you create spiritual community simply by choosing to come together; taking time outside of your every-day reality to practise together, and this is highly beneficial. And so we wish you well, we wish you joy in your practise! We assist you with your discipline; we assist you with your physical alignment, so that you do not feel so many aches and pains, and find yourselves miraculously sitting, like the yogis of old, in full lotus, locked into a physical position that allows you to move into the breathless state. This breathless state is assisted by your posture and by your pranayam practice, and you will be assisted by this channel in this regard.


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